Christmas Home Tour Part 2

Hello again! Today is Day 2 of my Christmas Home tour and this time I have the honor of linking up with a fabulous group of talented bloggers organized by Chris at Just A Girl:

If you traveled here from 320 Sycamore, welcome! This stop takes place in a little mountain town in Northern California, in a home I like to call “cozy cottage cabin”…

If you missed Part 1, please make sure to visit yesterday’s tour of our living room and master bedroom!

Today is all about the front porch, foyer, kitchen and dining area. Let’s start with the front porch, shall we?

Almost everything you see here is a DIY or flea market find. Like the planter boxes I built last month.

We have an amazing local flea market and I was lucky enough to score this vintage sled, lantern, bucket and scarf for almost nothing. The fresh cedar and berry clippings were from down the street.

I know you’ve probably seen plenty of these JOY signs lately, but I couldn’t help myself! It was made from materials I had so it was 100% free and it just fit so nicely next to the front door. I’ll share a tutorial next week.

These pine swags are my new favorite thing. So much easier to make than wreaths! These were made from cedar and pinecones from the yard, a scrap of fabric and bells on sale at Joann’s.

The chair and crate were also flea market finds, filled with more collected greenery and cut branches.

Simple and very inexpensive decorating—my kind of style!

Let’s head inside to the foyer.

I gave this space a makeover back in April and the white planks provide the perfect backdrop for all seasons.

Atop the DIY shelf are more fresh greenery from the yard, a DIY framed WiFi print for guests and a wire basket filled with our Christmas cards/incoming mail and candy canes for departing guests.

See that red plaid? Here’s an easy and inexpensive tip to carry a theme throughout your house: buy some fabric and some pinking shears!

I originally purchased a couple yards of this on sale (at Joann’s) for a holiday backdrop for my shop:

I loved it so much and wanted to incorporate it into my holiday decor this year, so I used pinking shears to cut it up and make it into boot linings (as shown above), ribbon/bows for all of my swags and wreaths:

Gift wrap:

And I still have some leftover for anything else that may come up. It’s such a great way to stretch your dollar and tie every room together!

Okay, onto the next room. I found this garland from a couple years back and tied it to the railing off our kitchen/dining room:

And here’s that space to the right:

I’m all about the bows this year.

Our kitchen and
dining area is one big room, and the red + white + natural greenery theme this year was carried into both spaces.

Just beyond the railing is our living room below so it’s a bit of an open concept.

I brought out our white china and set up the space for a cookies & hot cocoa spread. It was a hit last night with our guests so I think I’ll keep everything out for a while!

The red check fabric was on sale at Joann’s—I cut it in half with pinking shears and layered it with burlap and canvas fabric beneath.

The fresh cedar and holly leaves clipped from my parent’s yard are my favorite elements.

The bar wall is also set up for entertaining (and used very frequently!)

The “Making Spirits Bright” print was a DIY… I thought it was pretty clever 😉 It will also be available as a free download next week on the blog!

To the left of the bar on the back wall is our huge chalkboard with a new 24″ Stratford Spruce Wreath from Balsam Hill. Most of our greenery is real this year but I’m so happy to have at least one thing that won’t be wilted or dead in a few weeks!

It’s so realistic looking and I just love it all lit up at night.

The kitchen was kept simple with a few red dishes, greenery and berries.



And that concludes the tour! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by—I hope you enjoyed your stay and perhaps took away some inspiration for your own home.

Next up is my girl Roeshel at DIY Showoff—she’s always got something amazing up her sleeve so make sure to head over and check it out! And if you’ve missed any of the stops on the tour, head back over to Just A Girl’s Holiday Home Tour Page to get caught up.

I’ll be back next week sharing five days of my easy DIY holiday crafts that can all be done for about $5 or less! Can’t wait to share.

In the meantime… Merry Christmas to all…

….and to all a good night.


26 thoughts on “Christmas Home Tour Part 2

  1. Beautiful, as always. Your home is very inviting. I love what you did around the entry way and the sled is probably my favorite little detail. Thank you for sharing!

  2. The transformation on your new homes is so incredible, and happened so fast, that I have to ask–do you ever sleep?? I just love your style.

  3. Thank you for sharing your Christmas home … it's absolutely gorgeous! The pops of red and lush greenery splashed around in your “cozy cottage cabin” are beautiful … SO inviting … your holiday guests won't want to leave! Happy Holidays!

  4. I love your Christmas home your so much! I'm totally into the more “subtle” themes, as opposed to screaming-in-your-face Christmas tchotchkes everywhere. Your home is so cozy and inviting, while still having that festive Christmas feel. Amazing job!

    Ps, your cats are the cutest. ;3

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog! I follow Hi Sugarplum! and was clicking on Cassie's links to other Christmas House tours. I also live in a country cabin built in the 70's and am always looking for inspiration to help update. Most blogs, though gorgeous, have a design aesthetic that doesn't mesh with my personal style or the style of my home. Great job with your design! So gorgeous and cozy! That fireplace is to die for!

  6. So beautiful! You're home is my favorite source of inspiration. Silly question: What kind of lights did you use on the chalkboard wreath? Battery-operated? I've been trying to find lights that don't need to be plugged in, but everything I've found is super-bright LED.

  7. Susie sums up the purrrfect cure for the Holiday Rush! Thanks for sharing your warm and cozy cottage-cabin with all of us. And I look forward to printing the “making spirits bright” download next week ….Cheers, I'll drink to that!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Festive – but warm, cozy and easy on the eyes. Your home is coming along beautifully. Can I ask where your dinnerware/china is from? It's so pretty.

  9. Pier 1 has something called Glimmer Strings that are battery operated and come in a few different colors. They have one color called amber that is a soft, yellowy-gold color.

  10. This is beautiful! I am also not the biggest fan of decorating my home red, personally, but I love how you have done it subtly. It makes me think twice about using reds and greens perhaps next year 🙂 One question though, will the green branches be ok until Christmas? Or will they dry quickly and have to be replaced? Hope you have a great holiday 🙂

  11. I’m new to your blog. Could you tell me what paint colors/brand you used on the walls in the cabin? Thanks!

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