DIY Shiplap Video Tutorial, the easy and inexpensive way!

Today I’m trying something new.

Normally I stay behind the scenes as I’ve never considered myself as the outgoing, on-camera personality type, but you know what? My life was never the same when I faced my fears last year and I’m not about to stop there. So long, comfort zone.

I wasn’t sure where this new video medium would lead when I started, and I still don’t to be honest, but I’m getting more comfortable at it each day and absolutely loving the process. And that’s what life is all about, right? Enjoying what you do while working on yourself.

So just before I started planking my bathroom walls a few days ago, I decided I’d go all out and make a how-to video tutorial. If you’re a visual learner like me, you’ll definitely get more out of this than the standard blog post recap—though I already did one of those back in 2013 during my first wall plank attempt in the Florida house. Time to switch it up!

Here’s my DIY shiplap wall planking tutorial:

Let’s rewind for a second. Originally I had planned on nailing up beadboard sheets (because it’s quicker, cheaper and easier… not gonna lie) but when I saw it next to the tile, I decided I preferred the look of shiplap and it was worth the extra bit of effort.


After all, it worked out great in my guest bathroom…


Shiplap has become a loosely used term these days (I blame Chip & Joanna for its addition to the general population’s lexicon) and if you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’ve tried my fair share of wall treatments. This happens to be the easiest, quickest and most inexpensive way of achieving that shiplap look in my experience.

From a bare beige wall…

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.52.48 PM

To a trip to Lowe’s for supplies…

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.54.27 PM

And a few long nights of measuring, cutting, nailing, spackling, caulking, sanding and painting…


And $175 later… we now have this:

IMG_7186 IMG_7187-2

The wall color is Valspar’s Coconut Milk and yes, I finally chose a non-gray paint! It’s a soft ivory-putty color, if that helps. And I think it will be perfect once everything comes together.

Speaking of timeline—things are about to move fast in this bathroom. Aside from the shiplap installation, this past week the drywall was patched and retextured, and plumbing installed and ready to be hooked up to the fixtures. Next week all of the tile will be grouted and sealed, and the toilet, vanity, sink and mirror will be installed—hopefully along with the wall lighting and possibly some wall shelves. Then all that’s left to do is a few quick accessories and the glass shower wall which should be a simple drop-in. I’m still on track to get this house on the market in two weeks!

There’s a few detailed posts in the pipeline, but I’m waiting until there’s more progress so I can get some nice After photos for you. Appreciate your patience, guys! In the meantime, I’m all over snapchat right now (@jennasuedesign) and as always, still checking in on instagram and facebook.

Let me know what you think of the video tutorial and if you’d like to see more content like that! I’m still learning so things are bound to improve, but I could definitely see more of these in the future. I hope you enjoy it as well. Happy Weekend and (almost) first day of Spring!


87 thoughts on “DIY Shiplap Video Tutorial, the easy and inexpensive way!

  1. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the tutorial and the wall looks great! Thanks for taking the time to document your work with all of us!

  2. Hi Jenna,
    I thought your tutorial was great. I have been enjoying your new videos. You may feel a bit uncomfortable being on camera but the final video doesn’t reflect that. Great job! (And the tutorial was helpful too)

  3. This might be silly is there a difference between the wall planks you’ve done in other areas of your house and shiplap? (I ask because this is the first time, I think, I’ve heard you refer to it as shiplap.)

    1. Hi Valerie! This is the same method I used in the guest bathroom, but other areas of the house (like the kitchen, living room, foyer and studio) have tongue and groove plank which is the more traditional way to go. These days, people are referring to shiplap as any sort of wall plank treatment that achieves that look, regardless of the material, so it’s a more recognizable descriptor to use 🙂

  4. I love your posts . I always look at least twice a week to see what’s happening in your life. You are a very smart,pretty and entertaining young lady. You have a great future coming.

  5. Also, LOVE the video! I wish we had one of those for all your projects (in addition to the posts). It’s so fun and helpful! 🙂

  6. I loved this episode of your vlog!! It really showed your personality and I liked the way you edited everything. More! 🙂


  7. I really love the video. I’ve enjoyed seeing your video blogs, but this felt like a good dose of “you” and was still informational all at once. The bathroom looks beautiful and is really coming along. I look forward to seeing more tutorial-esque videos in the future! Happy to have you back to posts like the old days, where you take a space and completely transform it into eye candy.

  8. I really liked the video, very well done and easy to follow. I love getting some diy mixed with your new content. Can’t wait to see the whole room come together! 🙂

  9. I loved this video, Jenna. I’ve loved all of your videos so far. I was hoping at some point we’d get to see your personality in action! I think you’re just adorable and ridiculously talented. Keep on doing what you’re doing 🙂

  10. It looks great!!! Question – I want to do something similar in my bathroom but was wondering if a half wall of shiplap would look okay or terrible? Otherwise we may stick with headboard b/c we only want to do about halfway up the wall.

  11. Great tutorial! I was wondering though, I always thought you should prime both sides of the planking if it’s going in a high moisture area. Will the plywood not have a problem with warping? etc?

    1. Good question, Michelle! I haven’t read anything about that so I’m not entirely sure. The plywood is so lightweight that you can easily nail it into place if it starts to warp. No problems in the guest bathroom so far.

  12. Jenna! I’m a loyal follower of all things Jenna Sue, though I rarely comment. I LOVE this tutorial — so clear and easy to follow, and such a fantastic result. Well done! I am totally enjoying your amazing vlogs and think it’s awesome that you are breaking out of your “comfort zone” to include more of yourself in your videos. You are ridiculously talented! Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work 🙂

  13. Love this tutorial. Your personality is so fun and it’s great to hear your voice with the video! You need an HGTV show!!!! I hope wherever you move to is a place with some projects to be done, because you are one of my favorite DIY blogs by far and I wish you the best!

  14. Love the tutorial! Really appreciate the time and effort you spent on it. Would love to see more like it. You really have a special talent for decorating and design!

  15. I’m usually a lurker but I just wanted to let you know you did an awesome job with this video. I pinned it just to share it with the rest of the world even though I have no intentions on shiplapping anything as my husband and I just finished completely gutting and remodeling an old farmhouse from the 1920’s. It took us 17 months and after we move in next weekend I’m going into a self imposed DIY recovery program. As you can imagine I have Youtubed many, many, videos in the course of our remodel and most of them suck. Your’s did not. Congratulations on a job well done, and can’t wait to see the bathroom complete. I can tell already it is going to be stunning.

  16. Loved the video! My husband and I are thinking about doing ship lap on our bedroom ceiling – have you done the plywood version on a ceiling before? He thinks maybe it wouldn’t hold up very well with just nailing into the trusses and we definitely don’t want to glue it to the drywall… Thoughts?

    1. I haven’t but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work any differently than on a wall! Plywood is so light that gravity really shouldn’t make it sag over time if it’s nailed into each truss. I wouldn’t worry about it 🙂

  17. I love all of your tutorials. I find that they are described with great detail and documented well for easy follow. Thanks for putting the time in for creating them – the blog posts and the videos.

  18. Great video, you are adorable and your projects are inspirational. My husband and I used your tongue and groove posts to shiplap our mudroom and its my favorite space in our house. Please keep sharing your work, I can’t get enough.

  19. Love the video and am wanting to do something like this for the wall behind my bed. I love the modern/country look of the eight foot panels all lined up, but our walls are longer than eight feet across. I am wondering about your suggestions for staggering the boards. Is there a measurement you suggest? Thanks!

    1. I would say longer the better! The seams can/should be random though. We ran into the same thing in our kitchen and living room and made them random and it all worked out 🙂

  20. Jenna Sue….you were born to do what you are doing.. I found this very helpful and just about ready to do the same thing to a bathroom so watching this will help me out more than you know. Great job and you did GREAT!

  21. Absolutely LOVE the video!! Now I feel like I can give it a try and it not look totally terrible!! haha! Plus I LOVED seeing your fun personality! Can’t see that so much through pictures! Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to seeing more tutorials!! 🙂

  22. You are absolutely adorable and I just love your spunky personality. You’ve done some really great projects and you always do such a wonderful job. I sincerely hope that wherever life takes you after you sell your home that it continues to include some DIY and decorating.

      1. On a personal note. I just want to say that while life through you a curve ball last summer (I’m sure that’s putting it mildly) you certainly appear to have made it through the storm and come out the other side in a much more positive place than where you were even though my guess is you didn’t know it at the time (do we ever?). As a mom myself and probably close to if not being old enough to be yours I can’t imagine how proud your parents are to see that growth in you. My son is looking for a girl to make a life commitment to and I hope he finds someone with the same character and strengths as you. You wouldn’t be interested in moving to Texas would you? 🙂 Just kidding.

        1. Aww Rebecca, you just made my night! It’s a great feeling to know that others can sense the change. I never knew I could be this happy and it affects everything I do. Thank you, so much, for commenting on that. Xo <3

  23. Awesome! I’d love to see more projects like this that give timid beginners some “easy” projects to try!!

  24. Is there a page on your guest bath redo? Love love love it! Your style is so cute! Id love to see more dyi videos as well. Wishing you much success in your future… And happiness!

  25. Jenna, you are so talented! Love your design style. I have a question. After you’ve hung the shiplap and go back to put your plates back on the outlets and lights, do the little screws still hold them on or do you need longer ones? If so, where do you get different ones?

    1. Thanks Danna! I made sure to cut the planks at exactly the right length so that the outlet plate rests on it but it’s above the screws. You could cut it lower but you would most likely have to get longer screws, and also drill pilot holes in the plywood. You can pick up longer ones at any hardware store–an employee will help you find the right match 🙂

  26. Loved the video, you did an amazing job. Makes me think I can do it too! I also enjoyed your humour. 🙂

  27. Thank you so very much for your tutorial! You are my favorite blogger! I absolutely love your style and cannot thank you enough for these tutorials. We are going to plank our bedroom like yours (in thirds) , do our kitchen similar to yours (White Island, gray cabinets, subway tile, floating shelves, planked ceiling, faux wood beams), and plank our family room wall (thx to your tutorial). Oh, I did my doorknobs faux vintage style thanks to your help. I apologetic for not saying thank you soone or on each post I followed. I pray this next chapter of your life is blessed with all God’s blessings as you’ve been such a blessing to me.

  28. I love the look of this and want to do it in my bathroom. I have a couple of questions. Do you do anything to make the boards resistant to mold especially since they are located in a bathroom? Secondly it is hard to tell online what the boards look like up close once painted. I like the cheaper option of plywood, but I am concerned that it will still look like plywood even when painted.


    1. Thanks Angela! I think as long as there’s enough ventilation, the paint should be fine to protect the wood from mold. Real shiplap is made from wood, and this plywood is very smooth—even smoother than the tongue and groove pine I have elsewhere in the house so I wouldn’t worry about texture at all!

  29. Awesome tutorial, Jenna Sue! I enjoyed seeing you in front of the camera, and to be honest I prefer these video tutorials to posts any day. Risk has it’s rewards, way to go!

  30. I just loved your tutorial and your walls look great! I plan on going halfway up a bathroom wall. However, I am so sad to report that here in Michigan at least, new regulations are now in place that prohibit Lowe’s or Home Depot from cutting plywood in strips less than 12 inches. I am so disappointed! So, Plan B will be to use 1 x 6 x 8 tongue and groove boards. Won’t be exactly the same look as shiplap, but after it’s all painted I’m sure it will look beautiful.

  31. You are entertaining, you should do more videos. I hope I do get the time to do something like this in my bathroom or bedroom. You made it look simple enough to tackle.

  32. Would you suggest gluing then nailing the planks on the wall if in a bathroom? Or is nailing enough? I’m so worried about bowing and so is my contractor! But I’ve tried to convince him that “everybody’s doing it” 🙂


    1. Glue wont hurt but it’s definitely more permanent if you ever wanted to change it in the future. As long as you have adequate ventilation and don’t turn it into a sauna you should be able to simply add another nail in if a board does start to warp over time.

    1. Hi Jenna
      Love the video! We are in the middle of a main bathroom redo and we are going to apply the shiplap, however I have a small bathroom and I am very concerned about the seams matching up on the inside and outside corners and what the corners would look like when finished. Thought about using corner pieces of wood and just making sure they are painted to match the walls. What do you think? I haven’t seen any of our work where you have used anything on or in the corners.

  33. Thank you for your video tutorial. I’m in the process of doing this to my guest bathroom, and I purchased a cheap jigsaw to cut the plywood in areas. The jigsaw shredded the edges of my plywood, to the point where I cannot put them on the wall. Is this because I bought a cheap saw? r are there different blades, and I should buy one that wasn’t included in the box. Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Oh no! Plywood has a tendency to split but there are also specific blades that are made for different types of wood. I’m sure I’ve used dull blades or the wrong ones before and never had it split that badly… could you use wood filler to patch it?

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