Upstairs Bathroom: Cottage House Flip Reveal

Way back in the design and planning stages, I predicted that this room would be my most favorite of all. And while the kitchen sure is a tough contender, this little bathroom has my heart. Click below to watch the transformation in two minutes:


Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane…


I was thrilled to find wood walls and ceilings, and a gorgeous clawfoot tub… but those were the only redeeming qualities.


I knew a small facelift would go a long way in this space. And fortunately, it didn’t take much more than that.


Demo was first on the list.


Then a DIY tub makeover using Maison Blanche paint and a magical brass aging solution:


And my favorite of all—these herringbone brick floors:


Then came the very low budget and time consuming DIY vanity…


And paint!


Four months later, welcome to my little slice of heaven…



I don’t think I could love 50 square feet more.


When I walk in, I feel like I’m being transported back in time. To the washroom of an old European manor somewhere in the countryside.


It’s fun to pretend.


The only substantial expenses in here were the flooring, and labor for tile, plumbing and patching the wall boards.


The vanity was made using mostly recycled materials and the sink, faucet, mirror and light are all inexpensive (sources linked below).


The tub makeover wasn’t much, the art pulled from storage, stool borrowed, hooks reused and towels found at a bargain on Ebay.

And this mirror…


A $25 Restore find that I sanded and stained, then aged using a combination of paint stripper, bleach and mirror spray paint. It was a very last minute project that made a big impact.


You’re forced to get creative when you have to squeeze every dollar out of a limited budget, and I believe it actually makes you a better designer/DIY’er.


Can I get an Amen for black doors and brass hardware? These toilet signs are going on every bathroom door in every house I touch for the rest of my life. You think I’m kidding…


Another Wayfair sconce sighting! One of 5 in this house. And you may recognize the faucet because it’s the same one I’ve used in my last four bathrooms. Why mess up a good thing?

Magic photo alert: hover your mouse (or tap on mobile) to pull up links to some of the sources:


Sadly, we’ve reached the end of our tour…


I know, it’s hard to leave this place. I don’t want it to end either. One more for the road…


Make sure to watch the two minute Before & After video for the full experience!


Wall color: Valspar’s Bistro White

Black door color: Valspar’s Cracked Pepper

Brick tile

Tub paint/wax details

Wood mirror: Restore/DIY makeover

Gauze curtains

Brass curtain rings

Stool: borrowed

Turkish towels

Wall Art

Hooks: came with house

Vanity: DIY



Gold mirror – discontinued, similar item here

Wall sconce

Woven basket

Door handleset

Door toilet sign

Apothecary jars (similar here)

Or shop the look below!


Disclosure: Some of the products listed were provided via sponsorship—all of which I selected and fully approve of.

Starting Monday will be a full week of bedroom reveals, five days in a row! I’ve been a busy bee trying to capture it all for you guys (and I still have tons of editing and post writing to do!) so get ready for content overload as we approach the final stretch. Lots more on the way!


37 thoughts on “Upstairs Bathroom: Cottage House Flip Reveal

  1. Oh wow, Jenna, you did it again!!!!!!! Just when I think I can’t find a bathroom I love any more, you makeover another one and have me swooning again. This is amazing! LOVE the brick floor!!!!!

    P.S. Would you mind me sharing this makeover on my blog?

    1. Love , love, love how you pull a room together. Totally getting so many ideas from your blog. Question: where did the double window go that was behind the tub in your before pictures?

  2. Love it! Wow that mirror from restore ? what a find! The other mirror, the round one, do you know the name of it? The link takes you to all the mirrors. It is exactly what I am looking for for our new bath. I think I could live in this bathroom!

  3. So beautiful, it does feel very old fashioned. I’m curious though, what is that little bump out in the corner? I’m assuming it’s something important cause you left it there…

    1. Well, now that I think about it, I guess it’s just a little seat for storing stuff or shaving legs 🙂 I thought maybe there was plumbing back there.

  4. Looks fantastic! What type of grout did you use on the floor? Also, how does the floor clean up? I’ve been considering it for my entryway.

    1. Thank you! I’m not actually sure of the grout color my tile guy selected. The floor cleans fine, just like any other tile! You can use something more abrasive like a brillo pad for anything that’s more stubborn. Julie Blanner used it in her mudroom and loves it, I’d look her up as well!

      1. Thanks for the information on Julie. I just looked up her information – she used mortar. Did your tile guy use mortar or grout?

  5. I love love love this bathroom!! My husband and I are in the middle of gutting our master bathroom. Got some great ideas from you. Thank you very much.
    Quick question, the utility basket, is the color called “café tostado check”?

  6. This bathroom is just heavenly!!! and the way it has been designed all the small small elements like the the window, the mirror just amazing and thanks for providing the links.

  7. Wow, five days in a row. You are not waisting any time on the reveal posts. Nice bathroom, I am on the fence about the flooring , while it looks nice, it feels cold and looks hard to clean. The downstairs living/dining/kitchen area is my favorite. Great transformations. Happy weekend to you. So happy to have some California sunshine this week, such a cold rainy winter we’ve had.

  8. Sorry if you’ve answered this before, but what’s your method of removing wallpaper. I’ve got two rooms to do and I’m not looking forward to it! Thanks, and I love all your re-dos!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I actually decided it wasn’t worth it after consulting with painters up here. Depending on the wallpaper/age, a good patch/primer/paint is a great option… especially if it’s a huge job!

  9. It has been such fun following along and seeing this beautiful transformation take place. We are in the middle of fixing up a cabin if our own and I have a question:
    Why is there a small ester heater in the bathroom? There is one is ours also, located just above the downstairs water heater and no one can explain why an additional small water heater would be needed in the bath?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Cindy, are you talking about the bump out in the bathroom? I’m not sure if that’s a heater, I opened it once and saw it was plumbing and left it at that, ha. I let my plumber notify me if there are any odd things or problems, other than that I didn’t ask 😉

      1. Oh…ok! When we opened ours it was a small water heater and since it looked like yours I thought it may be too. Thanks for your reply!!!

  10. LOVE what you did to this cottage and getting so many ideas for our unfinished basement which we hope to tackle next winter. I really love the wall faucet, and the black one has no reviews but the brass one from your previous bathroom reveal had only one review with 1 star….said it wasn’t up to code. You said you have used this faucet several times and love it. Have you just put them in flips or have you actually used one for several months. I really want it for our guest bathroom in the basement, but a bit leery from that one review. Thanks so much!

  11. Hi! I’ve been following your weblog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the great job!

  12. Absolutely addicted to your blog! The entire cottage is completely transformed and oh so charming! It will sell in a snap. I especially love how you left touches of the original wood all around the cottage. Perfect! (I couldn’t help but notice the old school pink crocheted toilet holder in the before picture. My grandmother made those too) 😉 Can’t wait to see what you do next! You are very talented young lady!

  13. Beautiful! Where did you find the brick flooring? I can only find porcelain look alike brick and not real brick.

  14. Jenna, I’m in love with it all!! I just bought my first house and it came with a lovely 1912 Kohler clawfoot – totally heavenly. The shower curtain/pipe system? Not so much!! The faucet itself is lovely brass that I would love to keep but the rest has to go. I love the one in your bathroom!! Do you have a source for it?! My apologies if I totally missed it… I read and reread a few times but it IS a Thursday night of a veryyyyy long week 😉

  15. To begin…I love this bathroom & wish I saw it before I did my bathroom floors! We started with a similar set of bones to the bath as you did. This may be a silly question but does the gauze curtain actually hold back the water when showering?
    We uncovered a beautiful chimney stack but it will be hidden by a shower curtain..

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