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Since the day I stepped foot inside of our new house (less than 2 weeks ago) my brain has been completely preoccupied (in the best way) with design inspiration and ideas. It’s still a little too early to make any concrete plans, and I’m forced to take it slow since we’re working with a very minimal budget, but that won’t stop a girl from planning ahead!

I mentioned in my last post that we intend to renovate this house over the next 6-8 months while our new home is being built, and then turn this house into an AirBnb once we move out. That means I’ll be taking a bit of a different approach with the design—it has to be eye-catching and fun, with interesting patterns and colors and features that make it feel more like an experience than just a place to crash. Our new build will have more of a classic and understated design, so this house is my chance to go bold and take risks!

In preparation for this big new undertaking, I’ve reorganized my Pinterest board and have been pinning like it’s my full-time job (have you been following me there?)

The world of online shopping really changed during my hiatus last year (for the better) and there’s so many new products and inspiration out there, it can be a little overwhelming. Today I want to break down one of the things I’m most excited to use this year… wall coverings! We’re talking wallpaper, wall murals and stencils.

The “theme” I’m going for with this AirBnb is a mix of tropical, mediterranean, jungle, nature. A bit like the Jungalow, if you will. Now that I’m in Florida, I’m learning to embrace a more tropical vibe, because who wants to stay in a mountain-themed cabin when they come to vacation at the Gulf of Mexico?

Anyway, this new house will have lots of wall coverings. I’ve spent the last week focusing my attention in this department, and I’ve come up with some very worthy candidates. There hasn’t been any winners chosen yet as I’m still in the preliminary design stages, but here are some of my favorites (by category):


One of my all-time favorites, I’ve been in love since the moment I laid eyes on it. Spoiler alert: I’m using this in a clients laundry room coming up! Don’t worry, I’ll share more details soon. The best part about this paper is that it comes in several colors. I’m eyeing the shadow and sky for my own house…

I can’t get enough of watercolor + floral! Graham & Brown did it again with this beautiful design.

What is it about this black and floral combination? Gets me every time. I love the vintage and romantic feel of this one.

Here’s another watercolor design in the softest tones—and it comes in several colors. The best part might be the price point at just $0.54/sf.

I’m crushing hard on the monotone, hand drawn style of this one found on Wayfair. Available in three colors.

Here’s a neat idea… removable peel and stick wall decals you can reuse and position however you’d like!

So this isn’t the cheapest, but oh my. It’s one of the most stunning wall murals in existence and I’d say it’s worth it. Available in black and white, too!


Palm leaf motifs are everywhere right now, and some pull it off better than others. Pattern repeat is HUGE and the first thing I look for when weeding through options. Seriously— never buy wallpaper without seeing an example of it on a wall first! This Alfresco Palm Leaf passes the pattern repeat test, and it’s at a reasonable price point at under $2/sf. It comes in blue and grayscale colorways, too!

Great price point, lovely tones, and it’s temporary which means easy install and safe for renters! What more could you want?

I love the extra large scale on this one—it looks more like a wall mural.

Obsessed with the dark and dramatic look of this wall mural. It comes in a white background too if you want to keep things light.

A gorgeous, ethereal wall mural if you prefer a more subtle approach.

An affordable option from Serena & Lily that’s also more subdued. One of my favorites and it comes in several colors, too!


No surprise this one was designed by the talented Mrs. Gaines! It’s near the top of my list right now—I think it’d be perfect for a dining area.

Even Walmart’s getting in on the wallpaper action. I love the organic style of this paper, the price point, and the fact that it comes in several colors (though beige is my favorite!)

Another top favorite from Serena & Lily (man, these guys are good). Affordable, versatile, and it comes in three colorways. I’m leaning towards green but I love them all.

Isn’t this just the cutest? I’d use it in a laundry room, dining area/nook, mudroom, or study.

Such a fun and interesting yet subtle pattern—it looks even better once installed! Available in several colors and it’s on sale for less than $1/sf.

I love a good black and white wallpaper, and this one has some quirkiness with shimmery butterflies & dragonflies. In fact, I love it so much that I’m using it in of the bathrooms in this next house!

Hard to believe this one is only $0.57/sf! The detailing is gorgeous and looks super high end. It’s available in light gray as well, but the black is my favorite.

I’m just a little obsessed with this Botanical Sanctuary pattern. It’s on sale right now for just $0.61/sf and comes in several colors.


I’ve made an executive decision to use wallpaper on the ceiling in the dining room, and this one’s at the top of my list. Normally I stay away from anything shiny on the walls, but those gold accents have me in a trance.

I’m all about this aged mosaic tile look and the gorgeous color palette. This would be perfect in a small powder bath, laundry area or foyer (comes in three colors).

This is from the same ‘Patina Vie’ line by York as the paper shown above, and it has the coolest pattern. Comes in many colors, and it looks amazing installed!

The perfect blend of organic and sophisticated. I’m in love.

This one comes in lots of colors at a great price point, and I love the global feel.

Another nice mix of geometric shapes with a global boho vibe. This one’s great if you’re looking for more of a subtle texture, and there’s plenty of colors to choose from.

Digging the asian vibe in this one, the dusty pink shade, and the interesting overall pattern it creates on the walls.


Tons of potential with this playful cloud design! Available in multiple colors.

So I’ve got a thing for clouds. This one gets bonus points because it’s temporary/peel and stick, reasonably priced, and looks more expensive than it is. I’d use it in a smaller area (like a powder room or accent wall).

On the pricey side, but sometimes you just need something specific. How cute would this be in a kids bathroom?

I can’t stop thinking about this one. Maybe because it’s not available in the US? Hey UK readers, today is your lucky day—it’s only £50.00 per roll! Anyone want to send me one? 😉 

Ugh, I want this wall mural in the worst way. At $5.50/sf, there’s no way I can afford it right now, but I’ll just stare at it longingly through my computer screen in the meantime…

Rebel Walls is the King/Queen of ridiculously amazing wall murals, and their Bellewood design is perhaps the all time greatest. I’m a little upset though because it’s too popular all over blogs and instagram which means I missed my chance to use it (gotta to be original, ya know?) If you aren’t a blogger who cares about that sort of thing, and you have a big budget, please get this mural (it comes in lots of colors!)


What happens when you can’t find wallpaper in the colors you need or don’t feel like forking over hundreds of dollars to cover you wall? Stencils to the rescue! I’ve had some great results with these over the years, and now I’m in the process of narrowing down options for this new house. Here are some of my current favorites:

I couldn’t believe this was a stencil when I first saw it on Instagram! So good, right? Just think of all the possibilities when using multiple colors.

Since I can’t get that bird wallpaper mentioned a few photos back, I figure this stencil is the next best thing. Aside from the cost savings, I’ll be able to choose the colors and placement of the birds. I think this could be really cool on the dining room ceiling. Only $23, and comes in a smaller size too!

This pattern is so good and takes me back to our travels in Europe. I’m thinking about using this to stencil the floor of our front porch or backyard patio. Hmmm…

Love the pattern on this stencil. The style can be anything from tropical to glam, depending on the color(s) and sheen of paint you choose. This shop has a lot of nice designs!

I can’t go without mentioning the scallop lace stencil I used in the Cottage Laundry Room. Still one of my all time favorites. So chic and romantic.

Alright folks—this is just a small snippet of some of the inspiration I’ve been hoarding over the past week. Do you have any favorites? Or links to other wallpapers/stencils you love? I’m open to anything at this point, so leave a comment and show me what you’ve got!

There’s been some movement on our Bungalow property, so hopefully by next week I’ll have a big update for you! Follow me over on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with the latest news 🙂


16 thoughts on “Favorite wallpapers, murals & stencils

  1. Ooohhh I love all these wallpapers. I’m also in Florida and every home I’ve owned (new build and historic) has had textured walls. Most of them are very light orange peel, but still too much to put paper over without some serious prep. Are these new builders too lazy to do nice flat drywall work? Is the spray texture just an easy-out? And is there an easy way out of sanding my walls down? Lol

  2. Curious, did you reject the Justina Blakeney collection from Hygge & West? Most of her prints are way more bold than your selections, but I think they could be fun for the Air BnB since you plan to go a bit more funky there!

    I love the extra large palm print, and the Serena & Lily vine print. A lot of your choices seem too subdued for the Air BnB in my opinion (I’d love to see you go more bold and out of your norm!) but would be GORGEOUS in your new house. As usual, I love everything you chose. Can’t wait to see how all your projects unfold!

    1. She has some cute ones but none of them really jumped out at me and they’re on the pricier side! I’ll be bringing in some bolder colors/patterns through furniture and accessories too, so not every room will have the boldest wallpaper or stencil. But they’ll all have something that pops!

  3. I have to vote on that Serena & Lily vine print, the navy one! And second place is that peel & stick atmosphere print!

  4. I love wallpaper, I love stencils I can’t wait to see what you create!! There are so many you showed I love, I can’t name them all..

  5. I can spend hours looking at wallpaper, sometimes it’s calming, other times it drives me crazy so I have to close my computer. I also love to see them in person at paint stores, it’s really quite different when I get to touch them.

    1. It’s so easy to spend hours getting sucked into the rabbit hole of wallpapers! I literally went through all 13,344 of them on Wayfair over the course of 3 days…

  6. Whew, that’s a lot of choices! 🙂 Do they still have those big funky divided reverse magnifying glass things? My aunt owned a wallpaper store when I was a kid, and I loved looking through the sample books and using that viewer thing to see how it would actually look on a wall (to show the scale and pattern repeat). 🙂

  7. I love that Sanderson swallow print and I’m in the UK so have it on a cushion from John Lewis (department store). The idea of the swallow stencil on a ceiling though. A more subdued version of that paper that was big a few years ago, although I still live that paper too. jenny Komenda used it in her children’s playroom I think.
    I’m loving some of those palm type prints. Sad that I’m renting as obviously I can’t do much with he place ?

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