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Whew… it’s that time of week already! Last Friday fell during the end of my Seattle trip, but the most important day was still left on the itinerary—Summer Solstice. It’s a day of celebration in Seattle, complete with a parade and naked bike ride…



We dined on fancy tacos and beers and fries and gelato and pasta and champagne. It was a full day of celebration, meeting new and interesting people and embracing a new environment.

Just before sunset we headed to Kerry Park for some of the best views of the city. A majestic Mount Rainier made it’s appearance in the background. It’s really much grander in person.



I love this sweet moment I was able to capture of my cousin and her boyfriend:

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I boarded an early plane home Sunday and began the two hour drive home from the airport… which turned into nearly three because I decided to pull over several times along the way for photos.

I’ve made this drive many times and admired the scenery, but there’s nothing like getting out of your element for a while (even just a week) to make you appreciate the beauty of home. 
IMG_7052 IMG_7064 IMG_7072 IMG_7074 IMG_7079 IMG_7084 IMG_7088 IMG_7091 IMG_7093 IMG_7098 IMG_7106

These photos are proof of how bad this horrible drought is. Can you believe how low the lake level is compared to the water line?

IMG_7107 IMG_7108


Let’s hope we get some at least some precipitation this winter!

Here’s one more from a shoot I did after a mini makeover we did for my cousin’s living room… her pup is the absolute sweetest! More details on this transformation to come later.



And as always, I’m loving all the new discoveries I’ve made from you tagging your weekly inspiration with #jsphotofriday! I couldn’t just pick one so here’s two that caught my eye.

My girl Melaine @mysweetsavannah can do no wrong. I must have a stone fireplace like this one day.


And something about this kitchen scene from @nestingwithgrace just speaks to me… the soft palette, the lighting, the gold accents and hello, chocolate muffins…


Thank you ladies for the inspiration, let’s keep it going for next week!

On a heavier note—I’ve never made a request like this but, if you have any extra positive energy/prayers/vibes to spare… please send them out to the universe in my direction. I need every one I can to get through these next several days/weeks. Thank you, friends.



19 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. Definitely in a hard situation myself right now, will send positive vibes your way!! 🙂
    Love your blog and style. Happy weekend!

  2. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and sending you positive energy from MN! Your photos today have such a calming feel, and I hope that they offer you some peace!

  3. Absolutely….prayers for you my friend!
    Your creativity and positive outlook (not to mention you’re adorable!!) brings so much joy to so many…the very least we can do is help to boost our girlfriend when she needs it. I love your beautiful photos of the CA countryside…(makes me homesick). Sending you hugs, wishing I could send you some of our rain as well. 🙂 (we have had so much in KS)

  4. Great pics! Seattle look so neat and I love the CA shots since I call NorCal home too 🙂 It’s nice to see our neck of the woods captured. Sending positive thoughts, Jenna <3

  5. Virtual hug, Jenna Sue! Sending you good thoughts and wishing you the best of luck in what lies ahead.

  6. I love your style. I live in California and recognized some of the spots you photographed. We are fortunate to live in such a pretty state…I’m praying for rain.

    I’m also sending positive energy your way…I hope whatever you’re going through will make you stronger and be a distant memory in no time.

  7. Hi. I was up in Columbia on Tuesday and saw these same sites on the drive there (from Vacaville). But I love that you got out in the heat to capture them on your camera. …. And I will be praying to Jesus for you. Not to sound preachy or tacky, but Jesus truly does care for you and your situations. He will listen if you talk to Him. The decision to follow Jesus has been life-changing for me and it’s not about religion or going to a specific church or looking a certain way or anything like that. It’s about the creator of the universe wanting a relationship with me- someone who isn’t perfect and messes up all time. I read once “He owns the skies yet still He desires my heart.” And it’s true. But it’s definitely a choice. And I respect that people have that right to choose. If you have any questions, I can try to answer them- you can email me.
    Keep on being amazing. Hang in there.
    🙂 Leslie

  8. Sending positive vibe-age to you from the West Coast of New England (that’s how we crazy people who live in VT refer to ourselves.)

  9. Oh honey. You can have all of the positive energy from me that you need! I’ll even send you a few funny jokes if a smile is what you need 😉 Other than that, all I can say is… I recently went through a little something myself, and just know that you are beautiful, smart and super talented. Nobody can ever take that away from you. You rock, and better days will be coming your way very soon. Xoxo

  10. Sending all my best (from Seattle)! Love your photos and everything you do in your home. You are such an inspiration for my do it yourself personality!

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