2 Weeks in Portugal: The Video

Even with two blog posts filled with 2000 words and countless photos, Portugal needs much more to do it justice. You need to feel the energy of thousands dancing in the streets of Porto, hear the waves crashing against the cliffs of the Algarve, taste the fresh Sangria in Lisbon and watch fog swirl around the medieval castletops of Sintra.

While I wish I could reach through the screen and pull you into this world with us, we’ve made every effort to take you along for the ride the best way we know how—through video (click to watch):


This is the first video in our travel series using a drone, which we purchased days before heading to Portugal. It has certainly brought some challenges, but the incredible shots we’d never be able to get otherwise make it all worth it. Give it a watch and let us know what you think! We have big plans for it in the upcoming Spain + France video which we’re planning now. If you have any questions, filming/technical or otherwise, I’m always happy to answer! I’m most active on instagram and facebook, but you can also leave a comment below.

Photos from Spain, coming next week 🙂

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