Fall Design & Decor Favorites

In the spirit of the autumnal equinox this week (and since home inspiration has been pretty much all I can focus on lately) I thought it would be fun to dig up some of my old fall home tour photos from the past and share some favorite design ideas.

The living room in my last home was definitely the place I had the most fun with seasonal decor. Its transformation was completed in late October 2014, and I made sure it reflected the cool weather with cozy touches. Like this vintage cabinet…


Most of the items were found at flea markets, with craft store pumpkins, and pinecones from the local forest.

Wreaths are always found in my home no matter the season, and I instantly fell in love with this one from Home Goods.


I also enjoy DIYing them when possible, and this one was made by wrapping bundles of stems from Michaels and wide burlap ribbon for a bow:


After adding a DIY coat rack, the arrangement was switched up again…



And the wreath was relocated, with natural foliage brought in.



But perhaps my favorite spot was the fireplace…


I never got tired of decorating this mantel.


The kitties loved it, too.


You can make any neutral area reflect a season with colors and texture. This DIY cabinet always had an element of nature (or two) on it:


Same with this vintage trunk:


Just a few cozy pieces is all it takes.


And then there’s the kitchen…


I hosted Thanksgiving that year and enjoyed every bit of the planning process.


Just like the rest of the home, a variety of textures were layered with rich colors and natural elements like gourds, pumpkins, pinecones and berries.


Chalkboards make the best canvas to let your creativity out and display different sentiments.


Oh how I miss this kitchen.


Outside, I gave the deck a quick refresh as it was often used to host football parties.


This bar cart was built for storage & functionality while entertaining:



It really was a peaceful place to unwind and enjoy the cooler weather.


To welcome guests inside, I set up a front porch display using more flea market finds:


Along with these simple DIY planter boxes:


And fresh flowers in fall colors:


Decorating for autumn is the best, wouldn’t you agree?


I feel a bit left out this year without a home to decorate (for the first time in 8 years!) but that’s all about to change, because this next house flip is scheduled to close in just two days! Yep, life is about to get real crazy over here.

Work officially begins on the house this weekend, but I’ll be back in a few days with the official Flip Kickoff post including all the details (that means numbers & budget) and what I’ve got planned for this thing.

Prepare for content overload for the rest of the year, and let the countdown begin. Happy fall!


28 thoughts on “Fall Design & Decor Favorites

  1. have been missing your posts lately, glad to hear back and can’t wait to see your plans for the new house 🙂 i feel its going to be amazing 🙂

  2. Your old house was so pretty! BUT, I am excited to follow you on this flip! I’ve been thinking about jumping on the property flipping bandwagon the last several years so I’m excited to see how it’s done! Good luck!

  3. I loveeeeee your use of real greenery and foliage throughout the house. Is all the greenery with the orange balls (sorry, could not think of a better word! lol) real or did you find those at a store like Hobby Lobby?

      1. I had a feeling…well I love it all. So simple and pretty. Guess I’ll need to go on a hunt for something similar to use as inspiration. 🙂 thanks for sharing!

        And cannot wait to see what you do with the new house!!

  4. I’m totally thrilled that you are flipping a house! I love your style and admire your work ethic!

  5. Hi Jenna Sue!! I was looking for it recently and can’t find it….the tutorial for that amazing white flower box on your kitchen table! I think you made a tutorial right? Thank you thank you!!

  6. Hi Jenna – I was drooling over your table decor at thanksgivings. Where are your plates from? I am looking for a good white set. My old ones are full of silverware markings. – thanks!

  7. First time commenter here….But I just have to say that I’m looking forward to content overload! 🙂 If the images you’ve been pinning recently (I follow you on Pinterest) are any indication, I know I’m going to love it!! Thanks for taking the time to share your talent with us!

  8. This house is my favorite of any blog out there. I love everything about it but mostly that you took an average, “realistic” home and turned it into something beyond amazing. I am in the mortgage business and see multiple appraisals everyday and know that houses like what you started out with are purchased on a daily basis! So many of the beautiful homes you see in blogs can only be purchased by a small percentage of people; not that I don’t love to look at them and dream but when you see a house like yours originally and how your vision unfolded it is so inspiring. (I hope that makes sense.) Equally inspiring is the amount of DYI you put into it. I am so excited to follow your flipping journey and just waiting for HGTV to catch on and give you your own show! I am thankful you decided to continue following this passion, you truly have a gift! ( I also appreciate that I can look at your blog without you trying to sell a bunch of products and there aren’t tons of pop ups.)

  9. I am incredibly excited for you and your next season of life as you start to flip houses! I have no doubt your transformations will be beautiful and I’m excited to follow along.

  10. I am so excited to watch you renovate another house! I started following your blog when you were in Florida, and I love how your style has evolved. I’m excited that you’re willing to be candid with prices and have always appreciated your openness in sharing the numbers behind each makeover.

  11. Hola Jenna! Te escribo desde un pequeño pueblo de Asturias, en España (Europa). He descubierto tu blog hace poco y he tenido que ponerme al día con todas las publicaciones, videos en youtube, instagram, facebook … . Me Encanta!!!
    Como no sé ingles, he tenido que poner el traductor en la pagina (je je)
    Te felicito por tu buen gusto y estilo. Estoy deseando seguir el nuevo proyecto.

    P.D. Tu chico te podrá ayudar con la traducción 🙂

  12. love your flea market finds mixed with new items ! i was wondering where that beautiful 3 tiered metal wire caddy from ? thanks and love your blog / vlogs

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