Nursery Design Plans

I can’t help but smile as I write this… I’ve been dreaming about designing my very own nursery for so many years, in every house I’ve lived in for the past decade. This is finally where my baby comes home. It feels surreal, mixed with equal parts excitement and gratitude.

My dream nursery design has evolved over the years, and most recently has been influenced by our travels and the inspiration used to build our Heights House.

It’s not a very large room, measuring just over 10’x12′. We opted to divide the closet into two sections, creating an open nook perfectly sized for a changing table—best decision ever. I also ordered these custom 2’x7′ Chateau closet doors from Simpson Door Company.

That gives us one wall of closet/dresser space, one wall of windows, and two empty walls to work with.

I’ve been stockpiling inspiration on Pinterest and came up with this vision: a calming garden sanctuary mixed with classic French architecture, soft putty pink alongside creamy whites and golds, natural woven textures next to delicate flowers and bows, sprinkled with vintage details and charm.

It’s a whole lot of styles and character wrapped into one little room, which I’m dubbing French Country Forest…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

When coming up with the design plan, there were a few things I immediately knew I wanted, and others I’ve gone back and forth on (and still haven’t figured out completely, to be honest!)

The very first thing I chose many months ago is what sparked the entire vision for the room—this forest wall mural from Rocky Mountain Decals:

Is this not what garden dreams are made of? It’s as if it was designed to float above a crib. This will be installed on the back wall where her crib will sit (eventually) and I’m over the moon excited to see how it looks in person.

Speaking of crib, that’s one item I haven’t found the perfect match for yet. Baby will sleep in our room in a bassinet for the first six months or so, and I’ve decided to take my time and shop around. In the meantime, I found this gorgeous macrame hanging bassinet (under $50!) that will likely just hold her toys for the time being. At that price, I couldn’t pass it up.


The chandelier is another decision I’m still debating on. I have it narrowed down to three options… this aged white candelabra style:

This elegant and slightly more modern gold style:


And this one which is simpler but almost 1/3 the price of the other two:

I’m completely torn! A gold finish is my preference but I do love the more traditional/aged look of the other two. #1 is so pretty but #3 is crazy inexpensive and I love a good bargain. Do you have a favorite?

Another design element I was sure about from the beginning was using a soft blush pink as the primary room color.

The winner was pretty clear—I found my match with Sherwin Williams Malted Milk. It’s subdued and elegant, the perfect shade of putty pink.

The trim, doors, window wall and left accent wall will all be painted Malted Milk (with everything else in SW Alabaster). The back wall of the open nook and inside of the closet will also have a stripe accent—you may have caught the process last weekend in my Instagram stories if you follow me there!

In the next nursery post I’ll share all about these DIY stripes and closet setup, stay tuned 🙂

Speaking of accent walls, molding will be a major feature in this room. I’ve partnered with Ekena Millwork once again and am excited to incorporate a variety of traditional moldings on the walls and ceiling:

If you’ve been following my work for the past year or two, you know that moldings and trim have become a staple in my designs—they’re what’s going to take the sophistication of this room to the next level. Just imagine the prettiest wainscoting details in blush pink… sigh.

I’ll make sure to do a separate blog post with all the DIY install details—apart from the mural (or maybe tied with?) I predict this will be my favorite feature of the room.

To soften the room, I’ll hang floor to ceiling off-white linen drapes. I haven’t ordered these yet, but am in the process of narrowing down swatches from Barn & Willow  (I worked with them to design my reading nook roman shade which was top notch quality). A little inspiration…

To add softness and texture to the floors, I found this 8′ woven rug from Wayfair:

It’s perfectly neutral with an unique varied weave that should be great to hide stains and spills.

Next up: the glider! This was one of the more challenging items to find, as most (at least the ones I liked) are surprisingly expensive. I searched high and low to find something stylish and comfortable for under $500, and think I’ve exhausted every option on the internet (any fellow mamas-to-be want a blog post with all of my findings?)

In the end, I landed on this swivel glider for $399:


Right now they only have gray listed, but according to their website they’ll have more ivory back in stock soon (fingers crossed, as I’m waiting to purchase!) I chose this option not only for the price and style, but also the bonus storage ottoman that will be perfect for storing nursing supplies.

Moving right along to the last section: the changing nook! Days of searching secondhand online paid off, and I snagged this vintage dresser that happened to be just the perfect size:

I’ll be coating it with Maison Blanche’s Printemps French lime paint, a light sage green (the same color used here in my apothecary nightstand makeover):

Sorry wood purists, not changing my mind! 😉 One of my favorite features is the original marble top, which will be easy to wipe clean and adds another layer of color and texture.

Speaking of texture… I couldn’t pass up this darling seagrass changing basket:

A little pricey for what it is, but it’s one of those details that won’t go unnoticed in the room.

On the wall behind the dresser, we’ll be DIYing a hidden storage shelf/caddy for all of our changing supplies—definitely one of our best a-ha moments! Looking forward to sharing a tutorial with you soon.

And on the wall above the dresser, I’m on the hunt for a pretty gold vintage mirror. This classic style with a bow is currently in the lead:

But I’m also considering this unique shape for under $100…

And I’ve still got my eye out for antique mirrors secondhand locally, so we’ll see what ends up there!

The last piece of the puzzle is a DIY flower mobile I’ll hang above the changing table to give baby something pretty to look at 6-8 times/day…

via The Merrythought

My own version will look a bit different, as I have a stash of florals in storage I’ll be pulling from as well as adding a few more. This is the fun, stress-free kind of DIY project I could do all day long 🙂

And there you have it, my dream nursery! There will be a few more details like artwork, hooks, hardware etc that will come together later and of course I’ll share all the sources during the final reveal. Hoping to get this room completed within the next month, and that means baby girl had better stay put until her due date (7 weeks to go, ahhh!)

Happy days ahead…

66 thoughts on “Nursery Design Plans

  1. I like the first chandelier, but go with the inexpensive and lovely third one, I say.

    Fun post! I can’t wait to see your hidden storage idea.

  2. What a lovely design- I love the wall mural! For the lighting, I’d pick the third and spray paint it gold. : )

  3. This is going to be so pretty! I say go with the third chandelier. Looking forward to the next post on this sweet French country forest room.

  4. I have 2 kids, and they both loved ceiling fans. Ceiling fans make eye-catching shadows, cool the room (which studies show help reduce the risk of SIDS), and provide white noise to help sleep. I know ceiling fans aren’t French country forest, but sometimes you have to put function over style.
    I don’t know if this option is your style, but the transparent blades make it less obstructive.

    1. That might be the prettiest fan I’ve ever seen! The chandelier will likely be the only light source, though, so I’d need to make sure just one bulb would be sufficient (it also needs to be dimmable). Definitely worth considering, thanks for sharing!

  5. It’s gonna be gorgeous! I too love painted wood! I hate it when a vintage dealer sells everything refinished. I like to add my own tough, thank you very much. By the way, I love Hobby Lobby for dried and silk flowers on the cheap. Their selection is huge. I hate so much about their company politics but they ship to Puerto Rico so, i suck it up. I also visit the store a million times when in LA. Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

  6. Check Target online for gliders. They are very very similar in style to the one you posted. Is it as good a quality? I don’t know, but let’s get real, we only have it in our life for so long.

  7. I’m in the early stages of planning a nursery for my baby girl, and this post couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve been imagining blush pink and shades of green too, inspired by some prints I ordered years ago hoping to one day have a girl (or any baby – we’ve been struggling with infertility for years and finally have our IVF baby coming). I can’t wait to see how yours comes together, and YES, please provide all details about furniture and everything else!

  8. It’s going to look beautiful! My favorite chandelier is the third, and not just because it’s the most inexpensive. I think the finish will go nicely with your other natural textures in there. ☺️

  9. For our 7th baby, my husband built a baby hammock inspired by the design of the the “Happy Hangup” from Australia. ( ) It was the best thing ever! Our little guy slept in it until he was almost 4 years old, and was finally so heavy that it just sank down to the floor when he climbed in, lol. We wished we’d had it for all our babies. It’s a super easy build, and it’s portable to anywhere you can put an eye-hook in the ceiling, so visits to grandparents, friends, etc, are so much easier, as baby’s familiar bed can just come right along. Just one more option to consider. 🙂

  10. Hi Jenna, My room growing up was blush pink and sage green so I cannot wait to see how it comes out. A few thoughts – with my first I had a beautiful glider in the nursery and all my nursing supplies set up there. But I was stuck in that room so much. For my second, third, and fourth kids I put the glider in the family room and set up a nursing/changing station there. It wasn’t as cute but it was far more practical for keeping an eye on the other kids and being able to hang out with my hubby at night while feeding. Just something to keep in mind for the future. Also, make sure you have a spot for a water bottle/snacks for yourself near the glider. Once baby is fast asleep sometimes you don’t want to get up. 🙂
    Also, here are my tips for design with kids (which you seem to already be doing, but someone else reading these comments might benefit from them):
    1. Hidden storage, baskets to corral toys, and hooks down at preschool level for things like coats. If they can learn to clean up themselves it’ll save you so much time in the future. When they get to preschool age- label everything with clear letters around the house and they will be reading before you know it.
    2. Set up the closet so that it can grow as the kids clothes grow. It happens truly so fast. If you have room- make a bin for the grown out clothes so that you can toss them in easily and then donate or store for the next child. A bin for slightly larger clothes is a good idea too, they grow overnight sometimes. 😉
    3. Machine washable fabrics. Prints hide stains better.
    4. Stick to the basics- kids really are happier with less. Buy less but higher quality items where possible. With our first baby we had everything brand new and with our fourth we bought almost everything secondhand. Toys and gadgets will come and go with the seasons so it’s better to save money then to get a preferred color. Only splurge on the items you truly can see keeping a long time.
    5. I agree with the other comment. Ceiling fans are pretty useful. But I do love a good chandelier so I understand why you would want one.
    6. Make sure the drapes can block out light for daytime naps and a sound machine can help for daytime napping (when you are in another room DIYing with power tools).
    7. Ottomans are much safer than coffee tables with sharp corners and glass tops. It doesn’t matter how cute the coffee table is, once your kid falls and hits it with their head you’ll wish you hadn’t bought it. (says every mom whose kid ended up with a large goose egg from falling on the corner of the coffee table)
    8. This last tip is less design related- but enjoy the moments and don’t try to impress anyone. When your kid becomes a teenager, you won’t care as much what their room looked like when they were babies. You’ll remember the moments that had nothing to do with design.
    Sooo happy for your family. This room will be beautiful!
    Leslie @hyatthouserevival

    1. Love the ideas on teaching words with every day items, and yes yes yes to putting things on their level! Already with our 18 month old girl she is participating in cleaning up because the bins and drawers are accessible (also trashcan is accessible), and we keep the snacks we are okay with her having at her level so she can grab them and come to us to open.

      I’ll weigh in on the fan thing too… We have a fan in our girl’s room, but I rarely turn it on because she is still so little that I worry she’ll get cold in the night (she still kicks off blankets). So it’s nice to have the option, but not essential. Plus you can always get stand up or little table top fans. (Although the one linked was gorgeous!)

    2. Thank you for sharing all those tips, Leslie! I’ve been trying to plan for our future needs as much as possible to stay prepared and avoid any purchasing regrets. I think we’re on the right track so far 😉

  11. Absolutely gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see the final product….although I do hope you have all of your time left to complete 😉 So happy for you that you are finally able to design a nursery after all these years!!

  12. I’m so happy for you! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Soak up every second. ? I like the 1st or the 3rd chandelier. Can’t wait to see this room evolve!

  13. Just beautiful! I am glad I am not the only one who started the nursery with less than 2 months to go. All the big stuff got done and the details after week 6 week because he has to sleep in the nursery as our bedroom is so small and right next to the nursery. My only two cents is curtains that block the light easier time getting them to fall asleep once they figure it out. Love your designs! I can’t wait to continue to follow along.

  14. Gah, this is going to be so gorgeous Jenna, I cannot wait to see it come together.
    That malted milk paint is perfection, I love it! I am dying over the vintage dresser you found… and the mirror with the bow is my fave pick! As far as chandeliers, I did like the middle gold one, but would probably vote for the last one for price, plus it’s still really pretty and would fit in nicely.

  15. So excited for you and Lucas. Can’t wait to see the reveal of the room and especially your little girl. I prefer the first chandelier all the way and love the wall decals.

  16. So excited! Agree with a lot of the other suggestions from the other commenters too. Blackout shades/curtains are a must. I also recommend some sort of blue night light for middle of the night changes – so much easier on everyone’s eyes than a regular night light! We had used a “moon in my room” from Amazon for $20 that was perfect for our spaceship themed boys room – I’m sure you can find something similar that goes more with your style (and can be moved from your room and back into the baby’s room once she is ready for her crib!).

    Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  17. Love love love the 3rd chandelier!! I think it goes with your plans the best and doesn’t take away from the room too much but compliments it well.

  18. Lovely plans! #3 chandelier. I would only say if you have room, a) test out and b) splurge on the glider/rocker. I got a neutral Monte Luca glider and 10 years and 3 kids later I still love it for reading to my youngest, just sitting in. Can’t wait to move it to my bedroom. I couldn’t afford the ottoman, so got a cheap one from Target – but an ottoman is key. Best of luck, it will be beautiful!

    1. I’ve heard a lot of people mention how important a comfy glider is, which is why I took so long to choose and have come to terms with the $400 price tag! The storage ottoman is a nice bonus.

  19. It’s beautiful: really love the colors and calm feel!

    If it’s any help, may I recommend considering what a mischievous 2 year old could get into when designing… we had to modify several things in our design once he got to this stage. My LO loves messing with electrical items so no cute lamps or nightlights are safe. We went with snappower outlet cover to act as a night light he can’t mess with. It a big success thankfully. (there are other companies that have similar items) lol
    Also, our LO is great with not pulling curtains in a downward motion, but he does struggle with closing them (we battle with nap time opening / closing curtains when he’s being stubborn) which puts pressure on the hardware. We used insane sized screws into the studs and heavy duty hardware… he’s still managed to warp the brackets. Thank goodness we did though, otherwise I’m sure the rod would have come down, hitting him on the head by down. Just something to consider. (Side note, I hope the drapes are washable – toddlers are rough on drapes lol)

    Congrats and can’t wait to see the finished product!

  20. What an exciting time in your lives! You are going to have the best time with this new addition to your family. Savor every moment as they grow up so quickly.

    Was wondering what the blue paint color? Am asking because am looking for the perfect shade of blue for the ceiling of our screened porch. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Kim! Are you referring to the green paint on the lid? That’s Maison Blanche’s Printemps, which is a soft sage green 🙂

  21. I love this design! Very soft and feminine with amazing attention to detail. Without a doubt, you are my favorite designer. I found you in a One Room Challenge bathroom makeover and have been a faithful fan ever since. All the best to your family as you await the arrival of your little one. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  22. I am so excited for you!!
    I am going against the rest – I love the first chandelier, she will love it until she leaves home and I think with your colours and your “French” theme it is perfect.

  23. The excitement mounts! Beautiful plan. I vote for inexpensive Chandy and gold paint?. Whatever you pick will be beautiful.

  24. Oh I’m certain that it will be stunning but that vintage dresser would look so stunning left as is. Bring a bit of character, warmth and charm to all that “newness”. Or if it must be painted then use a vintage chandelier!

  25. Another vote for the third lighting option! It looks the most French Country to me, with a bit of rustic for the Forest, and the color looks like it will go so well with Malted Milk. Love its simplicity for Baby too. ❤️ Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  26. My vote is for the pretty and inexpensive #3 chandelier. It appears to blend well. More importantly, because it isn’t pricey, you won’t feel bad when the Florida summer heat forces you to replace it with a ceiling fan!! Lovely, lovely room plan.
    Best wishes for smooth birthing.

  27. This is lovely design. Gorgeous mural. The soft colors make it so soothing. Biggest bang for the buck are the dresser and the macrame bassinet (great finds). My vote is for the 3rd light (you can keep as is or paint it gold or off white. So happy for y’all. Can’t wait to it completed along with your baby girl.

  28. What a beautiful nursery design! Love the idea of using a vintage dresser, did you find it on etsy?

  29. I know all you white fabric fans won’t listen….but if you are breastfeeding there are 2 sides of the coin to the deal. The upside of breast is everything (premixed, premeasured, “free” except eating well which you should anyway, makes you sit down multiple times a day, oxytocin which helps you chill and go back to sleep easily, much less stinky poop). The flipside there is 1 downside….mustard colored poops that stain stuff pretty easily. I predict a mustard poop hits that chair and or footstool in the first week. Babies have a magical way of projectile pooping out any gap in their diapers! Anyway, it’s up to you. But you cray if you buy white.

  30. wow! this nursery is just dreamy!! what a lucky little girl!!

    my vote is for the inexpensive chandy—that way you can splurge on the glider (the #1 item where i think you should spend $$). you are going to sit in it many times a day every day for at least the first year, maybe two. comfort and quality are key. and then if/when you have a second, you’ll already have a much-loved rocker full of wonderful memories and stories to pass down.

  31. I’m with everyone else, chandelier #3 painted gold maybe! I can’t wait to see this nursery, it’s going to be gorgeous!

  32. Looks really beautiful, it will be made with so much care and love -like always in your case.
    All of the chandeliers are really nice, but I also vote on the 3rd one. The 2nd one is a bit too spectacular for my taste for a nursery. I also like the first one, but has more bulbs than the 3rd one and it’s more expensive. (You might choose the first one? : )
    I thought you would have a small lamp on the dresser for the late/early hours. It’s funny, another day when I was searching for new handmade lampshades on Etsy (there are so many beautiful ones everywhere) I thought of you when I saw this one:
    Then you and your nursery stayed in my mind. I love rabbits, birds, botanical themes, so I checked everything and like 2 hours later I ended up already at the hardware section of Etsy with foxes, rabbits, hedgehog, butterflies etc.
    (In my time there wasn’t anything like that. I’m from Europe and I grew up in the countryside and because of his job my father took me a lot to the fields and forests. It’s also a nice memory that before sleeping he used to tell me his own improvised tales about the hidden animals in my grandmother’s garden from the time when he was a child. Clearly my best memories of my childhood.)
    …It’s incredible for me how you can keep working so hard every day on your projects. I’m really glad that you and Lucas are so happy and improving in a supersonical
    speed with your houses.
    I wish you the very best!!!

    1. What a pretty lamp shade, thanks for sharing! Love the bedtime stories with your dad, so special! <3 We probably will end up needing a small second light source of some kind... still trying to figure that one out 🙂

  33. LOVE the design! I’m with everyone else on this one it seems – chandelier #3 is my favorite, and the price is a bonus!

    I know you’ve already made up your mind, and the dresser will look gorgeous painted, but I loooove it the way it is. Brings a lot of warmth and a vintage quality to the room.

    I’m expecting my first baby in December, so it’s fun to follow along with you as you get ready for yours. I absolutely love your nursery design! My nursery is really just a sitting room off my master bedroom, so the design is integrated into my bedroom’s decor. I put up the Judarn mural from Anthropologie:
    and I plan to put a gold metal crib in front of it. What kind of crib are you envisioning for your space?

    I haven’t settled on a glider yet but I’d love to benefit from your research, so I’m submitting a request for a blog post with the ones you considered!

    1. What a gorgeous mural, I haven’t seen that one before! Your nursery is going to be amazing. A gold metal crib will be perfect with it too. I’m thinking I’ll do the same to contrast against the white. The search begins!

  34. Love it all !! Only tip is make sure the rug is knee friendly. You will be crawling around with the little one before you know it. Even reading a book to them in your chair, they want to crawl around the floor. 🙂 Well they are all different but it happens way too fast. Love #3 chandelier. Books, books and more books ! Best of luck

  35. I’m going to agree with everyone’s comments- chandy #3 is the prettiest, just a bonus that it’s cheap.

    Also going to offer some unsolicited and well meaning advice: to me, and granted I have a touch of OCD, the seagrass changing basket looks like a poop nightmare. I shudder to think of all the nooks and crannies that has for inevitable accidents and messes. Perhaps a solid box-style changing topper, and save the sea grass baskets for toys and storage?

    Just my two cents. It’s all lovely, and I’m looking forward to seeing it come together. <3

  36. What a beautiful room! I especially love the forest mural. The only thing that brings out the pediatric nurse in me is the hanging bassinet. It doesn’t look like it would pass the safety regulations for baby cribs and bassinets. Here is a link for Canadian regulations which are stronger than the U.S. standards. Also remember no bumper pads, pillows, soft toys in the baby’s bed.

  37. Hi Jenna Sue,

    I’ve been subscribed to your channel for years now and I always wait anxiously for a new post, plus I love to watch your YouTube uploads as well. Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy, I wish you both joy and happiness and sleep-filled nights . 🙂

    As for the lighting choice, I would select Option #3. The room is on the small side and the size of the first light fixture looks too large for the space. I may be incorrect though, and it’s just a thought. I feel a bit odd giving you my opinion when I have admired your sense of style for so long, and often refer back to many of your older posts for inspiration and ideas.

    As always, I look forward to seeing what else you dream up. Best of luck also with the rental, I hope things move quickly so you can finally rent it out and begin making back all you’ve invested.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion, Susan! The third chandelier is actually the largest (widest) but the room has tall ceilings so it should be fine. I just bought it yesterday! 🙂

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