One Room Challenge: The Reveal

Six weeks of design and DIY have come down to this moment!

Now is the time to get caught up before you scroll down: Week 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Watch the Reveal Video below!

It’s a little crazy to think back to the beginning of this challenge when I was dreaming up a design for the great room of our new home, and had to suddenly abandon those dreams when it caught on fire.

At the time I was crushed—our lives had been dedicated to this renovation, and what were we going to do now? Do I back out of the One Room Challenge at the last minute without a Plan B? Those questions were quickly replaced with determination to continue on and make lemons out of lemonade. We were living out of boxes in a cramped, temporary apartment that had suddenly become not-so-temporary since we lost our home. So I decided we needed a sanctuary to get us through these next several months—a space that would make us feel like we were home.

Enter our bedroom:

It’s your typical apartment bedroom.

Vinyl floors, gray paint, a single small window.

Being an apartment, I couldn’t make any permanent changes like paint or trim (bummer).

We had no furniture when we moved to Florida in January, and ended up finding all of the pieces shown here second hand online.

Ahh… feels like just yesterday I was waking up to this cold, gray abyss.

Here’s the game plan I put together:


And now I present to you, our romantic, restful oasis…

It really is a completely different room.

These nightstands underwent quite the makeover, too! You can find more details about them in Week 4.

I was saving these mirrors for the reveal—what do you think? The original mirrors I had selected went out of stock, so I found these beauties from Bellacor and gave them a DIY aged finish (I’ll post a complete tutorial on that soon!)

I love the patina look, and the shape of the mirrors even mimic the curves on the door. Speaking of this door...

Be still my heart. It’s from Metrie’s “French Curves” line and is a match made in heaven for the antique door knob made by Nostalgic Warehouse (sold here). You can find out more details on both in Week 4.

And how about that perfect shade of blush pink? It’s called ‘Setting Plaster’ by Farrow & Ball. It’s always a little nerve-wracking selecting paint colors online, but the shade is exactly what I was hoping for. Don’t you worry, I’ll be taking these doors with me to our new home!

I spotted this very old antique desk on OfferUp a couple weeks ago, and it was mine for $50!

I love all of the history told through its imperfections. And how about that sweet striped linen chair from HomePop?

It fits right in with the style of the room, but I can picture these around our future dining table!

One of my favorite items in this room is this canvas map from Bellacor.

It’s a French antique reproduction and the level of quality + detail was better than expected—especially for the price!

Another special piece in the room is this old wardrobe I made over back in Week 2

Ivory and gold, what a classic combination.

I found these handmade ceramic jugs on Lamps Plus of all places, and love the organic touch they bring to the room (large vases are a necessity to hold those branch clippings!)

Another great Lamps Plus find are these fun wood-like textured lamps

It’s all in the details. Bringing in a little sparkle with this hand painted pink & gold tray from Jill Rosenwald:

But the focal point of this room is this grand tufted bed from Overstock…

And the floral sheets from Roostery? Obsessed. In the running for my favorite thing in the entire room.

Last week I shared my tips for styling a bed like a pro and all of the elements I used to bring this bed situation to life. Like the necessary things you don’t see—the low profile foundation, the memory foam topper, the extra fluffy comforter, and then the mix of linens like these quilted euro shams from Pom Pom at Home.

I love adding unexpected touches, like this lace bed scarf

Linen has to be the most versatile and luxurious bedding fabric. I chose a classic white linen duvet cover, also from Pom Pom at Home. Susie can’t get enough either.

The pink throw was from 4 or 5 years ago at Kohl’s, and the green quilt was a thrift store score.

One addition that immediately changed the feel of the room is this 8×10′braided jute rug from eSalerugs:

Rugs should be a requirement in every bedroom—it’s the easiest way to make a space feel cozier!

Another huge impact with a small change came from the window treatments. The small window got a facelift with bamboo roman shades (hung high on the wall), and plush velvet white drapes hung up to the ceiling on a pretty gold curtain rod:

It’s amazing what this trick will do to any window! And did you notice the beaded chandelier? Another unique Bellacor find that I love waking up to every morning.

These abstract art prints from Minted also greet us each morning…

They’re aerial landscape shots (my favorite) and I love the soothing color palette.

Well folks, that about wraps up the tour. It’s a small space, but when you fill it with things that inspire you and bring you joy… it’s really all you need.

This is the first apartment I’ve ever decorated, and while I did put some effort into making changes that I’ll have to switch back & take with me when we move… it was all worth it. Having a home you love is so important, no matter where you live, and it’s always worth the effort to make it your own.

As always, I hope you found something of inspiration to take away from this makeover. Tell me, what is your favorite part? Mine has to be those doorknobs, followed closely by the floral sheets. Lucas’ favorite is the bed and the map. But ask us again in a week and we might have a different answer 😉

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I’ve been pretty consumed with this project for the past few weeks, but I owe you guys an update as to what else has been going on with our houses, and life changes in general. It has been a rollercoaster over here and many things still hang in the balance, but I promise I’ll share some news soon 🙂

58 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: The Reveal

  1. Amazing and beautiful as usual! I love the mirrors and am eager to see your tutorial. I’ve antiqued mirrors in the past but yours look so much better! So glad you didn’t give up ORC when your house caught fire. Hoping you get good news very soon and can move forward with your dreams.

    1. Thanks so much, Gina! It took a few tries to figure it out, but on my last attempt I finally got a really nice and easy method down. Can’t wait to share it with you!

    2. It all looks gorgeous!!! Great job! I think my fave is the desk and chair! So cozy and cute!!

  2. This bedroom is so lovely. I’m surprised at how much I like the door color. Makes me want to re-do my bedroom. I hope you show the mirror DIY. I glanced through the blog but didn’t see it right off. I’m going back for another look. I can’t wait to see more. You are so talented.

  3. Jenna! You worked a miracle in here! I was so sad when your house caught on fire. You sure made this room look like a million bucks though! I’ve been decorating a rental and I 100% agree with you- its so worth it to make the home where you’re at now beautiful!

  4. Beautiful transformation! Especially being so limited…you really put it together and made full use of everything available to you. Love it

    1. Thanks Denise! It would have been nice to have free reign of the space, but it was also fun to focus on just the decor rather than intensive DIY for once!

  5. This might not be the room you wanted but maybe it was the room you needed. You’ve created a beautiful and calming retreat! Love all the DIY and vintage touches and the mix of textures. Hope good news and more room designs are headed your way.

  6. I think the new doors made the biggest impact in the space. Very pretty room. My favorite part….Susie of course. After seeing those real life tours of yours, I am glad you have this room to go to! Ha

  7. Love how the room turned out! So pretty ! My favorite piece is that desk…you know how to score some great pieces at a steal!

  8. Jenna, This is absolutely beautiful! I just love the soft shades of pink and green! It just took my breath away. You can work magic in any type of space. Wow!!!

  9. It looks beautiful! I’m a huge fan of your blog, I haven’t caught up in while and I’m doing that now, so overwhelmed with inspiration in your ideas. This is so gorgeous – feminine but not over the top, so relaxing and luxurious. Susie also makes every bed picture look even better. Congrats on finishing the project!

  10. WOW! I think the mirrors are my favorite thing! Followed by the amazing desk…score! What a beautiful piece. Loved following along and seeing how beautiful this all came together!

  11. I feel like Susie has officially claimed your bed as her own 😛 Typical cat! I’m so happy to see your room overhaul, after such a crazy move and the fire at your house you guys deserve to have a place to rest and rewind every night. Although I am kind of missing the amazon box nightstands ;P j/k.

  12. You are so amazingly talented. I LOVE your style and your bedroom. I have some inherited similar furniture and I’m tempted to paint them now…

  13. Welcome back !!!! I for one have missed you and your talents while you were away exploring the world, getting engaged, moving to Florida, and lining up what is to come next.
    I love this room. I pretty much love your style. I have looked at the other One Room Challenge rooms and if I have a vote. YOU WIN. A nice touch is your video. It helps to “see” the whole room.

  14. Incredible transformation & gorgeous end result, especially given the rental contraints

  15. So…so…beautiful! Love it all! That desk- AMAZING find! Oh, and the nightstand transformation is incredible. You rocked it!

  16. Wow, this space has truly transformed into a beautiful masterpiece! There is such close attention to detail, I love it! Congratulations, on an amazing space during this crazy six week process!

  17. Such a transformation! I love seeing folks transform rooms with major construction, but adore seeing what kind of creativity can come from limitations of not even being able to paint walls! This goes to show that you can dress up even temporary spaces to be uniquely your own! Lovely job, as always!

  18. So sorry to hear about the fire. That must have been awful. But you have definitely made the best of it…your bedroom is gorgeous! I would never have guessed it is an apartment. You must be much happier to sleep here now 🙂

  19. I hope everything is going well with your other project. At least you have a beautiful master bedroom where you can work and rest. It is lovely! There are so many great features, but those sheets are my favorite. I would never have thought of florals for sheets and now I must have them. Great job.

    1. Thank you Linda again, for putting this entire wonderful event on! I feel the same way about the sheets. Everyone seems to use white but I’m convinced now that floral is where it’s at!

  20. That’s some seriously grand lemonade you’ve made! Well, well done. I’ve enjoyed following along, and wish you the best with all the house-related balls you’re juggling.

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