Our New Summer Bedroom

It’s been two weeks since we moved into the Riverside Retreat, and while the house is still full of unpacked boxes, I took some time over the weekend to focus on the most important room in the house—our bedroom!

Our room was the only place of calm in our last apartment, and with this house about to undergo perpetual construction for the next several months, having a clean and cozy space to curl up in at the end of the day is necessary for my sanity!

We were able to transfer most things from our last bedroom into this new one, but with the increasingly hot Florida summer weather and old drafty windows, we needed to switch over our bedding to something lightweight. In perfect timing, The Company Store reached out to see if I wanted to try some of their linens (um, yes please!) and that prompted this little bedroom refresh & photoshoot.

I think the best way to find the right combination is to switch things out one at a time. Here’s the first ‘draft’ of our new bedroom…

I used the same bed, rug, night stands, lamps and duvet (those sources linked in the One Room Challenge Reveal post) and layered in lightweight Company Quilt and Shams (in buff). They’re pure cotton and even softer than they look.

Loving these textured earthy neutrals.

The windows are original and beautiful, but they are so not energy efficient and turn this bedroom into a greenhouse. I needed to solve that ASAP without spending a fortune. Roller blinds seemed to be the cheapest option, and I ordered fabric samples from a few different places, but it still ended up being over $200/shade for anything halfway decent. I was almost ready to settle for cheap vinyl, until I found these outdoor shades on Amazon for only $50.

BEST FIND EVER. I even highlighted them to my Instagram stories since so many of you were asking (please don’t buy them all, I need two more!) Mine are 6×6′ (they’re a few inches larger than the window, mounted on the outside) in Sesame. They’re woven and super durable (made for outdoor use) but look like they could be expensive indoor fabric. I’m adding these to my arsenal of interior design secrets (shhh).

Next I decided to swap out one of the nightstands for a desk.

Oh yeah, I’m liking this way better. The desk is vintage and the chair is from Home Pop (from our last bedroom). Lamp is also an old Wayfair find.

The curtains I searched high and low for—there’s not a lot of options for 9′ ceilings! I wanted something semi-sheer that had a linen look, and these from Amazon were the most affordable option out there. I’m actually pleasantly surprised with the quality. They’re thin, but the perfect amount of sheerness and a great faux linen texture. PSA: These cotton duck curtains are a great alternative if you want something less sheer, and they’re only $16/panel!

This has to be my favorite color palette for summer… whites, creams, warm wood tones and sage green. Yes please.

Time for another switch! Going all neutrals now with ivory euro shams and linen sheets…

Favorite look yet. I wasn’t sure about mixing so many shades of white/ivory/beige, but I’m sold! Although a pop of black for contrast never hurts…

Lesson learned: don’t be afraid to mix those light neutrals. Also, beige has officially surpassed gray as my favorite neutral.

The linen sheets are from The Company Store (in parchment) and I chose them after reading all the great reviews. Our bed tends to get hot with the mattress topper (I’m already a hot sleeper) and I’ve learned that linen is the best choice for summer bedding because it stays cool. It also feels luxurious and wears so well over time! PSA: the sheets are on sale ending tomorrow!

As soon as Susie discovered new bed linens, she found her spot and refused to leave.

I don’t blame her—in fact I’m curled up with her in that spot now as I type this. I’ve never treated myself to nice linens before and I feel so spoiled with these!

Another bedding tip? Get a larger sized quilt. We have a queen bed but I got a King so it would drape to the floor on both sides. This gives it that extra cozy ‘bedding store catalog’ look.

Alright guys, now it’s time to level up—green velvet has just entered the building.

Holy guacamole.

Confession: these are my first non-white curtains. How have I lived 33 years without green velvet?! It’s about time things change around here.

So rich, so elegant, so Scarlett O’Hara. SO IN LOVE.

I shared these on my Instagram stories a few days ago and have been bombarded with questions about them. Well folks, today is your lucky day. After weeks of trial and error, I can confidently say I found the best (affordable) custom green velvet curtains around.

I didn’t get it right on the first try. 9′ green velvet drapes that don’t look cheap AND are affordable are incredibly difficult to find. I searched for weeks, and settled for these on Amazon:

Big mistake. They were shiny and cheap looking.

I continued my search online without any luck, until finally stumbling upon a shop called Lushes Curtains that makes custom velvet panels at very reasonable prices. I ordered two 6′ x 9′ flocked velvet panels in green (rod pocket), and they were absolutely perfect. Here’s a side by side with the Amazon panel:

Doesn’t the matte velvet look so much more elegant? I think so.

I got mine unlined, but they’re still thick enough to block out most of the light. Combined with the roller shade, it’s just right. I paid $45 shipped per panel (after finding a 10% off coupon code online) but I just found a 15% coupon code: LC15. I’ll be using it to buy two more for panels the other window!

The sheer white curtains will be moved into the living room. These window treatments are the only things that will stay as is in this room—we’ve got some fun plans in store over the next several months! For now, I’m just gonna enjoy this little piece of luxury while it lasts.

Tell me, what’s your favorite look? Are you feeling the green velvet or do you prefer the light neutrals for summer?

We owe you all a vlog update on everything that’s been going on (things have been a bit crazy over here) so I’ll be back soon with more! In the meantime, stay up to date with the latest news on my Instagram & Facebook,

46 thoughts on “Our New Summer Bedroom

  1. Can you see through the shades in the daytime? How good are they at light blocking/glare?

  2. I love the green velvet..oh, how I wish you were here in Santa Cruz so I could hire you!! Btw have you ever used Ebates? It’s my preferred way to eke out every additional discount…

  3. Is the bed from Pottery Barn? Very cute and love your overall look, although I will say I’m partial to the lighter curtains (for summer anyway).

  4. Lol-ing at the Scarlett O’Hara reference. 🙂 Team green all the way! Looks like a nice relaxing place to retreat to after a long day of renovating.

  5. Any chance you will make some of your travel photography available for purchase? I mean I know you are busy with projects…but it could generate some income for those projects =).

    Would love some of your gorgeous scenery!!

    Can’t wait to see the new remodel stuff as you go!

  6. Hey Jenna! Do you know anything about the maker of that small desk? I’d love to find one on Craigslist or an antique market.

  7. The Amazon listing says the shades are operated by a crank. Do you have to use the crank every time you want to raise/lower them?

      1. Yes – this is an Australian company (Coolaroo) and I’ve been using variations of these blinds for years in the various houses I’ve lived in. These are crank operated, but I’m pretty sure you can unhook the crank and put it away when not in use.

  8. Seriously the green velvet changed the look and feel soooo much. When I saw them on IG stories they stopped me dead in my tracks! Looks gorgeous, and it will be such a nice spot to come relax to to shut out all that construction 🙂

  9. L O V E the green velvet curtains. How decadent! And totally better than the Amazon ones, which look like they should be draped over a small child playing on of the three kings in a nativity play.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the place. Those green curtains would also look good with some of the jungle style papers you were looking at.

    1. Absolutely! I chose the green for the future “tropical jungle resort” style bedroom but it really is quite versatile and looks great with simple neutrals too.

  10. Wow!! Two weeks already?? I love the room Jenna!! I just put a similar rug in my room, we have this one in our living room that I loved from the cottage house!! My room too has white and an extra Beige and white linen comforter, the walls are cream and I didn’t want to redo them when I am still working on the main level. Those blinds!! What a great idea.. I like the white and airy look for summer too, but I know how the heat can ruin your sleep. I cannot wait for more updates. Did I miss the house tour of this home? Enjoy your sanctuary!!

  11. Absolutely LOOOOVE the green velvet! I would have never chosen that myself, but now I may have to look into it! Kind of like a dress that looks ugly on the hanger but amazing when you put it on! ?

  12. Green velvet looks fab! In summer though I’d still go with lightweight but I have a thing for pale pink! But on the bed! IKEA always has good curtains as does West Elm(on sale). Tip- if you don’t pull down blinds you’ll get fading quickly. You never notice until you take down curtains to launder! Sun is a powerful light source;)

  13. I saw some reviews online about the bed that said that the headboard fabric doesn’t go all the way down and that there is a visible black fabric instead. Do you have this issue with your bed? How do you hide it?

    1. Yep, the reviews are true! I just push the bed over to the side that’s more visible when you walk in the room 😉 That’s the only downside of this bed, I think. But to me the price still makes it worth it.

  14. Hi Jenna! The room looks great! Quick question – one of the reviews on Amazon for the sheer white curtains said that they aren’t a true white. They said they are an off white by day, and a pinkish hue by night. Have you found that to be the case? I’m looking for curtains to put in my dining room, which is a dark grayish blue.


    1. I saw that review too before ordering. I don’t see pink at all, but they are definitely not a bright white. They aren’t ivory either though — I’d say a soft natural white. Hope this helps!

  15. Can you kindly share what you used for curtain rods? They appear to be tucked up close to the ceiling and also close to the wall. I’m on the hunt for some rods to tuck tight to the low ceilings in my living room. Thank you! 🙂

      1. Thank you SO much! I have a really long span to cover…3 windows each 39.5″ wide with 6″ gap between each window. Trying to find one rod but I may need to do 3 separate instead. Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work. I feel like a crazy stalker waiting for your next post to come out every week. 🙂

  16. Good post and good images regarding curtains. I saw online that we can use tracks or poles to hang them. There are so many different methods used to make window curtains look beautiful and easy to use.

  17. A month ago I purchased a white Coolaroo shade from my local Lowe’s. They also had mocha brown in stock. They have different shades of brown online. The one I bought are “soft lift up”. No cords , no crank. You gently push them back up, kind of like a retractable,..I put one outside under a patio to block the view of a neighbors. Excellent idea to use them inside!

  18. I purchased a White colored Coolaro shade from my local Lowe’s a month ago. They also had a mocha brown color.
    Lowe’s offers different shades of brown online. The one I purchased is a ” soft lift up”.. similar to a retractable . It has no cords or crank. .. we used it on an outdoor patio to block the view of the neighbors house… It is an excellent idea to use them indoors.!!

  19. Game changer, those velvet curtains! You’re risk majorly paid off – the room looks so luxurious and especially beautiful headed into fall/winter. Thanks for sharing your resources with us!

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