Riverside Retreat Laundry Room Design Plan

If you haven’t been keeping up with the madness lately…

Yes my friends, the chaos has not subsided and we have exactly three weeks until our wedding. With all of the surprises that continue to pop up, I have a feeling we won’t accomplish our September to-do list before we fly to Utah on the 26th to begin our wedding festivities (we’re marrying in SLC on the 27th and throwing a party for the weekend at the country’s largest private log cabin)!

Our wedding plans aren’t even finalized yet because we’ve been too focused on repairing/cleaning/renting out two vacant units, meeting with contractors and preparing our termite-infested Bungalow for tenting (which starts today), living in an unsafe and dusty construction zone as progress on our floor demo ceases due to extensive subfloor damage, and now overseeing the build of our new home which just commenced this week (more on that next!)

In the middle of all of this, I’m constantly planning and working on projects in our current house, and the next one on our to-do list is the laundry room:

This is how it looks now, after buying the cheapest washer/dryer set we could find on Craigslist that barely work, and now with the tile gone:

This room was originally a porch that was later enclosed, so it has a window to the kitchen. How special.

The walls are all textured stucco, so they’ll be fun to drill into (sense the sarcasm).

The room is only 5′ wide so there’s not much room for anything.

Door to the backyard:

And standing from the backyard, looking into the kitchen:

So, what’s the plan for this space, you ask?

I can’t tell you how many times I went back and forth on this design.

One thing I knew immediately is that I’d be using penny tile—I’d been wanting to experiment with a fun design for a while now, and small rooms are the best place to go bold! I think you can get away with the most in a laundry room. This is where you should try out your crazy ideas, guys.

At first I was set on using blue as the accent color, as it seemed most fitting for a place to wash things. Then somewhere along the line I switched the color to green—I just couldn’t fight the urge. Green is 100% my 2018 color of the year and you’ll be seeing it all over this house.

I haven’t seen a whole lot of black, white and green used together but here are some of my recent inspirations…


I don’t know about you, but there’s something about black, white, green and wood tones that make for the perfect mix of earthy and classic. So I’m going for it.

I’m partnering once again with Lowe’s on this project, and pretty much everything in the design plan is available to order from them.

Like this Bedrosians penny tile—it comes in an array of colorways, and I chose black, white and sage green. I spent several days adjusting the placement of these individual tiles in Photoshop until landing on something I was happy with. I’m actually still not 100% decided between these two options—do you have a favorite?

I’m also super excited to finally have a functional washer & dryer—I chose this Samsung set with the best reviews online (PSA—they’re 30% off right now!)

The goal is to keep this redesign relatively quick, inexpensive, and easy to replicate in your own space (no matter what you’re starting from). With that said, we nixed the idea of adding cabinets, so we’ll be using butcher block to make custom shelves (one counter on top of the washer/dryer and two narrower shelves on the wall above). We thought about using regular 3/4″ planks of wood to build these, but I really prefer the look of the thicker butcher block, and this one in particular because it’s stainable—I actually used this same stuff in the Cottage House Flip kitchen with a custom stain.

One feature that I’m excited about is the painted ceiling! I love that there’s tongue and groove up there now, but I’m not feeling the dark reddish stain, and it wouldn’t look cohesive with the light wood shelves. As soon as I get the green penny tile, I’ll find the closest Sherwin Williams match and give the ceiling an unexpected pop of color.

The old fan will also be replaced with this beauty:

I first spotted this chandelier months ago and I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to use it (how is it only $100?!) It’ll warm up the small space and bring the classiness level up a notch or two. This room sure needs it.

Another big change will be swapping out the backyard door for this one

Let there be light! You can never have too much light in a tiny space. I haven’t quite decided what color to paint it yet but it won’t stay white. And the door will be equipped with a Schlage smart deadbolt and matte black lever:

On the small back wall next to the door, I came up with a pretty clever solution (if I do say so myself). Here’s the deal: I’m addicted to wallpaper. After my wall mural changed my world a couple weeks ago, I suddenly need to wallpaper all the things. Of course, you can’t wallpaper over stucco walls though—so what’s a girl to do?

Make a new wall! We’ll attach a couple smooth 1/2″ MDF boards to it and boom, instant wallpaper canvas. Something like this (use your imagination here)…

I’m realllllly excited about this wallpaper

It’s hard for me to get excited about anything more than wallpaper these days.

And five of these pretty little gold hooks will go on top:


This room may be small but it’ll pack a punch! What do you think of the design plan? We’ll be doing most of the work ourselves, or at least attempting to. I honestly don’t know where we’ll find the time, considering we won’t even have any of the materials this weekend. We basically have two weekends plus a handful of weeknights to get this done, and we still need to get through our flooring install first.

Maybe two big projects this month was too optimistic? We’ll find out soon enough ?

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49 thoughts on “Riverside Retreat Laundry Room Design Plan

  1. Let me say first that I love the design and can’t wait to see it come to life. I usually NEVER leave comments – but after my (an my mom’s) horribly experience with Samsung machines I feed the obligation to warn you against them! They work great until they don’t and then you cannot get them fixed. Repair men won’t touch them. Go with a washing machine brand expert – Maytag or Kenmore. My Samsung only lasted 1.5 years !!!! just outside the warranty period, my moms lasted 2 years. Plus they don’t clean as well as opt load.
    Ok rant over 🙂

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I’ve had a ton of feedback on these appliances, a few folks have had similar experiences but most were positive… I’ve had good results with other Samsung appliances (not washer/dryer) and like the features of this one so we’re going to give it a shot (they are already ordered actually ;)) Fingers crossed!

    2. I second this comment! We spent close to 2k on a new washer and dryer set from Samsung/Lowe’s and it barely lasted 2 years. I’d cancel that order in a heartbeat and go with something else. We had to buy a replacement set and after doing A LOT of research this time, went with Whirlpool. Can’t recommend them enough!

  2. I have this situation right now so curious how you’re going to handle it. My washer/dryer are about 28″ deep, plus I keep a small gap away from the wall. Butcher block typically is only about 2′ deep. Are you going to rip a second piece? Not take the block all the way to the end of the units? Do something else? I’d love your thoughts!

    1. The washer & dryer are 34″ deep and the butcher block is 39″ deep (we’ll cut it down to match). This butcher block is made so you can use it on an island or cut it to your own size. Skip the narrow stuff and get this one!

  3. You hit it out of the park again!! You put penny tiles on my mind. I want a saying for my puppy room..like “woof” or “snort” pug and frenchie owners will get this one lol, powder bath, laundry + The fact I can run down the road to Lowes for all this makes it all seem possible. PS I have a Samsung purchased from Lowes and it is fantastic. I had an issue with a prior one and they gave me full credit to pick a new one out after 4 years of use! #lovesamsungnlowes I like the extra detail on the top tile idea. I will come help you:) If anyone can pull this off you can!

  4. I live just outside of SLC and Sept is the perfect time for a wedding here! The leaves are changing already so it will probably be the tail end of it by the time you’re here, but it’s the perfect temperature and everything – especially in the mountains – is so pretty! I can’t wait to see pictures!

  5. Omg I’m tired just reading about all your projects! On top of a wedding! Breathe in, breathe out…

  6. Wow. You have a lot going on! Quite an understatement. I like the second tile option (clean lines). I like to dry a lot of my work out clothes and have a rod or hanging bar would be really nice. I have seen a fold out type you could use maybe on he side wall?? I like fashion but function is where it’s at. Good luck girl. You will crush it once again. ??

    1. Thanks Christy! Trying to think of where we could squeeze in something like that. Since no one will be living here full time, there will be less of a need for air drying, but it’s always nice to have the option.

  7. I love options 1 for the penny tile. And Love the sage green colors, wood, black and white Tones togetherare my favorite. Green is my go to color, can’t seem to get away from it. Can’t wait to see this when your done.many blessing on your wedding. My husband and I just celebrated our 30th. Sept. Is the best month to get Married?

  8. Green is my favorite color and there are some beautiful options out there with all paint lines. I repainted my kitchen cabinets and walls recently and did black, green and white. Walls and upper cabinets are white, lower cabinets are green. Hardware and lighting are black as well as the door which I used your black door color from the cottage house flip :)The picture you have above from Building Walnut Farm was one of my inspo pics, too!
    Is the wallpaper you are using removable? I have seen some designers using it lately that just peels right off. Is all wallpaper like that now or just specific types?

    1. Ahh that cabinet combination sounds gorgeous! We’ll be using regular wallpaper paste for this so I don’t think it’ll be removable. Not too concerned though since it will be applied to removable sheets of MDF rather than directly to a wall 🙂 Normally I would prefer the temporary papers though (like our living room wall mural).

  9. two cents:

    i think a ceiling fan in the laundry room is clutch. (especially helpful in drying out the washing machine and helping hanging clothes dry.)

    another spot for the amazing chandelier?

    looking forward to seeing it all go down!

  10. Gorgeous! Thanks for the design inspiration. Best of luck with all your projects – especially the big one – your wedding!!
    The penny tile layouts are so cool. I prefer the modern geometric vibe of the second one … the first one reads too ‘floral’ for me with those daisies created from the additional rows.

  11. I love the tile wall with the slightly more complex transition from black to white. It’s awesome! Hope you two can pace yourselves, and keep an eye on the horizon…happy wedding!

  12. You seem to do best under pressure! This will be a test, but I have confidence in you!!
    Loving all your plans…my favorite tile is the first one. Good luck sweetie!

  13. I love the green ceiling. I’m with you Jenna…summer is not over until late September! I live in MD and we cannot wait for summer (and the end of gray winter days) but then people are all gung ho pumpkin September 1. What the heck! Happy wedding you guys 🙂

  14. Hahaha! I love that you guys keep it so real in your videos. 🙂
    And so crazy that you are getting married in Heber!
    We are based in Park City. Let me know if you need any pre-wedding scouting for random items/services. Really really happy to help. I get so much value from your sweet blog!

  15. It’s going to be lovely! I don’t remember if I ever commented before, but I’ve been following your adventures for a couple of years at least – thank you for sharing them! Just a couple of thoughts regarding the wallpaper. Here in Sweden it’s very common to use wallpaper and to hang it yourself, so I have some experience in doing that and I think it might be a little risky to use mdf, maybe choose drywall instead. Mdf doesn’t handle moisture well and I think there’s a tiny risk that the paste/glue will be enough for the wooden particles to swell and cause tears in the wallpaper. Of course you could also put some some sort of primer or just a coat of paint (before you hang the wallpaper) to seal the mdf. Behind wallpaper you’d always want the surface to be as “dead” as possible, without any movement due to changes in humidity, for example. Also, if you put hooks on top here and on the mural you might need a transparent protective layer/varnish in those areas . . . bags, clothes and hands touching the wallpaper could easily cause discoloring or scuff marks and that’s really hard to fix. Good luck with everything!

    1. Great point on the MDF Cecilia, I didn’t even think of that! Upon further investigation it looks like I can use a primer/sealer on the MDF as an effective barrier. If this wallpaper is anything like the last wall mural I used, the material is thick and super durable, and scuff marks easily scrub off. I’m hoping this one is similar in quality!

  16. I know I am pretty late to the discussion here and decisions have been made already but I also have to give a thumbs down on the w/d set, not because they are Samsung, I sure don’t know about the brands. It’s just that to me the front load washers don’t really clean as well as the top loaders and there seems to be no way to soak anything with them. The dryers are often comparable BUT I have also seen an occasional front loading dryer that turns everything into a wrinkly ball. It may not make any difference to an air bnb situation, but I shy away from them.

  17. Beautiful design. Can’t wait to see it finished. Where is the cream colored roman shade from? So excited for your wedding and looking forward to seeing lots of pictures and videos. So, so happy for you two!!!

  18. I love that chandelier! Also loving that color combo! I have kind of a random question about your photoshopped ‘Fresh’ photo versus your finished design? Did you change the tile placement of the finished letters (the F R & S) from your original photoshop design because you liked how the letters looked better, or did they not fit according to your plans & the space you’re working with? Was it difficult planning out the lettering spacing & placement to fit the room? I’m sure it took some serious planning out! You go, girl!!

    1. Thanks Trista! Honestly the 3 tiles that were changed (and I didn’t even notice this until your brought it up) were by accident. We spent hours adjusting them on the floor and trying to cut out and replace the right pieces while looking at the photo. It’s quite tedious work and we had to start over a handful of times!

  19. I’ve been following for years and I love your classic style and can-do attitude. I’ve loved your story of finding yourself and rebuilding and doing what you love. I keep coming back for more inspiration for my own home (massive kitchen remodel nearing the finish line-subway tile sitting on the counter as we speak…tomorrow’s project). I live in SLC at the mouth of the canyons and the leaves are beautiful and the weather is amazing-hope you have a wonderful time in Utah and congratulations!

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