3 Weeks in Brazil: Our first Travel Video

You’ve seen the photos and read the stories since we began our travel adventure… but there’s something about video that captures the experience in a way nothing else can.

Here is our first travel video, documenting our amazing three weeks in Brazil (including the proposal!) Click below to watch:


I spent countless hours shooting and editing (Lucas actually did about half of the shooting—this has become a fun project for us to work together on) and we can’t wait to make more!

We hope you enjoy the video and welcome any feedback so we can continue to improve and make these fun for you to watch.

The next post will be from Peru, and you can follow my instagram stories and snapchat for daily updates!




21 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Brazil: Our first Travel Video

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I was thinking while watching it how fun it will be to have this documented to watch in your older years as well as share your story with your children (if you decide to have them). You have such a wonderful story to share–even before the love story began!

  2. Incredible!!! Love watching and referencing your DIY projects but also so thrilled to see more travel through your amazing stories, pictures and video!

  3. Incredible! So fun to watch the quiet moments contrast with the more energetic. The extra footage of your left hand made me tear up with what I knew was coming next. In sort the two of you make a great team! ???

    As an aside, I wonder what/how you pack for 7+ months of backpacking? Is a first aid kit necessary? Ha! I’ve got my carry on down but this is a whole new world to me!

    1. Thank you Amy! The ending is my favorite part too… 😉

      I pack very lightly, just the bare essentials that fit in a 45L backpack + my camera gear. I do bring a small first aid kit but there are pharmacy’s on every block in most countries 🙂

  4. Gorgeous! Glad you’re having such great adventures! Looking forward to more videos in the next few months!

  5. beautiful video! the foot shots were a nice touch. you look so good together, like you were born to meet each other!

    excited to watch the next video!

  6. Your videos are always awesome and this one is no different. The part of you walking/taking the steps and the flooring changing was great. I also liked the part of you walking across the wall opening, the part of Lucas blowing the kiss (too cute).
    Then of course the ending 🙂 The two of you are just adorable.

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