A Love Story

On this Valentine’s Day, it seems fitting to share A Love Story… (it’s only 2 minutes, make sure to watch until the end before reading 😉 )

For years I’ve imagined how I’d write this post. I’d share with the world how long I’d been dreaming about this day. How wanted and loved this first baby and first grandchild is. How incredibly grateful and humbled I am to finally become a mother. How I’ve planned the nursery design in every home I’ve lived in for the past 10 years, hoping each would be the one I’d get to bring my baby home to.

For the past 10 years I’ve waited patiently, watching cousins and friends and strangers excitedly announce their news on social media. I watched those babies grow up into big brothers and sisters and sent my congratulations as their families grew.

Most of you reading this will share in our happiness, but for some it will be another painful blow. This post is for you.

I know what it’s like to watch others celebrate something you want so desperately. I understand the sinking feeling of waking up to yet another Mother’s Day. I still remember those first cramps coming on every month like stabbing knives, robbing me of another chance. I lost a marriage within the hopelessness, and I didn’t know how I could survive either.

Fast forward nearly four years after hitting rock bottom, and everything has changed. I’d relive every moment of heartache, all the years “wasted” to be where I am now.

Back then I didn’t understand—I could have never imagined the detour my life would take to lead me here. This is how and when it was meant to happen.

While it may be a decade later than planned, I wouldn’t change this timing for the world. At nearly 34 years in, I feel like life is just beginning. There is so much more of the story to write… for all of us, no matter where we are in our journey.

For those of you struggling, know that one day, there will be a moment where you stop and realize “Aha… so this is why everything happened as it did… it all makes sense now.”  I’m here on the other side, telling you that everything will be okay. In fact, better than okay—even better than what you’ve planned.

The pain you feel now doesn’t compare to the joy that is coming. Trust the timing of your life.

Sending a little extra love to the world today,

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  1. Oh, chills! What a beautiful video and epic adventure you have been on. Congratulations to you both! It’s true- the uncertainty of the middle can be defeating, but it all makes sense in the end. (Even though it’s rarely what you envisioned in the beginning.) So glad you ended up where you were meant to be.

  2. Congratulations!! I’m so thrilled for you! I’m also pregnant with my first (due in August) – such an exciting time!! Looking forward to following this next chapter with you guys!

  3. I cried watching your video, this is such a beautiful announcement. I’m 34 and I’m a brand new mom of a 6 months baby girl. I thought I would never experience motherhood but Life had plans for me and I needed to be patient. I wish you both all the best in this epic adventure andI send you love from Belgium ?? ?

  4. Much love from Australia! Congratulations this is wonderful news. Loved your video it is really special! Thank you for sharing your life and designs with us. You are very inspiring, hugs and happiness to you both.

  5. Woohoo, congratulations to you and Lucas. Such a beautiful touching post. Particularly love your sensitivity to all.

  6. Congratulations Jenna & Lucas!! I have been a follower for years and this news makes me so happy! We are still on our journey but your words about timing really spoke to me. Thank you for your encouraging words for those of us still struggling and sending best wishes to your little family!!

  7. What a lovely video? And your story… it made me cry as I read thru it.
    Congrats !!! I’m super happy for you both.
    Thanks for the amazing inspirations you share with us.

  8. Petite Jenna,
    I’m not the type of person who gets all choked up about things, and you are actually a complete stranger (except for all you share on your site). But having followed your path for quite a number of years now, I got pretty teary-eyed reading this post.

    You two will be remarkable parents. Thanks for sharing the love!

  9. So so excited for you guys!! It took my husband and I, 6 years before we got pregnant with our first (our daughter) and it is so hard waiting but man I feel it also makes you enjoy parenthood a little more. You have a tad bit more appreciation when the days are a little longer. Congratulations Jenna and Lucas! I can’t wait to follow you all on another adventure!!

  10. We have been so happy that you are part of our family (and we yours). You and Lucas are both smart, hard working and just plain good–I know you’ll be amazing parents.

  11. What a beautiful story and video.
    Your child will be blessed beyond measure to have parents so in love with each other and their baby. Congratulations and much love always!

  12. Oh Jenna Sue and Lucas – this makes me smile so big today, the day of love 🙂 I am turning 60 in a few days but I still remember that heartache after every pregnancy ended with no baby. 3 times 🙁 But then a miracle. And I just knew my baby was finally coming. I had my sweet Jonathan in 1987, and he was/is the love of my life. Little did I know that Jonathan’s story would end suddenly on March 1 2012 when his apartment caught fire. Still…..if I had it to do all over again, I would. I would rather have 24 years with Jonathan than nothing at all. Being a mother was the best thing I have ever done. Thank you for writing this post for those still waiting on their miracle.

    I will be praying for you both and your sweet baby and for all in that season of waiting. Trust in God’s timing, as hard as that may be.

    Diane Taylor from Baltimore MD (dmpfromri on IG)

    1. Diane, I remember you sharing this story with me years ago after my first big announcement and thinking what a strong woman you were to have been through that and have such perspective. I love that you can focus on the wonderful memories of your time together and see what a blessing it was. You are such a kind soul and I am eternally grateful to have you here! <3

  13. So very happy for you both, Jenna. Sharing your love with a little one will be a beautiful experience. Sending you a hug on heart day.

  14. Hi Jenna, I could not be ANY happier for you and Lucas! I have been following you on your blog for years and have watched the twists and turns in your journey that you have so openly shared with us. Thank you so much for sharing this miraculous turn. I too went through 9 years of struggling to have a child. I have 3 now, and totally agree with you — the timing and journey all makes sense in hindsight. Once again, thank you and a huge congratulations!!

  15. What a beautiful video, bought a tear to my at the end. So happy for you both.
    Congratulations to two wonderful people. Your time is now.

  16. I’m a lot farther down the road of life than you and Lucas — my daughter is 29 — and I hope you’ll enjoy every single mile that lies ahead of you. Very best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and entry into parenthood for you both. It’s a big adventure.

  17. OH MY GOSH! I literally GASPED at the end! Oh congratulations you two! And hey not only are you and Lucas due but I’m due in August as well! Yay August babies! Jenna, it’s been so incredible to follow you all these years and see how your journey has played out. I am SO EXCITED for you guys!!!

  18. Most beautiful baby announcement, ever!!!!! I got the chills!!!! Congratulations to both of you! I’m so happy for you and this sweet one. How are you feeling? Are you going to find out?!

    1. Thank you Mindy! I’m feeling great overall — still tired and hungry all the time, but so grateful to be growing this little one <3 Finding out the sex next week!

  19. We’ve been following you for a couple years now since I found your tutorial for shiplap on YouTube. So excited for you to have this news! Congratulations!

  20. I cried as I read your blog post above. You will never never know how much I needed to hear those words today. I have followed you for years and your story has always given me hope. Thank you for being my inspiration to keep moving forward.

  21. Thrilled for you both! That’s wonderful news! Excited to follow along on this journey of yours. Congratulations!!!

  22. Your video and message are each beautiful in their own way.
    I look forward to following along, now more than ever!

  23. Congratulations to you and Lucas! Even your announcement is so creative, just like you! We never know where our journey will take us. In my case, after years of infertility (and watching many friends have babies), we were led to adopting a baby and now have a beautiful 26 year old son!
    Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and exciting years ahead!

  24. Congratulations! As someone that is going through the same struggles, seeing this post makes me so happy and gives me so much hope! Infertility sucks! So excited for you!

  25. Congratulations! I’m curious, how do you get all the drone footage for your trips? Especially the ones that feature the two of you in them? Seems like a great way to document your memories!

  26. Congratulations! Tough circumstances in life make for strong women, and you are definitely one of them. I appreciate you sharing your story throughout the years. My husband and I also struggle with infertility and had to turn to IVF to grow our family. My first little baby is kicking away in my belly as I type, due in May. The years of trying were HARD but the two of us have so much appreciation for those trials that we fought through and for what is to come.
    Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy! Do you have the baby’s room picked out? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the nursery!
    P.S. Get yourself a maternity belt if you are going to keep DIYing during pregnancy. I’m also remodeling a house and I wish I got one sooner!

    1. Congratulations to you, Anne <3 And yes, the nursery has been mostly designed in my head before we even started building the house, LOL. Can't wait to share soon.

  27. Congrats to you both! I have been following for years- this is the best blog post you’ve written! 🙂

  28. Congratulations!
    I have been going through something similar, for just over a year now, having not even what others would consider a ‘scare’. The confusion, the heartbreak and the grief every single freaking month. I am so happy you are in a place to finally get to celebrate.

    My story this month a little different. As I received my first positive test two days before Valentine’s day, to only have it confirmed a day later, it was not my time.

    I appreciate your candor and your openness to sharing your difficult journey and wish you all the best in the coming months, and of course, can’t wait to see the nursery in your beautiful new home!

  29. Legit the truth right here. I went through a break up and ultimately rock bottom. Now planning a wedding to the sweetest loving human ever. Everything happens for a reason is so true!! No regrets about the past because I’d never be where I am now
    Congratulations to you and Lucas!!

  30. Jenna & Lucas
    Congratulations!!! My journey started on the opposite end, i had a unplanned pregnancy. It was a long road to accepting what was coming but i love what you said, “oh this is why everything happened as it did… it all makes sense now.” i had that moment, For me it was finding God and his loving grace, I know now that i would never have the peace and love for myself without having to go through the Journey of bringing home that beautiful girl of mine. Here i am 7 years later, married to the love of my life,( Renovating our first home with all your amazing DIYS) with our 3 children. YES! don’t loose hope, “The joy is coming”

  31. What a beautiful video.!I’m amazed by you! So happy to hear such wonderful news! Sending lots of love to your beautiful little family!

  32. Congratulations. Timing is everything. You will be a wonderful Mother and your child is already loved by the two hearts who created him or her. Abundant Blessings to the three of you.

  33. So happy for you Jenna! It gives me hope. My daughters is your age and mr. Right hasn’t shown up. There have been several heartaches and now she feels her time for a family may never come. I pray that God’s timing will bring her joy of a true love and family one day soon. Keep spreading your joy. Its contagious!

    1. 30’s is so young, Amy! She has so much of her life ahead of her. She will appreciate these years of freedom and independence someday. I hope she can enjoy the season of life she’s in now–it really is an amazing one!

  34. What a sweet Valentine’s post! Congratulations to you two! I was 39 when i became pregnanat with our first child as we awaited the arrival of our two adopted children from an orphanage in the Soviet Union. Within one week my husband, who was at the orphanage, was told he would not be able to bring our boys home and I was alone in an ER room and told that I had miscarried. Fast forward 6 months, we welcomed our boys, all three, into our home. The ER doctor was wrong…I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and our adopted boys arrived 3 weeks later. You are so right. Life turns out the way it should.

  35. If this was a movie trailer for an upcoming film, I’d pay money to see it in the theater, and I almost never do that. Nothing is ever wasted. It shapes who we are and grow into. Continue to enjoy your journey. You are right where you need to be. Congratulations!

  36. Having followed you for a while now on your journey, I feel like an honorary aunt and I am beaming with pride for you and Lucas! Wishing you a happy and safe pregnancy and I know we will get to see lots of that nursery! Sending lots of love your way Jenna!!

  37. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and your sweet husband.
    You are so thoughtful to offer your words of encouragement to those who have longed to be pregnant.
    Best to you!

  38. I literally cried when I saw this! I am so happy for you! I know this sounds “stalkerish” but I have followed you since that first picture of the plane wing, your trip alone, then meeting your love and your new adventure. Again not mean to sound creepy but I kind of picture you as the daughter I never had. So when I read this, I just couldn’t be happier for you. I will pray for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and bouncing baby!

    1. Aww that is so sweet of you to say, Michele! Thank you for sticking around all these years — your support means the world to me! Can’t wait to experience this next (and best) chapter <3

  39. Your storytelling skills brought me to tears. I thought I knew what love was until I had a kid; It’s terrifying how much I love her! It sounds like you have a wealth of friends and family who have been through this process and can lend some advice (and baby gear?) which is helpful with baby #1. My greatest regrets during the first year were not taking a breastfeeding class (why is it so hard?!) and not getting a comfortable reclining rocking chair until year 1. Wishing you the smoothest of pregnancies!!!

  40. What a beautiful video. Your skills and storytelling continue to amaze me; y.u most definitely have a gift. Congratulations to the two of you.

  41. Congrats. I haven’t visited your blog in quite a while, but today I did and read this month old post and I really needed the reminder to “trust the timing of your life.”

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