The next chapter: An announcement

Five years ago I started this blog to document a house renovation. It began as a medium to share ideas and tutorials through words and images, and eventually to help and inspire others on their mission to create a home they love.


Then everything changed, and it became a place where deeper thoughts and experiences were captured—where memories were recorded with the goal of not only connecting with others on a human level, but to archive a personal journey so it wouldn’t be forgotten. So that I’d never forget the moments that changed my reality, and my life forever.


I embraced vulnerability—exposing my weaknesses while finding my strengths and being honest about both the good and the bad. I became a storyteller. Through this I realized the importance of immortalizing these moments of inspiration and clarity and significance so they could continue to live within me—so they wouldn’t become fleeting memories which faded into oblivion.


Once on this path of memory preservation and documentation, there’s no turning back. Not only do we crave proof of our existence that succeeds our mortality, but we’re wired to communicate with each other—to enter into a shared mutuality by bringing others into our own reality and letting them experience life through our eyes. We all crave to understand and be understood.


Intention and meaning are often invisible within words on a page. A simplified, two dimensional narrative is merely one layer of the story, leaving room for misinterpretation. Given this incomplete puzzle, we have a tendency to fill in the blanks with our own biases and assumptions. Messages become lost.


There’s a better way to communicate. A more powerful medium to connect to others, to resonate deeply within us by physically altering our biochemistry, and a path I’ve decided to pursue: Cinema. Visual storytelling and art in motion. Within the fusion of images and sound lies our greatest portal of communication—a catalyst for empathy, awareness and change.


It took turning my life upside down and traveling across the world to see life through a new lens, gain an unfiltered sense of clarity and realize my true passion. Just like anything in life, starting from ground zero requires time, patience and dedication. I’m in it for the long haul though, and just last week I made a decision to take the first step with a weekly vlog.


It’s not meant to be perfect, rather a reflection of reality as I see and feel it. The format may evolve over time but for now it’s a string of brief moments throughout my week—from morning rituals to DIY projects to blogging and road trips and everything in between. I want to be able to reflect back on this season of my life and vividly remember the every day details… the way Biscuit curls up in my bed, how the sun rises over the fog in my backyard, how hard I worked to sand and stain and varnish a piece of furniture to perfection. It’s the small pieces that compose the big picture, and I’m inviting you into my world to experience it with me, one week at a time. Watch Episode 1 here:

Part of this new path means I’ve decided not to continue traveling indefinitely. It was not an easy decision at all and one that part of me still struggles with (a topic on its own), but I have to trust my intuition that it’s what’s best for me right now. Travel will still always be an important part of my life and I’ll find opportunities to explore this world, but my attention and focus have been shifted to new goals with the future in mind.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.09.24 PM

There are some major life changes on the way, and those will all play out through these weekly vlogs. After the home renovations are complete, I plan to focus more on filming, and also updating this blog with a link to each new video—perhaps supplementing the story with additional commentary. If you’d like to stay up to date, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for new episodes along with future film projects that I’m especially looking forward to.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.32.55 PM

It’s the next chapter of life, friends. I hope you’re out there striving to push your own limits of creativity and personal growth. Amazing things are born from passionate risks.


25 thoughts on “The next chapter: An announcement

  1. I love this idea! I love that more of your personality comes out in the vlog as opposed to the blog, I look forward to following along!! Does this mean you aren’t selling your house?

  2. Jenna, I found you b/vlog because of your kitchen you posted. I’m a cabinet maker, my wife and I like the shaker gray you have going on. I was going to make smaller doors near the ceiling, but I think I’ll take the doors all the way up. I’m also an artist… I request you to look at my web site (I’m always selling myself).
    Thanks for the cool stuff! :•) Congrats on being featured in the magazine!!

  3. I loved the video! The way you did the part with looking at the magazine then moving it and showing the bathroom was cool, your kitty is just too cute and the part with you dancing while painting the door is just adorable. Will you send us the links to each of your videos when you have a new one to share? I’m not familiar with subscribing to things in youtube (I know…where have I been). Oh love the view outside your bedroom window! Absolutely gorgeous. What a way to wake up each morning.

  4. Love this idea, my friend. Whatever you do, you do it well- that is for sure. I like this idea of vlogging. You make it feel dreamy and you have drawn me in and captured my heart. What more of a compliment can I make? The attention to detail, the perfect music, the playfulness. I just wanted to hop right into the scene and be there with you. I mean I almost was. That’s how captivated I was. How can one make a dripping coffee pot touch my soul? But YOU did!! I look forward to your new journey. When you sell your home will you stay near where you are? and rent maybe? I guess it doesn’t matter. You will make whatever you do and wherever you are an experience to be cherished, because that is how you have changed and grown. I love this new direction. God bless you!

      1. Yay! It’s all good. It will be fun to see where you move and to see what adventure you will pursue next!!

  5. This is FABULOUS! I’ve only been following your journey for a short time but recognized your bath in Country Living imemediently! Congrats! And congrats on your new found passion. I love how we get a different perspective on your life/personality and it’s definitely very different from other blogs I follow! Very inspiring!

  6. Oh Jenna! I’m very excited for you. And happy for us to be able to follow you on this journey. You have such a sweet spirit and though I’m much older than you it is wonderful to see the world through your eyes. I was afraid that the next chapter of your life might have to exclude “your adoring audience” ….happy to know we are still included. 🙂 Hugs to you!!

  7. To discover ones true passion and then to actually commit to it – that is living a purposeful and happy life. Congrats on this new and exciting journey you are about to embark on – and thank you so much for allowing us all to be a part of it.

  8. You are the first blogger I ever started following several years ago and I have always connected with your incredible style and eye for design. I can’t even begin to put into words how beautiful your video is. I thought the same thing about your Christmas video and I’m thrilled this is the direction you are going. The combination of the visuals and the sound hit me on a truly emotional level. You are a true artist and inspiration and I can’t wait to see more!

  9. What freedom in listening to that inner voice. May your journey continue to push you to new and more exciting choices in life. Thank you for taking us with you! Jill

  10. Have you heard the saying, “the way you do anything is the way you do everything?” This is the answer to those who are surprised that you do so many things so well. Still impressive, but no surprise to me that you are quite good at this as well as the many challenging disciplines you’ve explored. Congrats Jenna.

  11. Love the vlog, excited for what’s in store! Love your creativity and passion, look forward to reading and watching to see what’s in store for you!

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