Summer Deck Refresh (& Video)

One of the things I’ll miss most about this home is the outdoor living space. The view is what originally sold me on this home, and the back deck has seen many memorable days and nights.

Apart from adding furniture, a grill and TV over two years ago—nothing else has really changed out here aside from the occasional pillow swap. So when Wayfair asked me to demonstrate how to mix and match patterns, I decided to show the deck a little love for one last hurrah. Click to watch (and thumbs up and comment if you can!) below:


A fun patterned rug was brought in (I’m all about the rug layering lately) along with a few new pillows and blankets. Bringing new life to the space was as simple as that!

IMG_9140 IMG_9152

The look could have gone in many different directions, but I used the rug as my jumping off point for color scheme and style.


With navy blue as my primary color, I brought in greens, browns and khaki for some variation without overdoing it.

IMG_9158 IMG_9137

The patterns play off of each other nicely and there’s a good mix of them to create interest.


Solid cushions tie it all together, and a wide range of textures complete the look.

IMG_9135 IMG_9150

Small details (including greenery, real or faux—a must for every space!) add the finishing touches.

IMG_9154 IMG_9149

While shooting these images I realized that the colors I used were all exact matches to the landscape in the background. I don’t think I could have planned that better.


Biscuit approves.


Source list:

Furniture set

Brown rug

Patterned rug

Rattan stool

Woven round tray

Striped green pillow

Blue/white damask pillows

Navy herringbone pillow

Olive green pillow

Green scalloped edge pillow

Beaded lumbar pillow

Pom throw blanket

It’s sad to think I’ll be giving up this space soon, but I have a feeling the new owners will love it just as much as I did. At least I still have the memories 🙂

Next week is my last Wayfair video! The timing works out well as now I have more time to focus on getting a plan together for moving out (still don’t have an exact date yet though, unfortunately). Anyone have any good moving tips? I’m relocating almost everything to a storage unit so I need to be as organized as possible to reduce future headaches. Any suggestions are welcome!

Vlog Episode 21 is coming up next. Enjoy your last official week of Spring!



7 thoughts on “Summer Deck Refresh (& Video)

  1. This is a beautiful space, as always! I can’t wait to see what you do once you move. I have one moving tip that I found super helpful, since we’ve moved several times in the past 10 years. As you pack things, number the boxes and make a list of what’s in each box (numbering your list as well to match the box numbers). I did mine in Word so that I could easily search the document for anything I needed once we were unpacking and organizing. It saved so much time and we weren’t lost when it came time to find something specific. 😉 Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Jenna, as a military family, we have moved every two years for 28 years! Mostly our items are packed by hired movers, but I like to pack my linens and clothing myself. I use the giant sized zip lock bags for linen, keeping sheet sets and towel sets together. Just so much easier to unpack ( and no cigarette smell from the movers is added to my clean things!) If you can get them, there are shipping boxes that are like mini wardrobes that you can simply hang your clothing straight into, with room for shoes in the bottom of the box. We also have an “open this first” box, that contains essential bits for assembling beds, keys for locks, remotes for the tv…all the small bits that can sometimes go missing. I hope some of these ideas might be useful. In the end, wishing you a safe & smooth move and I look forward to your next adventures!

  3. Be ruthless in purging! If you don’t love it or it doesn’t have a purpose get rid of it! Moving sucks. Good luck!

  4. anyone else having problems with the link to the items?! when i click on them the url says “about:blank”

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