Vlog Episode 13: A weekend in Tahoe

Stopping in briefly today to share Vlog Episode 13, just posted to my Youtube channel:

Now that the house projects are over, it’s been a pretty big transition but I’m still working on a few other home/DIY things that I’ll be able to share with you soon! Those have kept me quite busy, but the weekends are my recovery time and I relish every second. This past weekend was spent celebrating an engagement with some very special people in one of the most beautiful places around—Lake Tahoe.

This vlog episode is on the short side as most of the time was spent living in the moment rather than capturing it, but I’m so happy to have at least a small part of it to watch and remember years from now.

I have a couple more long days of work ahead this week—including finishing and shooting a DIY furniture makeover, and writing a blog post for the downstairs reveal for those of you who have been waiting and wondering! Then it will be time to unplug for a few days as my 31st birthday approaches—wow, where has the year gone…?

Thank you to everyone who has read this far, who reads each post and watches each vlog… it means the world to me. I love chatting with you on instagram, snapchat (@ jennasuedesign) and facebook so shoot me a message over the weekend 🙂

I’ll see you back on Monday with the big downstairs reveal!



3 thoughts on “Vlog Episode 13: A weekend in Tahoe

  1. Very pretty Jenna, I loved the music. In the last few seconds there is a “light fairy” moving across, it looks like Tinkerbell.

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