New Weekly Vlog: Episode 2

Stopping in this morning to share my latest vlog episode! This past week saw progress of the new command center nook, a trip to the coast and family time. Next week will be the home stretch for the nook so I’m looking forward to lots of progress over the next few days. A blog post with more details is in order as well—but for now, enjoy these couple minutes of highlights:

Psst—the Valentine’s Day rush is in full swing as you may have noticed from the personalized vow prints in the video. In celebration of this new film venture and because I’m feeling the February love, I’ve decided to offer my lovely vlog watchers 25% off your own custom vow prints through Sunday 2/7 by entering the code VLOG at checkout. Orders placed in the next couple days will ship before the weekend, and U.S. orders placed by Sunday should arrive by Valentine’s Day with standard mail.

Have a beautiful week, friends. See you soon…



14 thoughts on “New Weekly Vlog: Episode 2

  1. These are interesting – but, what’s your long term filmmaker goal? What story do you want to tell? I’d love to see you break out of your box a bit (i.e. use fewer filters that wash everything into a sepia memory box kind of feel). Perhaps pick a cause to highlight? Issue a call to action?

    1. I’m letting it evolve organically, for the most part. I am working on a special project but can’t go all in on film until the house is finished/sold and I’m settled into my new life–so for now I’m focused simply on learning, figuring out my style and what feels right. Once I’m able to devote more time and energy I expect to have a clearer sense of direction.

  2. Nice! I’m enjoying the visual combination of your work and play. Good job with the music selections also, I imagine that would be difficult to choose from and you’ve chosen well 😉

  3. The music and vlog have such a feeling of joy and peace. It’s calming to watch, thank you for sharing snippets of your world! Now I have to go find my vows so I can order the print… ?

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