One Room Challenge: The Reveal

Well my friends, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us. It’s ORC Reveal day.

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If this is your first visit, here’s the weekly recaps:

Week 1: Introduction & Inspiration

Week 2: Demolition & Design plan

Week 3: Rebuilding

Week 4: Tile & Shower

Week 5: Walls & paint

And here we are in Week 6—the process seemed to move really slow during the first five weeks but there was a lot going on behind the scenes, and it all came together literally in the last few days (just in time!). I was somewhat on the fence about participating in this challenge in the beginning because I know how stressful renovations can be, especially when you’re DIY’ing most of it, and especially when there’s a time constraint, so I’m overjoyed that we were able to pull this off. And I have to admit—I am more proud of this renovation than anything I’ve ever taken on. I challenged and pushed myself as designer and DIY’er and I hope it translates through these photos.

Now let’s get down to business!

Six short weeks ago, we were living with “that 70’s bathroom”…

After many long days and nights of shedding blood, sweat and tears, I present to you our new guest bathroom:

In the initial stages of my renovations I like to choose a handful of adjectives to describe the style/atmosphere I hope to achieve with the end result. It helps me stay on track when looking for inspiration and planning the details. For this room, I went with “natural romantic vintage boho”—a bit riskier (design-wise) than my traditional modern farmhouse look.

But I figured if I’m going to experiment, why not in a guest bathroom?

I find that you can blend nearly any style as long as there is some element of consistency and cohesiveness to tie it all together.

Mixing metals, bold patterns and playing with tone-on-tones makes for a layered effect with lots of interest packed into a tiny space… I see more design risks in my future.

And this nook…. swoon.

I treated myself to a new camera before this shoot (Canon 6D) and wow, wish I would have upgraded sooner.

It captures the details and atmosphere beautifully…

It also makes the room appear a bit larger. It’s still a small 7′ x 8′ space, but when it’s filled with pretty details and moments, you tend to focus on those instead…

So glad I took the time to add a patina on this tub. It’s subtle but adds so much to the room. You can read the full tutorial on that here.

I made this valance in about 30 minutes from a piece of reclaimed wood (leftover from our laundry room barn door) and a jigsaw (tutorial to follow).

Every single detail, like this DIY paneled door, was very thought out. Planning is the most important part.

Lighting is also critical, especially in a space where the mood is essential. These candelabra bulbs on dimmers will make the perfect glow for evening bubble baths.

An easy DIY ladder made from reclaimed wood is a fun way to utilize the wall space for extra storage.

This vintage buffet-turned-vanity (a repurposed Craigslist find) is one of my favorite parts of this room.


Floor tile: Cement Tile Shop

Wall color: Valspar’s Gray Silt (satin)

Door color: Valspar’s Dark Kettle Black (satin)

Trim & ceiling color: Kelly Moore’s Swiss Coffee

Vanity: Craigslist (DIY refinish tutorial)

Vanity knobs: Ebay

Mirror: Discontinued, similar here

Sink: Wayfair

Sink Faucet: Amazon

Sconces: Discontinued, similar here

Woven basket: Pottery Barn

Metal wire baskets: Overstock

Plush white towels: Mark & Graham

Turkish bath & hand towels: Etsy

Artwork: Minted

$6 Door knobs: Ebay

Clawfoot tub: Vintage Tub (custom paint tutorial here)

Lace curtains: Ikea

Toilet: Lowe’s

Shower faucet: Amazon

Shower wall tile: Floor & Decor

And now I’m ready to pop open a bottle of champagne and take a nice, long bubble bath to celebrate and soak it all in. I haven’t taken a single bath in this home since we’ve lived here so it’s about time!

Because this renovation moved a lot faster than my normal process, I want to take some time next week to go more in depth about the design process and finishes/products I chose, the costs, and tips/advice for those of you looking to recreate this look. If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments and I’ll cover them next week. A huge thank you to those who have been following along with me on this journey since the beginning! Your encouragement (both on this blog and instagram) has been so helpful in motivating me to push through those tough days and end up with a result I truly love and hope my guests will enjoy for years to come.

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I’ll be sharing more on instagram if you can’t wait another week! Don’t forget to check back then for more on this renovation and to find out what’s next for this blog (hint: big changes are coming…)

72 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: The Reveal

  1. Sooooo beautifully done! Thank you for all the specific info (paint colors and sources, etc.)

  2. I agree with Melissa regarding the sources – extremely helpful. Lovely details and overall look. The paneled door turned out great and love the dark color. This is an excellent example of mixing metals, too. I checked the link to the bath faucet. I assume it’s champagne bronze – gorgeous. The site doesn’t show the different finishes.

  3. Pinterest picked this pin for me this morning and sent it to my inbox. I have been obsessing over it for twenty minutes. I am looking forward to cruising the rest of your site. I am your newest follower.

  4. I adore your bathroom design, and plan on using it as a jumping off point for our lake house bathroom. Ours is very similarly laid out. I do have one question. I noticed in the original bathroom there was a floor vent located under the window. We have one there too. When the new cement tiles were installed, it was no longer there. Where and how did you relocate it?
    Thanks so much for your inspiration and beautiful design. I am dreaming about this bathroom and can’t wait until we have it finished this fall.

  5. Absolutely beautiful and just my style! Love your place and you are quite talented my dear! Also appreciate the sources.

  6. This tile is exactly what we are looking for our next remodel. But it’s a bit pricey (the cement tile shop indicates its about $16/sq foot).

    Are you aware of any similar but less expensive alternatives for us to take a look at?


    1. I looked everywhere and this was the best deal I found! You can also find a few at Home Depot and various places online but they have a limited selection and I had a specific look in mind.

      1. What did you use on the wall? I first thought they were large tiles but don’t see seams.

  7. Hi. We need to add a shower to our clawfoot tub – what shower rod did you use and where did you get them – those are classic looking and look very sturdy!


  8. Beautiful bathroom! The tile floor is gorgeous, especially for a small space. I love the look — reminds me of all the quilts my mom made for us. I wonder if that pattern would be overwhelming/too busy in a bigger master bath though?

  9. We just bought a clawfoot tub and I’m trying to figure out how to set it up. Does the water stay inside your shower/bathtub based on this set up (with the faucet outside the shower curtain area?

    1. I haven’t used it as a shower yet but I have plastic liners that I would clip in if that were to happen! The water would splash out if they weren’t used.

  10. Can I ask where you got your shower curtain rod for the clawfoot tub? I’ve been searching high and low for an oil rubbed bronze finish!

    Thank you!

  11. I want this bathroom! Gorgeous.
    Can you give some insight on how and what products you used for the vanity finish!?

  12. I’m amazed and inspired by this transformation! Thank you for posting the diy instructions too! You are very talented. I am re doing a bathroom starting in September and your renovation is my inspiration.

  13. Remolding a master bath. What product did you use for the slats on the walls? I want to make sure I use something that wont be damaged by the wet conditions of a frequently used bathroom. Thanks so much! We remolded out kitchen almost exact like yours. oops!

  14. This is absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for supplying all your sources, and wish me luck on re-creating it in my own bathroom!

    1. Hi, I’d love to know the dimensions too so i can plan for the sink to go on top and we have a smaller powder room that I’d like to assimilate your ideas in, and this size vanity seems perfect, size wise!
      Thanks so much!! Jill

  15. How are you liking the shower faucet? I read a review on the website where you purchased it that said the parts were mostly plastic. I love the finish, and the price!

  16. Hey! Love your style and inner spirit!
    I took a chance on the same wall mount faucet on eBay and it looks great but did not include the rough in plumbing! Did yours?

  17. Hi – I saw that your mirror came from Wayfair – what’s the name of the mirror.
    Thanks, great job on the makeover.

    1. Hi Maggy, I have a mirror similar to Jenna’s, Uttermost arched mirror. It comes in different metallic shades. The price is similar. Mine is 20 w and 30 long. Jenna’s I believe is a little longer, maybe 35..I got mine from 1StopLighting. You can make an offer. It listed for $219.00 and I made an offer of $150.00 and it was accepted.

  18. Gorgeous!!!! I have the same question as Maggie about the mirror. Do you know the name or SKU #? Did you modify the frame color of the mirror?? Thanks so much!

  19. Your so talented! Most impressed with your power tool prowess:) would you mind sharing what app you use to make your online design boards? I’ve tried a few but like yours better. Thx, Lisa

  20. Hi,
    Could you tell me about how much this remodel cost? Did you install the cement tile and everything yourself?

    1. Hi Krystle, unfortunately I didn’t keep track of costs so I’m not entirely sure. There’s links at the beginning of the post to each stage including the cement tile install which I did myself 🙂

  21. Can you please email me the link to the tutorial on how to make the ladder above the toilet ? I just did a bathroom remodel & it will be the perfect touch! My son in law is ready to build it! Thanks and I will pass your blog onto many!!!

  22. I love it!! The bathroom designs are simply awesome. We had a pretty old bathroom and we replaced the tiles, added stylish bathroom accessories ( ) and 3-4 wall hangings ( ) made all the difference . How I wish I could attach the picture of my bathroom. I found this on Pinterest, check them out, they are.lovely.

  23. sorry, should have read your tutorial. found how to make the ladder and tub caddy. thank you anyway.

  24. I’m just getting ready to plank my bathroom and was wondering how it’s holding up with the moisture? Did you do anything special before installing it?

  25. Hello!
    I just love this bathtub/fixture combo. I’m thinking of installing something very similar. Can I ask how well the curtain keeps water from coming out in the opening where the shower head sticks out? This is my only hesitation. I am afraid there will be water all over the floor! Was considering installing velcro dots so that perhaps the shower curtain could overlap just underneath the shower head. Your feedback is appreciated!

  26. Love this bathroom! Can you tell me the (visible) width of the shiplap? Are the planks 6″?

  27. Just, Wow! Your remodel is impressive! You are very talented. I came to your blog after searching for plank ceiling diy inspiration. I found the results and instructions to be just what I was looking for! I then stumbled upon this awesome bath redo which totally echos the look I’m going for in my upcoming bathroom! I am living in an early 80s ranch with that same, slightly more updated, size and layout. How exciting to see the dramatic possibilities for such a small area. One question… Did that room have a popcorn ceiling also? If so, how did you remover or cover it? Thanks so much for sharing!

  28. Hey there! We’re in the middle of dropping in a half-bath remodel and am loving this for inspiration. You did a beautiful job! I ordered a similar sink faucet from eBay but the knobs were individual (instead of all being connected on the backside of the wall). Was yours like this when it arrived? Our plumber said there was no way he could mount it. Would love if you had any feedback on this and if you encountered the same issue!

    Thanks so much!

  29. Hey! Did you ever finish a tutorial on the vanity/sink? I am really wanting to do that & have no clue where to start

  30. What a lovely space, just gorgeous! Do you mind sharing the lens you’re using with that Canon? It’s time for me to upgrade too and I’m so dragging my feet! I love my old 40D but I’m sure it’s a dinosaur!

  31. Beautiful work and great pictures. But they take a very long time to load online. Really do not need to full resolution of that nice camera for a web site.

  32. Hi, i spent about $500 on the floor tile at Wayfair. What size SPACERS did you use and what color grout?
    Love it, thanks!

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