A fabric bulletin board DIY and Vlog Episode 3

Another week of progress means another vlog! Time has been flying by and although it’s been an adjustment, I’m feeling really good about my decision to begin documenting my life through video. It’s the first of many steps towards a new future, and while the path may present obstacles and detours, I’ll continue to forge on guided by intuition. I’ve realized over the past year that working towards a values-based goal, with a meaningful purpose is not only the best way to keep you feeling positive and energized, but it’s crucial to overall happiness and well being. It’s all too easy to take the path of least resistance after we’ve expended our energy just making it through each day—I’m definitely guilty of this. But our time here is short and the worst feeling you can have is regret. To my friends out there who feel stuck and uninspired—find what excites you and makes you feel alive, as small as it may be—and just do it.

Speaking of getting things done… the house is coming right along and if you’re reading this on Wednesday, the master bathroom is in the middle of being ripped out (follow me on snapchat @jennasuedesign for real time action!). That will be part of next week’s vlog, but for Episode 3, I managed to include some fun time lapse tutorials of my “DIY plain to paneled door“, as well as installing a fabric covered bulletin board backsplash for the new command center. Click on either image to watch the vlog on YouTube:


This episode is slightly longer and more fast paced than last week so let me know what you think!

I thought it’d be helpful to elaborate more on the fabric bulletin board. When planning this space I knew I wanted something beyond a typical drywall backsplash. It had to be easy and inexpensive—bonus points for functionality.

Then I found these Vaggis noticeboards at Ikea:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 4.08.58 PM

At $6/ea, they were a great economical option and it just so happened that four of them in a row filled the empty space almost perfectly. I removed the white frame around the edges and had my handyman cut an opening for the outlet:

IMG_0829 IMG_0828

I had planned on framing the edges for a clean look, but realized I didn’t love the look of the brown or the visible seams. Painting them was taken into consideration, but then I remembered I had stacks of leftover fabric from various projects, and this would be the perfect opportunity to put them to good use.

One remnant leftover from my upholstered kitchen bench seats was just the right height, and I liked that the blue pinstripes added a touch of color while still remaining neutral.


After ironing the fabric and trimming it to size, I used spray adhesive to lightly adhere it to the corkboard surface (you can see this process in the vlog). Then I bought a strip of lattice, mitered the edges, and secured them using hot glue (and a nail gun in a couple places).


A $25 functional backsplash and simple afternoon project!


I can’t wait to stage this space for the house sale.

While at Lowe’s I bought a few boxes of ceramic floor tile which is also most likely being right now installed as you read this. A beadboard & coat hook wall is next on the to-do list, and then it will be a wrap after final accessories! Just in time to focus my attention on the last big makeover…

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 8.41.53 AM

Most of my materials have arrived so now it’s in the hands of my awesome crew to work their magic. I’ll have to live in a dusty, noisy construction zone for the next month but I can already start to see the light at the end of this tunnel. And it’s filled with soothing spa bliss.

Things are happening fast now, so make sure to keep up on facebook, instagram and snapchat (@jennasuedesign) so you don’t miss out between the weekly blog/vlogs! And I hope your holiday weekend is filled with extra love <3


18 thoughts on “A fabric bulletin board DIY and Vlog Episode 3

  1. Thanks for the inspiration ~ it’s just what I needed to read/hear ~ been in such a funk lately!!! That fabric covered cork area is fantastic!!! Look forward to seeing another one of your fabulous bathroom makeovers!: )

  2. Loved the latest vlog episode. Find it and you fascinating. You are a real workhorse, my friend! Keep up the good work and keep doing what you do. It’s all good!!!

  3. I really like this, very cool! Hey, where it says “Jenna Sue design co.” at the top of your page, is that your font also for your name? I have seen it many places and was curious. One other thing I have been wondering, do you just have the one bedroom in your house? I kept thinking there would be another bedroom to makeover, but it looks like your office may have been a bedroom at one time, since there was a closet there. Surely this was not just a one bedroom house, was it? (Excuse my nosiness please; not saying you need to have more to makeover, just don’t encounter one bedroom houses very often!) Thanks!

    1. Thanks Natalie! My logo is not the font I designed, it’s called Isabella. There’s an empty guest room upstairs, and the office could possibly pass for one if there were doors added. The downstairs area is considered its own guest quarters as it has a separate entrance, walk-in closet and bathroom. I plan to do a video before & after tour when the house goes on the market 🙂

  4. Good morning! Another great video 🙂 I’m wanting to panel my doors like you are doing but the doors we currently have are builder grade from the late 90’s and they’re not flat like yours. They have 4 vertical rectangle panels on them (2 on top that are decorative at the top of each one and 2 on bottom) that would need to be covered up before I could do the 5 horizontal panels as you have done. The material you used in the video appears to be fairly thin so I’m thinking it might work to cover the entire door with before I started the panels. What do you think? If you think it would work what is the material you used? Thanks for your help!

      1. Thank you so much for the suggestion and will keep my eyes open. We only have one thrift store and the restore is a good distance away so won’t get to check there often but good ole craigslist is just a click away.

  5. Cool idea! But just curious, what about the outlet in the backsplash? In terms of safety, you should probably still have it visible. If someone went to put a pin in the board and instead stuck it into the outlet socket, they could literally be in for a shock.

  6. I can’t wait to see the upcoming bathroom makeover – your bathroom makeovers have helped inspire mine! I love that your spaces end up feeling comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.

  7. That white chair is adorable!! Can you tell me where you got it? I’m looking for some kitchen chairs and those would be perfect. Thanks.

  8. love it! The fabric cork is the solution i have been looking for for about a year now! Is there apic of the finished outlet? I am wondering how that will finish off and I need my outlets exposed… Beautiful work, as per usual:). Much love to you!

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