Bedroom 3: Cottage House Flip Reveal

It’s Bedroom Reveal Week and we’re on Day 3, revealing the third of six bedrooms (halfway there!). Click below to witness the before, during & after transformation:


Once upon a time, before it was dubbed “Bedroom 3”, we had this:


Lots of flowers, lots of stripes and lots of wood.


Whoa nelly. Not exactly the most relaxing place.

After the walls became white and the carpet was removed, I decided to pay homage to the floral motif, in a new and updated way: stenciling.


The wood wall paneling was a bit too heavy, so I lightened it up with the same light gray used throughout the bedrooms (and on the exterior of the home for consistency):


Ahhh. Much better. I also ditched the too-large queen bed in favor of a twin bed that fit perfectly against the stenciled wall, allowing room for a desk nook (I kept the awesome vintage trunk, of course!)


And now we have a sweet little room fit for a princess (or a prince, no judgment here):



You may recognize the art as a DIY project from the master bathroom in my last house. They stayed perfectly preserved 🙂


The Country Living stylist brought in these pale pink pillows (from Target, I believe) which worked out quite nicely.


I mixed in a few yellow and white ones from storage and now we have a room perfect for Spring (who else is ready?!)


And this quilted bedskirt that I love so much… remember it from yesterday’s reveal?


Yep. Can’t get enough.


And shout out to my parents for letting me borrow their daybed! It takes a village.


And these wall sconces! I can’t stop using them everywhere.

IMG_8235 IMG_8230

Going from a queen bed to a twin really made the biggest impact. I love when rooms can be dual purpose.


Thanks to Country Living, again, for the desk props! (except the baskets, those were mine from Ikea).


Ahhh… so much space to play in.




So long, Bedroom 3. Onto the next…



Wall color: Valspar Bistro White

Gray trim color: Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Gray

Black door color: Valspar Cracked Pepper

Door number

Brass door handles

Pergo Flooring in Scottsdale Oak – discontinued color (Similar here)

Daybed: Borrowed

Chest: Inherited

Kids chair: Thrift store

Glass wall sconces

Botanical art

Stencil (Paint color & DIY process here)

Bed skirt

Ivory pom throw 

Gray quilt: borrowed

Pink pillows: Target

White & yellow pillows: H&M, already owned

Disclosure: Some of the products listed were provided via sponsorship—all of which I selected and fully approve of.

Just two more days left of reveals… I can’t believe it’s finally coming to an end! Make sure you’re all caught up on the Reveal videos for the full virtual experience.

Tomorrow you’re getting a two for one deal—Bedrooms 4 & 5 coming your way. Get ready!


10 thoughts on “Bedroom 3: Cottage House Flip Reveal

  1. I LOVE the sweet little desk area! My daughter would spend all day there playing and doing crafts. Also, all kids love daybeds! My daughter has one and all her friends think it’s the coolest thing!

  2. Love all the bedroom reveals! So fun to see the bedding you chose for each and all the details. What a gorgeous place this has turned out to be! Can’t wait to hear what plans you have for future projects.

    1. There’s a half closet in Bedroom 2 (plus storage under the window seat) and then a couple nooks in Bedroom 3. Only Bedroom 1 and 6 have full length closets as well 🙂

  3. What a sweet child’s room! Can’t you just imagine that old trunk filled with clothes and hats for little ones to play dress up! You took a cramped room and made it cozy and inviting. Well done, Jenna!

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