Downstairs Bathroom: Cottage House Flip Reveal

Out of all the rooms in the house, you probably saw and heard the least about the downstairs bathroom. With more urgent matters to attend to, it was left largely neglected until the final days, and I wasn’t convinced it’d be anywhere near ready by the Open House.

But this little dark horse came out of nowhere and surprised us all. Click to watch the Before & After…


Based on the Before situation, this is one of the more drastic transformations:


It was a tough decision to part with this wallpaper. I mean, how energized and refreshed would you feel waking up to this every morning?


But in the end, I figured it had a good 50 year run, and I had to let go of the past. So this is what I came up with:


Starting with the carpet and shower tile removal…


And the beginning of tile


Some updated lighting…


And then after a crazy one-week blitz of plumbing, finishing the tile, wall retexturing & accessorizing… we have our completed “Vintage Global Glam Bathroom”…


Sigh. In love.



I was debating on vanity and mirror colors up until the very end. Do I paint? Leave natural wood? Whitewash? Stain? Distress?


I wanted a balance of wood tones and paint, so I ended up giving the vanity a light sanding and white wash treatment for a gently aged look, then painted the mirror in a matte black shade (using Maison Blanche’s wrought iron).


I could have done a number of various combinations with great results, but I’m digging the contrast here—and the way it turned out for the very limited time I had to work with.


As usual, I took way more photos than necessary. As small as this space is, the details are so fun to capture.


The amber glass sconces were a crazy inexpensive eBay find (similar here)…


As was the faucet, which is also the same one I used in my last home (and in the upstairs bathroom… I may have a slight addiction).


Fun fact: this coat hook was made from a scrap piece of wood found in my dads garage, just hours before the Open House. No second wasted!


I’m a huge fan of this crystal chandelier (sadly no longer in stock on Wayfair!)

You can barely see the brass toilet sign on the door, but I just love that fun little touch. It matches the door handle too!


Patterned tile is the best, isn’t it? Especially when it’s affordable.


It does look greenish in the product photos but it’s definitely more of a neutral gray.


It’s the smallest room in the house, but it sure does make an impact!



Floor Tile

Shower wall tile

Sink faucet


Sconces (sold out, similar here)

Chandelier (discontinued, similar here)

Mirror: Craigslist

Vanity: Thrift Store

Shower/tub faucet (no longer available)

Lace curtain

Hand towel

Shower towel

Basket: already owned

Door toilet sign

Disclosure: Some of the products listed were provided via sponsorship—all of which I selected and fully approve of.

And that should cover everything! What do you think? Turned out almost identical to the Bathroom Plan photo, right? I’m just relieved we were able to pull it off in time at all! This was a fun space to plan, and I’ll definitely be borrowing some design features in future remodels.

That’s it for this week—don’t forget to watch the Before & After video for the full experience, and come back next Tuesday for the first of the upstairs reveals! Lots more on the way…


37 thoughts on “Downstairs Bathroom: Cottage House Flip Reveal

  1. if wayfair ever runs out of your chandelier. i’m sure you would figure out a way and make one.

    i just keep commentings on this home. i’m running out of spectacular words. because that is just what it is. spectacular.

    i cannot wait to see what you take on next.

  2. What I love the most is how you mix the metals with the sink and tub. I LOVE that so much I can’t explain it! ahhh

  3. So…did you think you were getting green tile? It does kind of have that hue on the Wayfair site, but I so love it with the grey hues! Just curious.

    1. I did think it would be more green and was actually hoping that was the case, but I don’t mind the gray either. Certainly a safer choice and maybe appealing to more folks 🙂

  4. I just love to see what you come up with! Such great ideas you have! Thanks for posting regularly, gives me a something to look forward to 🙂

  5. Do you put something on the wood vanity top to help with water stains etc? We are adding on to our house and gaining another bathroom and may hunt for a fun, unique piece to use as a vanity…

        1. I’m in love with the sink faucet you used but am also concerned with the negative feedback on ebay, Do you have any pics or tips on how you plumbed it in?

          1. Unfortunately I didn’t install it myself, but this is my fourth one and my plumber has never had an issue. You can try searching for One Room Challenge or Master Bathroom — I installed one in each of those rooms and there may be some installation photos. Hope this helps!

  6. Adorable!! I just caught a glimpse of it in one photo, but can you show or tell the source of the toilet tissue holder?

  7. I’m SO happy you kept the bath and toilet – they just don’t make em like that any more, and it hurts me every time I see a ‘makeover/reno’ which strips the perfectly good ‘old’ in favour of something new, but without soul or longevity. They look fantastic in their new setting!

    LOVE the sink taps (faucets), and how you mixed the metals in your tap-ware – sweet! Also adore the tiles, wooden shelf/hooks and black framed mirror – no contest the mirror should’ve been painted, great decision, it balances and grounds the whole room!

    There’s something about the ‘cart’ vanity… I have a very similar trolley (but with handle) for my cocktails in the dining room and love it, but here in the bathroom it feels a bit… spindly and light against the weight of the bulky ceramics in the room – especially the basin, which seems to squat heavily on the structure. Adding sides to it would close the room off too much (and no doubt the reason you opted for something ‘open’ to max the visual space), but perhaps a third shelf near the wheels might make it ‘feel’ more substantial? But this is nit-picking, (especially considering it was all put together at the 11th hour before the shoot/open) and there’s no question your vanity is a vast improvement on the old one and adds so much visual interest and natural texture – the whole room is a brilliant transformation from the gruesome ‘before’ pic!

    You have an amazing eye for interior design Jenna-Sue, and the house is an absolute credit to you!

  8. I do love the looks of the sink faucet, but there’s only one review on eBay, and they say it can’t be installed to code based on what’s included. Did y’all have any trouble installing it? I love all your design choices and can’t wait for the upstairs ??

  9. Beautiful job.

    Is the house now up for sale? Have a million potential buyers made offers?

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love it so much Jenna Sue. Your reveals are always a big surprise even with all your updates. Can’t wait for more rooms to follow. I am hoping you share how this little shelf is hung. Such a great idea and adds so much storage and love the invisible way it is hung. Keep it up girl!

  11. Well done! It’s such an interesting mix of design elements that works perfectly. Thanks for sharing. We’re tackling the reno of our tiny master bath beginning on 3/27. Your post is an inspiration.

  12. Such a beautiful bathroom! As soon as I saw the pic on insta I knew that vanity had to be mine, we have a very small bathroom dilemma, but oh man a thrift store find! I can’t believe it, it’s gorgeous. Did you find the stand and add the sink separately?

  13. Love everyone of your flips! It’s all just eye candy to me!! Did you mention where you found the hooks for this bathroom? Just beautiful, all of it!

  14. Thanks to Country Living Fb page for alerting me to your blog! You are doing a beautiful job with your home and I appreciate your sharing the deets with all of us! It is just gorgeous!

    By the way, you take just the right amount of pics! So many times Before/After articles skimp on pics and information. Your entries are beautiful, informative and so wonderful to enjoy! We are in of renovating our 1959 home, and your choices are so inspiring for me! Much love!!!

  15. Just have to say how gorgeous this bathroom is! We’re trying to figure out solutions for our small bathroom and I LOVE what you did for the vanity. Do you have it anchored to the wall?

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