Guest Bathroom Reveal: Heights House

This post is part of a paid collaboration with Lowe’s Home Improvement. All opinions are my own.

We did it! In less than six weeks, we’ve transformed an under-construction shell of a room into the bold, luxurious guest bathroom of my dreams. The very first room at the Heights House is complete! Watch to see the transformation:


In case you missed anything, make sure to get caught up from the beginning:

Bathroom Design Plan

A twist on subway tile

DIY lattice wall molding

While I planned the design out back in February, work didn’t actually begin until three weeks ago, so we’ve been busy in here almost every day! This is how it looked last month:

I had my work cut out for this space—aiming for a rich and luxurious design, but also affordable and easily accessible for others to recreate.

Shower tile was the first task on the to-do list, and I shared our Lowe’s shopping trip mission to find the perfect budget-friendly tile.

This unique American Olean subway tile was the clear winner, at just $1 a piece (FYI, the tile is on sale right now for only 78 cents each!)

Next came the floor tile install

Followed by a DIY wood beam using local reclaimed wood

And then a few days of non-stop DIY wall molding…

And then a little black magic…

The last week was spent completing the install and adding the finishing touches, and that brings us to today! Ladies and gents, here is our Bold Luxury Bathroom on a Budget:

Someone pointed out that the drawers on the vanity match the look of the subway tile… I’ll pretend like I planned that on purpose 😉

There’s plenty of light and white accents to make this space feel cozy rather than cave-like (the walls are painted in the richest Valspar black, Cracked Pepper).

And a healthy dose of champagne gold and wood tones to warm it up.

I’m loving this whole vanity area situation.

This gorgeous arched mirror is only $75(!) and was such an easy choice to stay on budget.

The sconces were also something I couldn’t resist and an unexpected touch for a bathroom.

I fell in love with the vintage look of the Delta Victorian champagne bronze faucet which was a bit of a splurge for me (the price has dropped quite a bit since I bought it) but with functional pieces like this, quality is often worth paying for.

I love finding ways to customize furniture, and bathroom vanities are no exception. I swapped out the factory chrome handles for Amerock backplates and oval knobs, which go a long way in giving it a more high end look.

Every room needs a fun little detail or two, and this Anthro towel ring fit the bill.

I can’t get over the look of this textured plaid tile. Or the fact that so many of you thought it was carpet 😉

I also can’t decide which view of the bathroom I like more…

I used $13 Ikea Hovsta frames, made my own “mats” with white posterboard from CVS, and cut up a free wallpaper sample from Rebel Walls for the art.

And of course, another appearance from my all time favorite $6 champagne gold hooks.

The shower faucet/tub combo is also Delta champagne bronze to match the sink faucet, and it’s surprisingly super affordable (the price has dropped even more since I purchased!) The hand sprayer option should really come in handy for baby bathtime.

Is it possible to love a toilet? Because this is my first true toilet love—it’s just so handsome. I ended up buying two more for the other bathrooms.

Why settle for a boring toilet paper holder when you can have this work of art? Another Anthro find.

One more small but important detail—thank goodness for black outlets! Do you see it hiding to the right of the mirror?

There’s another one on the wall next to the hand towel, but you’d never know because it blends in so seamlessly. I used these GFCIs and black wall plates. If you look closely in the mirror, you can see the reflection of the black light switches too. Can’t forget these small  but important details!

Alright friends, time to wrap up our tour. Make sure to watch the reveal video as well if you haven’t, so you can feel like you’re actually there in real life (or at least the closest you can get until we’re all walking around with virtual reality goggles!)

Thank you, Lowe’s, for collaborating with me on this project and proving that high end style is very doable for those of us on a budget!


Valspar Signature eggshell in Cracked Pepper

48″ Scott Living Vanity

Delta Victorian sink faucet

Kohler Memoirs toilet

American Olean subway tile

Delta Linden shower/tub faucet

Amerock cabinet backplates & knobs

Allen + Roth arched mirror

Brass wall sconces

Brainerd wall hooks

Bedrosians Tailor Art tile

Anthropologie towel ring

Anthropologie toilet paper holder

Large hyacinth storage bins

9′ long shower curtain

16×20″ picture frames (stained with dark wax)

Art: wallpaper sample from Rebel Walls

The final total for everything (not including installs, which is built into our new construction cost) came in at right around $3500, which I think is pretty amazing starting from primed drywall and subfloor to what we have now! Especially since there were a couple splurges like the Delta faucet and Kohler toilet. I really couldn’t be happier with the way this space turned out. What do you think of the renovation, and are you surprised at the cost? Let me know in the comments (or over on Instagram!)

Oh, and for you sleuths out there who noticed a couple unfinished parts, yes we still need to grout and get a drain/overflow cap for the tub. So this room is technically only 95% done… but that’s close enough for me at this point 😉

One room down in the Heights House—and a ton more to go! We’re just getting started over here, and this week we’ll be focusing on the master bathroom (along with continuing my weeks-long stenciling saga at the Riverside Retreat). Have you been following all the progress in my IG stories? There’s so much going on, I can’t keep it all straight! Catch you there,

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  1. What a stunning Finnish . I just love the floor. A beautiful cozy room in a new build. Can’t wait to see the rest of the home. Don’t over due your building a human inside of you.

  2. Wow! This is just fabulous! It looks so high end! Love how you are able to pull off so many different styles affordably and beautifully. Definitely want to try out your wall treatment soon! You guys make a great team?

  3. I’ve been hitting refresh all day (live in the UK) waiting for this! OMG it’s so gorgeous! I’m in love with everything, and can’t wait to see the design for the rest of the house. The only thing for me was the sconces seem a little high, but that could be the camera playing tricks ;P

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Jenna. I don’t know what’s my favorite part of this room! You always manage to combine timeless and classic looks with updated style and design. And on a budget! Another space beautifully done!

  5. I looove it! I never would have thought black walls could look so spacious. I took a leap a few weeks ago and painted our office a dark stormy seas blue color. I was nervous, but it turned out great! Thanks for thinking outside the box, and taking us along on your adventures! And inspiring me to try new things 😉

  6. So pretty! You have a talent for doing DIY budget projects that don’t look cheap. One question: are you doing a window treatment? You have a toilet and a shower right in front of that window. If I remember correctly, this bathroom is on the second story, so I’m not sure how visible someone inside the bathroom would be, but it always gives me peace of mind of cover a window when I’m using a bathroom.

    1. Thanks Melanie! I haven’t really thought about it but I might end up doing a window treatment there. It’s not needed for privacy though, as it is a second floor with a large tree in front and no way for anyone to see in 🙂

  7. I was so looking forward to this reveal and of course it’s gorgeous!! I love every single choice! Can’t wait to see each room come to life!

  8. This is beautiful. Your impeccable taste always inspires me…and it’s always so apropos! I followed your kitchen aesthetic in the cottage house when I was doing my kitchen reno. (I liked your appliance choices and trusted your due diligence, so saved so much “obsessing over electronics” time.)

    This go-around, I just happened to be planning a powder room reno with a black wall, so um, yay! I really dig your vanity choice and it’s so much less heartache than my original route (Lowe’s design services for a built-in).

    So, my question: did you customize the counter top for the vanity ?

    1. Thank you Tricia! Glad my posts have been helpful. This vanity actually includes the counter and sink! I linked to the exact one I chose in the post 🙂

  9. So many lovely things! Is it me, or does it look as it would exactly fit the mountain house fixer upper you did?
    The floor is a brilliant choice.
    Have to disagree on the toilet though. It makes me shake in fear to see so many nooks and crannies for dirt and dust to settle into!

  10. So I just found your YouTube channel (and through it, your blog), and I just love what you do! I’m particularly impressed by your ingenuity–you use things I never would have thought to use, like that wallpaper-sample-as-art idea. Methinks I will be stealing that one! Thanks for providing me with a ton of inspiration–I can’t wait to dive more into your archives 🙂

  11. Looks amazing. Loving the black walls with the white and gold fixtures.
    Well done to both of you.

  12. You guys do magical work. You pull off such beautiful spaces that look like they would have cost thousands and thousands. It’s truly an inspiration!
    Thank you,

  13. Bold & Beautiful! Love it so much simply cannot wait to see the other rooms in your gorgeous new home. And the baby’s room!

  14. This is truly inspirational! I’m loving this mix of textures that bring such a richness to the design. I’m finally getting to remodel my own house (husband and I are home renovators and our house is always last on the list) and I plan to do a black and white bath as well. Thank you for sharing your carefully curated choices. Fantastic work!!

  15. Such a beautiful bathroom. I notice the vanity does not have the backsplash attached as shown on the Home Depot website. Is it an optional choice to have it attached or did you have to do something special to remove it?

  16. Nailed it! So beautiful. Love the dramatic look that still looks cozy. Excellent value for your money! (That floor! ?) Good job guys!!

  17. Love it!!!! You are always a source of inspiration. Do you mind sharing grout type/color you would use for the “subway” tile in the shower and floor tile? Thank you so much for your recommendations.

  18. Love it!!!! You are always a source of inspiration. Do you mind sharing grout type (sanded/non-sanded)/color you would use for the “subway” tile in the shower as well as the floor tile? Thank you so much for your recommendations.

  19. Annnnd…she does it again. I wouldn’t have picked these things out for myself in a million years on their own, but when you do it, it’s magical. You are truly gifted Jenna. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  20. Absolutely Stunning!. The floor tile is my favorite. I can’t wait to se how the rest of the house comes together!

  21. Such a savvy combination of functional and elegant. I’ve always shied away from using dark colors in small spaces, but you’ve convinced me that it can be beautiful. Looking forward to the next reveals, but take care of that growing person!

  22. Jenna they should give you your own show on HGTV! You are so talented and never cease to amaze me with your designs and creativity!

  23. I WONDERED about the outlets!! I didn’t see any and was worried. Ha! Thanks for pointing them out. It looks very cool.
    Des Moines, Iowa

  24. Beautiful reno – very special. Where is your tub from? I just moved into a house in the Hill Country w/ a very small guest bath that has one of those all in one fiberglass thingies. I want a real tub/tiles.

  25. What amazing vision you have! It’s such a beautiful transformation. I love the stark contrast of the black and white. And I love how you share DIY projects that are affordable. #fangirl

  26. Hi Jenna,
    Loved the bathroom. Simply awesome. What size grout line did you use for the white subway tile. I bought the same tile last year (I’m slow) and I’m getting ready to install and not sure of how wide the grout line should be.

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