Bedroom 1: Cottage House Flip Reveal

It’s Bedroom Reveal Week and we’re kicking off the festivities with Bedroom #1! Click to watch the Before, During & After transformation:


The largest of all six bedrooms, this one won me over in the end—more than I thought it would, to be honest. There’s just something about it… but let’s start from the beginning to take it all in:


Aw, it’s like going to Grandma’s house.


Down to the floral wallpaper, floral bedding, floral chair, striped carpet and brown wood everywhere.


But that didn’t last long. Starting with a DIY door makeover:



Then it was goodbye carpet and wallpaper, hello new floors & white walls:



Floors, paint, a little DIY and accessories were all this room needed to become the relaxing “master suite” it is today…


Welcome to my happy place.


Thanks to the great bones, it didn’t take much to turn these four walls into something special.


The wood trim balances the white walls and keeps it feeling warm and cozy without being dark and heavy.


And by adding a few black accents, it keeps it from feeling washed out.


The brass lamps tie in to the brown wood and other accents in the room as well.



On the other wall, I placed the dresser I’d bought & refinished for my last home.


Can we talk about this mirror? Obsessed. Never giving this baby up.


Just in case you forget which room you’re in 🙂


And here’s a million more photos because I couldn’t stop taking them and I can’t pick favorites.


Thank you Country Living for the lovely hydrangeas!


I still can’t believe I found this bed (for free) on the sidewalk in front of my apartment when I was bed shopping for something just like it. Miracles do happen!


This bedding was the very first thing I chose for the space. You can never go wrong with a light toile


The quilted texture is a great touch.


I mixed it in with these ruffled shams that came with a Crane & Canopy duvet set (which I used in another bedroom). A little romantic touch goes a long way!


And this champagne gold crystal chandelier really stepped up the bling factor…


The trick to a cozy, inviting bed? Layers! I used the old, original mattress and layered on a few comforters plus the quilt to make it extra full and plush. And it has passed the sleep test a few times with flying colors (really soft sheets don’t hurt, either!)


If only I could pick up this bedroom and take it with me for my next house…



Wall color: Valspar Bistro White

Gray door color: Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Gray

Black door color: Valspar Cracked Pepper

Pergo Flooring in Scottsdale Oak – discontinued color (Similar here)


Sheepskin rugs

Night stands: came with house (painted in Cracked Pepper)

Woven baskets

Quilt Set


Ruffle shams

Brass lamps


Chair: Craigslist w/custom Comfort Works slipcover



Door number

Door handle

Accent pillows: Ikea

Throw blankets: already owned

One bedroom down, five to go! Stick around every day this week to see the final reveals, and don’t forget to watch today’s Before & After video (you can catch up on all of the reveals and weekly progress vlogs here if you’ve missed any so far!)

See you tomorrow,



18 thoughts on “Bedroom 1: Cottage House Flip Reveal

  1. Jenna, every reveal is absolutely stunning! It looks like your #1 beautiful and relaxing master retreat also has tons of storage. Can’t wait to see the other bedrooms! I selfishly hope your buyer will offer it as a vacation rental. I would love to stay there!

  2. You nailed it Jenna! Another beautiful room! I love #1…ready to see #2.
    Again…thank you so much for taking us on your journey!! xoxo

  3. Beautiful! In the before pictures, it looks like the little cabinets go to a storage space under the eves and maybe there is a window in there – it looks bright in that area. I was intrigued! Could you explain that area more or post a few pictures? thanks!

  4. Stunning transformation! Not just this bedroom but the whole house! Pitch perfect refinishing on the furniture pieces as well! Curious to know if you selling it fully or partially furnished?

  5. Everything is gorgeous! Is it on the market now? Are you already looking for another house to flip?

  6. Just started following your blog, and I love it!
    Could you please give a mini tutorial on how you Xed the closet doors? I need something simple for my doors and that just might be the answer.

  7. So pretty! My heart skipped a beat when I first saw your quilt set in the sneak peek before– I actually bought the same Laura Ashley set a little while ago, and had looked for one thinking, “What would be something that Jenna would use? What would she put in this space?” I guess I actually did something right! ? (Jumping up and down, super happy dance) I guess your influence has been good , my tastes are going in the right direction-a nice confirmation! I kind of wanted to bring in some gray in my room also, so am wondering if painting the walls gray would look funny with it. I do like your black accents. It is all so lovely. You are an amazing inspiration!

  8. Please refrain from the grandma’s house comments. I am a grandmother and my house has NEVER looked like that. It is a insult to grandmothers everywhere.

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