Dining Room Reveal: Riverside Retreat

Another week, another room reveal! This one comes just in time for the holiday festivities, where I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year (my first time since 2014!) and going non-traditional with a vegan feast and a tropical Florida setting. Variety is the spice of life, right?

If you missed the Dining Room plans post a couple weeks ago, make sure to get caught up on those details first. We decided to keep things fresh and fun in here, with a unique mix of mid-century, vintage and tropical style (you can read all about our plans to turn this house into a vacation rental here if you’re just joining the party):

Here’s how the room looked when we first moved in this summer:

And now with a wave of my magic wand…

I bought this house for that archway… can you blame me?

Where to start!? How about that stunner statement piece chandelier

It took us a few days to come around to the size, but now it feels like it was meant for this space. The perfect mix of beachy and elegant—so happy I found it!

It only has one bulb but it was plenty of light for our most recent dinner party. I’m actually planning to put it on a dimmer so we can turn it down just a bit to control the ambiance.

And how about these luscious pink velvet chairs?

They were a last minute switch in the design plan, and completely set the tone for the room. They’re comfortable, durable/easy to clean, and a bargain at $66/ea. Zero complaints here.

Everyone who has stopped by immediately comments on the map wall and tries to identify where they live. Gotta love these statement pieces!

The copper frames ended up being perfect with the tones of the wood & pink (PS—Art To Frames is offering my readers 15% off all orders with the code JENNA15)

Several of you have also reached out regarding the maps—I make them custom for any city, size & color and you can order those here 🙂

Let’s talk about the centerpiece of the room—this table!

I spent months looking for a 60″ round table (not easy to find) and had delivered all the way from Orlando. It was painted with a mix of Maison Blanche Paint Company‘s Maison White + Ivory furniture paint. I gave it a light distressing to let some of the detail show through, and then sealed it with their matte varnish (I use that stuff on all my furniture, it’s the best!)

Speaking of paint—the walls are Sherwin Williams Pure White, and the trim is Sherwin Williams Loggia. Loggia is a tricky shade because there’s so much variation—it reads anywhere from a beige to taupe to gray, and medium to light depending on the lighting. I’m still very happy with my choice—it makes the rooms feel warm and earthy!

To balance all the warm tones, we painted the ceiling a soft blue (SW Pristine Skies) and added fancy molding around it to make the 9′ ceilings feel even taller. A large medallion was also added to emphasize the chandelier. These details really make all the difference!

This is the same molding used in the adjacent living room, so the spaces feel cohesive even with different color themes.

Of course, swapping out the old tile floors with wood (ahem, Pergo laminate that looks and feels like wood) was a massive upgrade and changed the whole feel of the house.

On the back wall, we’ve got that gorgeous Geome sideboard from Article…

And above it, I found the perfect round gold mirror from Wayfair…

It has a light patina/aged effect which you can see in the photo above. The lamp is only $88 and came from Wayfair as well.

During the shoot I swapped the palm leaf for these monstera stems (borrowed from the guest bedroom). It’s fun playing with different arrangements for the sideboard décor, and I’ll be changing it again soon for the holidays!

That vintage hanging map is a super bargain I found months ago, and fits perfectly with the colors & style of the room. Susie says hi…

Can you spot the vintage hardware?

If you were around for my last One Room Challenge reveal, you may remember these brass handles from Nostalgic Hardware! Of course we took them with us when we moved out—I swapped this one out temporarily but the plan is to hopefully use them on all the doors in the Heights House.

Sorry, I took a million photos of this space. I didn’t know when to stop!

My photographer sister let me borrow her good camera and fancy 85mm lens for some of these shots. Can you tell the difference? (Christmas gift hint for any family members reading… 😉 )

A rare glimpse into the kitchen… probably one of the last rooms we’ll tackle in this house:

I ran out of time to shoot a video reveal, but there’s an 87% chance I’ll make one and post it on YouTube within the next couple weeks…

We’re working on a few other projects right now on a tight deadline, so we’ll see how things go!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this reveal, and a completely different style from me! Expect this house to be full of surprises, and we’re just getting started.

And with that, a very happy Thanksgiving to you! I am eternally thankful for all of you reading this right now. Wherever and whoever you celebrate with this year, I hope it’s full of gratitude. And pink velvet.


27 thoughts on “Dining Room Reveal: Riverside Retreat

  1. Looks good, i just feel its missing something. Maybe a large round rug under table and paint the chair legs gold? Love your designs! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing a part of your world with us!

    1. Thought about adding a rug but didn’t want the chairs to have trouble sliding out. The space feels pretty finished in person but I may add one later, we’ll see! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

      1. Looks so nice as is, but I could imagine a flat, indoor/outdoor rug under the table in a print that would withstand renters’ inevitable spills.

  2. Is whimsical, vintage elegant and modern at the same time. The maps are my favorite of all. Love it! happy thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Lilly — it really is all of those things! I love that you won’t find a room like it anywhere else <3 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    1. Thanks Kelsey! I didn’t feel like it was really necessary to be honest. I would be fine with a simple round jute rug but I don’t mind it either way!

  3. Absolutely love the space. It’s elegant with a little tease of whimsy. What a fun room to hang out in with friends and family!

  4. It looks like that is exactly how that room was supposed to be! It is beautiful!!! Those maps!! Those chairs!!! ??. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!

  5. Beautiful!!! Love the chandelier, pink chairs, and large scale art!! Such a great job, Jenna! I bet you guys are enjoying living in a beautiful, put together space again. Although I’m sure there still are plenty of crazy messy remoldeling days ahead in the rest of the house. ??

  6. Jenna! Question- for reference, what are the dimensions of the room, height of ceiling, diameter of the table and size of the chandelier that you picked (ie diameter and height?). Im trying to pick a chandelier for my dining room and dont want it to look too over /undersized! Our room is 12′ x 13′ with 8′ ceilings and a 60″ round table in the middle so I was thinking your dining room may be a good comparison?? Thanks! <3 Kate

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