All About E-design

The time has finally arrived to spill all the E-design details! In a few short days I’ll be launching the new site ( It will be divided into three sections: Blog, Shop, and Design Help. The blog will undergo a few changes (you can read more about that in Tuesday’s post), the print shop won’t change at all, and there will be a new Design Help section which breaks down the different e-design options.

Before I go into detail on the e-design services, let’s get a few things out of the way.

Having someone put their trust in you—especially with their own home—is a huge honor and responsibility I do not take lightly. This is what I love doing and I’m committed to treating every client’s space as if it were my own. But I’m not kidding when I tell you how much time and consideration I put into planning before I actually get started on a room makeover—it often takes longer than the actual renovation. It’s completely consuming, but in a good, exciting, fulfilling way and it’s my favorite part of the process (apart from getting to enjoy the completed space, of course).

For those reasons, I’ll only be able to take on a small number of clients at a time. Because I’m offering several different price points, some things will be quick while others will take quite a while, so I’ll just have to plan and adjust as I go based on my schedule.

And because this is all brand new, I can almost guarantee there will be changes to the services, structure and/or pricing along the way. Think of this as a trial period where I’m testing out what works and what doesn’t, so that I can optimize this service to best benefit everyone. Just like my blog and other aspects of my life, it’s always a work in progress.

Here’s how it will work: there will be a Design Help page with a list of services and pricing. You can select the option that best suits your needs (including a “create your own plan” if you have more specific needs). You’ll click on the option of your choice which will bring up a simple form (just a couple questions) that you’ll submit from the website. Once I receive the form, I’ll follow up with you via email and either send you a Paypal invoice if I have an immediate opening, or let you know that I’m currently booked and add you to a wait list with an estimated availability date. (FYI, Paypal payments can be made in just a few clicks with any credit card, bank or your Paypal balance without you having to sign up. Very simple.) Once payment is made, the design process (including completing a questionnaire and emailing photos/measurements if needed) will begin.

Here’s how I think it will differ from a lot of other e-design services: I’m approaching this the same way as I approach my own remodels—getting in the trenches, hustling and putting in the work to achieve the best possible results within your budget. That doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results spending $500 on a room as you will spending $5,000, of course. Smaller budgets require a lot more creativity, time and energy (and I’m up for the challenge!). But regardless of the budget, I will stretch every dollar by focusing on “bang for your buck” solutions and products, repurposing, low cost and high impact projects, so no dollar is wasted. There are so many factors that go into this process and it’s completely different with each individual situation. It’s not about buying the right “stuff” to fill a space (that’s an entire topic I’ll have to cover in a separate post), but creating the right foundation through architectural details and spatial planning.

Ready to hear the options? Here’s how the services will be structured (pricing will be revealed upon launching):

Simple Question

Perfect for those with a simple design dilemma on a budget needing a quick answer. Questions must be formatted as either/or or yes/no—though they will be answered with a full explanation.

Advanced Question

Have a complicated question that requires a longer explanation? This option may work best for you. Via email, you’ll receive a detailed written response/solution to any specific design question or concern you may have.

Mini Consultation

For those wanting visual guidance and help with creating and executing a design plan for your space, the Mini Consultation is a great affordable option. After reviewing your completed design questionnaire and photos of your space, you’ll receive:

1. A private Pinterest board with customized product links, ideas, paint colors, tutorials and inspirational images to help guide you through the transformation.

2. A list of recommended design solutions, project suggestions, product links with prices and actionable steps to take to transform your space.

Full Consultation

Ready for your dream room to come to life? A full consultation is perfect for those wanting a new space from start to finish, that will meet your specific needs and look amazing in the process. You’ll end up with an easy to follow design plan and real designer tips, leaving you feeling confident and ready to execute a simple plan of action at your own pace.

1. You’ll complete a design questionnaire via email and include measurements and photos of your space.

2. I’ll follow up with any questions to determine the best design strategy for your needs and budget, and we’ll set up a FaceTime/Skype call to walk through your space.

3. I’ll create a private Pinterest board with product links, ideas, paint colors, tutorials and inspirational images for you to review and select from under my guidance.

4. Once you review the Pinterest board and choose your favorite items/ideas, I’ll create a design board with your chosen pieces so you can visualize how the space will come together.

5. Along with the design board, you’ll receive a detailed checklist of steps to take to transform your space, a budget breakdown and full product source guide/shopping list.

On Call Service

Ever wish you had a designer with you at all times to help you make decisions on the spot? Now you can! With on call service, you can text, call, FaceTime or Skype me personally anytime you’re in the middle of a shopping trip or DIY project and need extra help or a quick design decision. Perfect for those in the middle of a renovation or working under a timeline with a lot of decisions that need to be made.

Custom Plan

Just wanting to add a few finishing touches or need a more personalized service that doesn’t fit with any of the options? No problem! Contact me with your specific requests and I’ll put together a quote via an hourly rate to address your needs.

Let’s Meet

If e-design isn’t your thing, I’m available for projects both locally and worldwide. Contact me about your project today and we’ll discuss rates and availability.


There you have it—a wide range of services and flexibility in hopes of making it work for most of my readers. I spent quite a bit of time structuring these options and while I am excited about each of them, lately I’ve really been drawn to traveling. Being there in person eliminates a lot of obstacles and uncertainty, and I’d really just love the opportunity to connect with my readers in person and have new experiences. I’ll be in Seattle in a couple weeks and I was hoping to road trip to Southern California in July. Just putting this out there—are there any of you who would be interested in this? Many of you said this appealed to you in the survey, but if you are serious about it, please contact me ([email protected]) with your location and a sentence or two about what sort of help you’d like. If there’s enough interest in a certain area—or it’s someplace I really want to visit—perhaps we can make something happen 🙂 International readers—I’m especially talking to you!

I know one-on-one design help is something that a lot of you don’t have the budget for. And I completely understand and hope you’ll continue to find value and inspiration in my posts—and as I mentioned a few days ago, I do plan to incorporate more instructional and how-to type posts based on your feedback. I sincerely enjoy sharing my thought process and what I’ve learned if it can help others.

Time to get back to work—I’ve got a launch to prepare for! Any questions/comments/concerns, leave them in the comments, shoot me an email or find me on FacebookInstagram! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be here with the new site on Monday!