Laundry Room Details: Crane & Canopy

Can we talk about our new laundry room some more? Okay good, I knew you wouldn’t mind 😉

One of my favorite things about blogging is that I’m able to discover and share new ideas/products/shops/bloggers I really love and think you’ll love too. A few of these recent finds were perfect for our laundry room and actually helped shape my vision (remember the french countryside lavender field scene I talked about in the reveal?). Once I figure out that feeling I want the space to evoke, I have a clear sense of how to transform it—from the layout, to colors, to textures and fabrics, etc. It’s all pulled from that initial vision. Just a little insight on my thought process for pulling a space together 🙂

Anyway, it was perfect timing when Crane & Canopy reached out to me a few months ago to introduce their shop. They’re a local company (my hometown of San Francisco!) specializing in luxury modern bedding at affordable prices. Their duvet covers are their big sellers, but we finished our master bedroom not too long ago so I wasn’t in the market for new bedding. However, as you may know, I have a slight blanket obsession and this gray knotted throw was speaking my language:

You may recall seeing it in our Spring Home Tour

Or on Instagram

I love the texture of this throw, and the fact that it works with any season and in any room. (I think Biscuit agrees^).

And it was Crane & Canopy’s Lavender Shop that sparked my laundry room vision, so of course I ordered some Lavender Vanilla linen spray and sachets.

I like to mist our towels when they’re fresh out of the dryer and throw the sachets in with our towels or sheets.

I store the sachets in a glass canister (from TJ Maxx) along with these dryer balls (also TJ Maxx) which help reduce drying time. At some point I’d love to make my own dryer balls from wool and essential oils (I have a few tutorials pinned—anyone ever try that?)

The spray and sachets makes everything smell so yummy and freshI wish your monitors had smellivision. Trust me when I say the room smells as peaceful and calming as it looks in the photos! And now that I think about it, a room’s scent is just as important as what you see in front of you. When you design a space, you’re creating an environment which in turn creates an emotion for anyone who enters—the purpose in decorating is to be able to dictate that mood/atmosphere/feeling you get from being there, correct? To be truly effective you must take into account all of your senses—smell being one of them. Just like hearing your favorite song, or looking at something beautiful and inspiring, scent has the power to alter your state of mind (even subconsciously). Consider that when you’re designing your space and use it to your advantage.

Sorry for the slight detour in thought, but I think it’s worth mentioning! Along with the Crane & Canopy goodies, I ordered a bundle of dried lavender from my friend Shayna to further enhance the environment:

That’s also where this amazing cotton wreath came from that some of you had asked about—so fitting for a laundry room, don’t you think?

I gave the wreath a few spritzes of my C&C lavender spray so the room will always have that fresh scent when you walk in.

Shayna’s blog has been a huge inspiration for this room (and our entire home in general) and I’m counting down the days until her shop opens! You’ll be seeing a lot more from her in my home I’m sure (go to follow her if you aren’t already, she has the best DIY projects!)

So there you have it, a little background info on how I plan/decorate a space and some recent finds of mine that I hope you enjoyed discovering as well. If you see anything from Crane & Canopy you can’t live without, make sure to use the code JennaSue10 at checkout for 10% off orders over $150 until 5/3. They just launched a couple new reversible bedding patterns (Ellis in Coral and Grey) that are super cute for a Spring refresh. And a you’re helping a good cause—a portion of all proceeds go towards their cause initiative, “A Safe Night’s Sleep,” which benefits women and children affected by domestic violence.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a fun dresser refinishing project that is something I’ve never tried before! Switching things up here on the blog… check back then!