Photo Friday

Happy Friday! Today is a special Photo Friday as I’ve spent the last week in Seattle. The time has flown by but it has been good for my soul to get out of my element for a while, explore a new region and catch up with my cousin (and escape the California heat!).


I flew up here with the intention of helping my cousin remodel her living room, but after changes in plans with her carpenter and electrician and her having to work long hours this week, we decided to split this project up into two trips so we could have at least a little time to relax and enjoy the trip. I’ll have a couple DIY projects to show you soon but the before & after will come later.

The weather was glorious on Sunday so we spent the day exploring Pike’s Place and downtown…

IMG_6830 copy 2


IMG_6830 copy 5

The city almost reminds me of a smaller, less crowded (and less windy) San Francisco.

IMG_6830 copy 4

IMG_6853 copy 2

IMG_6757 copy 2



My favorite part was dinner at a restaurant on the bay. We enjoyed happy hour by the water and watched the sea planes land and take off.

IMG_6830 copy




(iphone photo)

The homes are very charming—many with incredible views of the water, trees, mountains and Mount Rainier. I took the opportunity to go for a long walk around the neighborhood and explore different parts, absorbing the unfamiliar smells of the forest and sounds of the birds.

IMG_6853 copyAnd of course, coffee. It wouldn’t feel right to not wake up to that every day here.IMG_6853


I’m missing my kitties terribly, but luckily there are some sweet animals full of personality here to love on…





And the food! I’ve been so spoiled. I’m pretty certain I’ve already gained 10lbs. But at least I’m filling up on deliciousness like these in-season rainier cherries… can’t get enough!


Today and tomorrow we plan to take advantage of this weather and celebrate the Summer Solstice so I’ll be checking in on Instagram if you’d like to follow along with the rest of my trip!

Speaking of Instagram, I’m really enjoying everyone’s #jsphotofriday posts so make sure to keep tagging your favorite photos of anything has been inspiring you this week and I’ll feature my favorites! This amazing dining room from the uber talented Trinity Homes (@c.1934) caught my eye recently… isn’t it pure perfection?


Sigh. It makes me miss my home a little. Only two more days left in Seattle… off to enjoy every last second! Have a wonderful weekend and start to your summer, wherever you are.


One thought on “Photo Friday

  1. Ahhhh Seattle, my hometown! Lots to love there! I live in the French Alps now, so I’ll not complain, but still…the smells and views and even the rain are elements of nostalgia for me. However the traffic I can live without.

    I cannot wait to see what you come up with for your cousin. What general neighborhood does she live in? Did you get out onto the water? Up into the mountains? Enjoy every moment!

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