Bedroom 6: Cottage House Flip Reveal

Well friends, we’ve reached the end—the final day of nearly a month of room reveals. It feels like just yesterday that I was frantically running around, doing paint touch ups and installing hooks and scrubbing floors while Country Living was at my doorstep.

But the work didn’t end that day—there were multiple photo & video shoots, then constant editing, post writing, and constant social media updates. I’ve been trying to keep up with the reveal schedule and haven’t had a single day “off” in weeks. As I type this, there’s still tons of posts and giveaways to write/edit/schedule (woohoo, free stuff coming your way!) but very soon it will all come to an end… so I am happy to continue at this pace for a little while longer. Hard work always pays off 🙂

I’ll touch more on this whole flipping experience in next week’s final recap, but for now, let’s get down to business with Bedroom 6! Click below for a virtual Before & After tour:


I loved this room from the moment I laid eyes on it.


Honestly, I could have (almost) left it the way it was.


The wallpaper wasn’t super offensive and the twin beds were on point (minus the awkward configuration and floral bedding).


But I didn’t come here for a quick and easy refresh. I came to party get my hands dirty.

So out went the striped carpet, floral wallpaper, and in went some DIY closet door magic:


The fun size closets on the other side were also painted (after taking your advice to keep the hardware black):


Then came the devastation of losing one of the matching footboards…


But I was redeemed after scoring a pair of antique Jenny Lind beds for $20/ea, which I painted black (using Maison Blanche’s Wrought Iron):


And now, our sweet little Bedroom 6 looks like this:


Just like in all of the other bedrooms, I started with the bedding to determine the color palette/theme of the room.


Fortunately, I was able to use the green striped sheet/pillowcase set that the owners left behind (score!)


I layered it with these matching plaid throws (no longer available, similar found here):


I’ll let you in on a little secret… the green striped duvet is actually just flat sheets wrapped over a fluffy comforter. Thanks to the Country Living stylist for the trick!


The white lumbar pillows are one of my all time favorite classics from Ikea.


And the trunk was a flea market find years ago that I pulled from storage.


On our right we have a coat rack made from a scrap of wood & coat hooks that were already in the house. Plus a little green stool I’ve had for years.


The art was a last minute addition. I found a simple world map on two pages from an old book found in the closet, framed each page and hung them in a cheap Ikea frame above each bed. The navy + off white coloring just happened to match the bedroom perfectly.



And how about that fun beaded chandelier?


The wood tones make it neutral enough for any room style. Love the texture it adds.


Another super inexpensive room makeover, in the books!




I apologize for the over abundance of photos. The bear made me do it.





Time for a switch up! When Country Living was here, they did their own staging so I had to take my own shot of it. What do you think of this setup? I love the paintings they brought!


By the way—the May issue hits newsstands on April 4th, just a few weeks away!


Wall color: Valspar Bistro White

Gray trim/closet color: Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Gray

Black door color: Valspar Cracked Pepper

Door number

Brass door handles

Flooring: Color discontinued, similar here

Beds: ReStore

Striped sheets/pillows: inherited

Plaid throw blankets: Discontinued, similar here


Lumbar pillows



Trunk: flea market


Stool: inherited


Disclosure: Some of the products listed were provided via sponsorship—all of which I selected and fully approve of.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of a month of non stop reveals. Whew… I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted! Don’t worry though, there will be three more posts next week (a bonus photoshoot, a final recap/house tour, and a budget breakdown) followed by a week of Giveaways, so the fun isn’t stopping just yet! And if you want to catch up on any of the reveals or watch the entire renovation from start to finish, it’s all here on my YouTube channel.

See you on Monday for a special post!






27 thoughts on “Bedroom 6: Cottage House Flip Reveal

    1. I completely agree! I didn’t care for the Country Living staging with the fuzzy rugs. This is my favorite bedroom! I love the layered textures and colors. Very cozy yet refined. Great job, Jenna!

  1. Jenna!!

    Can you just develop an app where you can design our spaces? lol.
    But seriously, amazing!!! and there can never be enough pictures. They really help for those of us who dare to try DIY projects that have no experience. I, for instance, wanted to shiplap my bathroom and wasn’t sure what kind of trim or if I had to use trim around the top (ceiling) and I referred to your previous California home guest bathroom reveal to see that you had used a round type molding. Those pictures are sooo unbelievably helpful. Anyway, thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    Christina J.

  2. You do such an amazing job of making any space feel cozy and inviting. I have thoroughly enjoyed this house reveal!

  3. I prefer your staging to the magazines! No offence to them but those pictures don’t suit the room at all. Have enjoyed all your posts and cannot wait to see where your next flip will take you !

  4. Congrats on finishing on time, the beautiful job you did, and the Country Living spread! I’m curious – will you do a post explaining your decision process for the reno in regards to resale? I know time was of the essence, but would you normally have combined some of those rooms? 2 (gorgeous) bathrooms for 6+ people also seems tricky. How did the open house go? Is this house located next to a ski resort so lots of rooms would be ideal? I’d love to know your thoughts.

  5. Love it!!! So cozy and like that you kept some wood while painting other parts. Best flip ever!!!! The whole place is fabulous!

  6. I am soooo going to miss that little music at the beginning of your video and the excitement that came along with of discovering what you had been up to at the flip! Thank you so much for taking us along with you on this Journey Jenna (I followed you from France!!!). Your work and style are so inspiring! Well done!!!

  7. So sad to see the final reveals end! By any chance, do you recall how consistent (or inconsistent) you were throughout the house in what wood got painted in each room (molding, window/door frames, etc)? Did you consciously try to be even with the ratio or did you just make a decision in each room that felt right? I know you are always conscious of mixing metals and textures, but the decision to paint wood seems a little more haphazard (in the most wonderful way, of course)…it might just seem that way because it wasn’t specifically mentioned in the various posts over time. Thanks!

  8. I love this room! And I loved your staging best. The Country Living one was nice too, but yours just had that magic. The whole house turned out so beautiful. You truly have such a good eye. Thanks so much for sharing your work with us all!

  9. Very lovely transformation of every room in the house. I also liked that you tired to incorporate the original pieces that came with the house but in an updated way. Just wondering why all the product links are through viglink. Is it intentional? It shows similar products but not the exact one you used.

    1. I’m sorry RM! I just replied to Phyllis below about this and I’ve submitted a request to have it fixed. You can skip that landing page and go directly to the product link by clicking
      “Skip these deals and continue” written in blue at the bottom, and it will take you to the correct page. Thank you for pointing that out!

  10. who doesn’t love a country living staging. but i’m sorry. i agree with all the other comments. i love the way you stage your homes much better.

    i think you could give country living a lesson. your homes are beautiful. i would love for you to come into my home and stage it anytime.

    great work. cannot wait for the next one.

  11. Ditto to all the comments. Jenna’s staging wins, even though I see why they tried the paintings, to put another pop of color, but it did not work for me here. Also ditto, never too many pictures. I always manage to catch an extra detail here and there from all your pictures! Someone also asked the question I was too afraid to ask, why you maybe didn’t knock out a wall or two upstairs. Was it to keep it sleeping 10 people, or to save time and money? I think a vacation home could still be great sleeping 6 or 7, and have a little more space, although I looove your makeovers. You are better at flipping than anyone on HGTV!
    I figured out how to get rid of viglink, click on “why am I seeing this” on bottom left, click disable viglink. Done! ?

    1. It wouldn’t have made sense, cost wise, to reconfigure the layout. I would have lost a ton of money in the sale. Also I love the little bedrooms! It’s definitely not for everyone, but it is a vacation home community and it just needs the right family 🙂

  12. I love this room, and will use it for an inspiration photo for our cottage. Just curious, are those 8′ ceilings in there? Just wondering if the boards on the ceiling will work on standing ceiling height.

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