The Nursery Reveal

Today is the room reveal I’ve waited weeks, months and years for… and my friends, it was worth the wait! My design dreams have been fulfilled and I can’t imagine a more perfect space for our little princess. Click to watch the reveal below:

Before I share the photos (warning: there are a ton), make sure to get caught up on our progress over the past couple months:

Nursery Design Plan

Nursery Changing Station

Nursery Closet

The Big Nursery Molding Project

Without further ado, our french country forest nursery…

Where do we begin? How about the real MVP of the room—all of the gorgeous molding from Ekena Millwork:

I linked to the exact molding we used in this post, so make sure to check that out for all the details. It truly takes the feeling of this room to another level, like you’re walking into a mini-palace. Fancy millwork for life!

Perhaps my favorite piece of molding in the room is this facia we installed above the closet doors, which makes it look like an armoire. And about these doors—they’re the Chateau bifold doors from Simpson Door Co, which we mounted on individual hinges to swing outwards. The French curves are perfect for this room!

I had the most fun designing this closet.

Where else would I be able to use pink stripes and gold bows? Obviously, I had to take advantage of the opportunity!

Next to the closet is the highly functional changing nook. We planned ahead during construction and had our builder leave this nook open, and I found the perfectly sized vintage dresser that doubles as a changing table.

I refinished it, added a hidden storage shelf on the back wall for diaper supplies, added a seagrass changing basket and scored a sweet vintage mirror for $35.

I also DIY’d this flower mobile using a wreath wire frame and faux flowers from Michaels. I’m thinking this will instill in her a deep love of florals 🙂

If the molding is the key player in this room, the rainforest mural from Rocky Mountain Decals is sure giving it a run for its’ money…

This was the very first thing I picked out for the nursery many months ago, and the jumping off point of the design. It’s peel and stick removable paper which made for an easier install, and even better, a quick removal once we’re ready to take it down (hopefully not for a while!)

The room just came alive after the mural went up. I think I need one in every room…

The hanging macrame bassinet was a registry gift and I still can’t believe it’s only $50! It’s really just a placeholder until I find the perfect crib, which we won’t need for another six months since she’ll be sleeping in a bassinet in our room until then. Maybe I’ll use it as a toy holder in the meantime…

I wrapped a eucalyptus garland around the rope for an extra foresty-touch. The little details matter!

One major nursery must-have, according to my findings, are blackout curtains. Dark rooms are key to making sure baby sleeps well, and I take my sleep very seriously.

I worked with Barn & Willow on these custom extra wide ivory drapes, using their organic cotton fabric which looks like linen up close.

They’re fully lined blackout, super thick and extra luxurious. I even sprung for the 2-pinch pleat style which make them feel so much fancier! I love that they’re neutral and classic enough to stay in this room forever, even as it transitions (I used this gold curtain rod found on Amazon).

One item I spent a lot of time researching was the glider. There are surprisingly few affordable, stylish and functional gliders on the market, and I waited for a month for this one to come back in stock. SO WORTH IT.

It’s extremely comfortable, has a super smooth glide and swivel, has stain and water resistant linen fabric (supposedly) and (my favorite part!) an ottoman with storage. Of course I haven’t had a chance to give it the real-life baby test yet, but after an exhaustive search, I’m gonna make a bold claim that it’s the best ivory/cream glider on the entire internet for under $400.

See that little side table?

A $13 find on OfferUp, refinished in Maison Blanche gold metallic paint and organza wax. Love the way it turned out!

Another find I’m loving is this Wayfair chandelier for only $180:

I was debating between it and two other (much more expensive) options and I’m so glad I went with this one. It’s the perfect size for this room (35″w), has a nice rustic finish and I think the simpler style is a nice contrast against all the fancy millwork.

The braided jute rug is another Wayfair find that I couldn’t be happier with. It’s relatively affordable, exactly as pictured online, and soft enough for baby (isn’t that the sweetest big sister in the window?)

For the back wall, I found these darling baby animal flower crown prints on Etsy and used Ikea frames.

The hooks are vintage replicas I found on Ebay and aged them with rub n buff.

My hormones can barely handle the cuteness right now.

Now that the nursery is FINISHED(!) we are 100% ready for baby to be here in our arms. I’m glad she didn’t come early so we could get everything done, but I’m hoping she comes on her own before we have to evict her.

Last week (before the nursery was finished) we had a last minute maternity shoot with local photographer Stacy Larsen, so I thought I’d share a few photos from that session! It was so nice to get out of my DIY clothes for once and capture these last memories before our lives change forever…

A huge thank you to Stacy for these beautiful photos, we will cherish them forever!

Okay baby girl, the nursery is ready for you. We’re ready for you. 

59 thoughts on “The Nursery Reveal

  1. It’s so beautiful. I’ve followed your journey for years, since your Florida house, and I’m so happy for you! Also, those curtains are a showstopper in and of themselves!!

  2. Congratulations on your baby girl, and here’s to hoping all of your dreams and wishes come true. Always remember, as time goes on try to find the time to appreciate those smaller parts of life, because it’s the small parts of life that make the whole. The smaller, tender moments that will capture your attention and take your breath away, but always with a smile.

  3. 21 weeks with a baby girl myself… so I’m definitely not crying 😭 It is all so beautiful!!! I’m so happy for you all and can not wait to see pictures of that baby girl soon!!!!

  4. I mean this is the most beautiful nursery! So creative…your are so talented! Did you mention the paint color?

  5. So so stunning! It reminds me very much of the Montessori approach- if you haven’t heard of that child rearing philosophy I think you would really enjoy it!

  6. The video gave me chills and then I read your post and got chills again! Your most beautiful room ever!! You can feel the love and happiness in this room. GORGEOUS.

  7. Jenna….
    Love EVERYTHING in that room!!! Gorgeous!!!!
    Wished I had your decorating skills…..
    Cant wait for you both….
    If you are bored while waiting… I have few questions…. Ill
    be happy to pay you.
    Need to give you a hug!
    love, Cindy

  8. I am so excited for you and Lucas. Sounds like baby girl picked the right parents. Her nursery turned out beautifully. Good Luck!

  9. I think the silhouette picture of you is my fave! You look so happy, peaceful and blessed! 😍 and that wall mural! 💖

    1. I love so much this one too ! Peaceful is the right word for this …Appreciate this waiting time, because soon, you will not have the time !!

  10. This is the perfect room for a princess!!! The bows on the drawers! The mouldings 😍. The wallpaper mural… the stripes! The closet and the nook… I am literally gushing over every. single. detail. I have to send this link to my husband now because I’ve been talking about this for so long! Your maternity photos are even more stunning. Now for the best masterpiece- your precious princess!

  11. It’s perfection! Wishing you a wonderful delivery and a healthy baby girl! Enjoy each and every moment of this new adventure in your lives. Time will fly by.

  12. Jenna and Lucas, it is absolutely beautiful…every single detail. So very happy for you both. Wishing you a safe and happy delivery.

  13. I want the “Real life” shot later when the toys and books from all the friends and grandparents rain down on you. Haha.

  14. I’m at loss on the words to use on describing this room! It’s just beautiful. Oh and the photos; just stunning. I’m so happy for the two of you and wish you a safe and happy delivery. You’re in my prayers.

  15. Congratulations to you both. I visited Versailles last week and your nursery would fit right in. Every detail is beautiful and restful

  16. It is the dreamiest, more perfect nursery ever! You and Lucas have put so much LOVE into this room for your sweet little girl. Someday when she is older and looks at these pictures, she will realize again, how much she was loved and desired before you ever set eyes on her. God bless your sweet family of “soon to be 3”!

  17. I have been married 34 years and never had children. But this nursery is one of my favorite rooms you’ve ever done. I love how it’s not “babyish” at all. It’s just lovely. My favorite is the crown molding!

  18. The nursery is just like everything in your life…..”beautiful” it is breathtaking!
    I have followed you through so much over the years, you, your talents, your heart, and your soul just keep getting better, together with Lucas your daughter will be a true winner in life, it is so refreshing to see two parents so invested in loving and raising their child, I am so , so , so happy and excited for both you and Lucas, what an amazing story, what an amazing life……I always look forward ygoto your next chapter…..good luck….you got this~

  19. This is probably THE CUTEST nursery I’ve ever seen. WOW! It is amazing!!! You did a great job!!! So sweet!

  20. It’s absolutely magical!
    Excited to see baby girl in it.
    Wishing you a safe and healthy delivery.
    (She will come when she’s ready!)
    Hugs to you all!

  21. You nursery reveal leaves me in awe. It is such a beautiful room for your daughter. You and your husband have worked so hard to make your house a perfect home to start your family. Congratulations and prayers for your birth process and a healthy beautiful baby.

  22. It’s not only the most beautiful nursery but the most beautiful room I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to meet your baby girl who will get to live in the room💕

  23. Honestly THE dreamiest, sweetest, most beautiful nursery I have EVER seen!!! I can almost hear birds chirping and a soft breeze blowing as I look through the photos over and over!!! Congrats on #1 having the nursery complete and stunning!! #2 becoming a mama!! It will be magical! Now let’s see that sweet girl!! ❤️
    Hate to ask, Did you include the gorgeous paint colors?

  24. Absolutely stunning ! A truly beautiful nursery perfect for a little girl , Thankyou for letting us in .

  25. The nursery is perfect for your little princess. Now if only she would hurry up and come out. My first one was way overdue but he finally arrived and the waiting was so worth it. Sending lots of love and hugs for a safe and speedy delivery.

  26. Such a sweet nursery! Your style leaves me breathless – though I should be used to you by now. Best wishes for a speedy labor and delivery. Can’t wait to see this precious bundle.

  27. I’m pretty sure I’m your biggest fan 😉 It’s evident that you put thought and research in to every single detail and the result is unique and inspiring. Thank you for sharing how you work your magic. This room truly is magical.

  28. The prettiest nursery I have ever seen. Just the right amount of baby and the right amount of sophistication. Love every detail – and the moulding to make the closet look like an armoire is genius!

  29. SO SO Lovely!! You’ve given a new build heart and character. I’d also HIGHLY recommend getting some toy storage. You’re going to need it sooner than you think. We have a mix of hidden a visible (kids don’t play with toys that can’t see, but who wants to see them?!) Baskets are a good middle ground…mostly hidden, but also kind of open.

  30. Jenna~
    Your sweet little princess will love her room. It is absolutely STUNNING! Every single detail is just dripping in “gorgeousness” :-). Blessings for a safe delivery. Enjoy your perfect gift from the hand of God. 🙂
    Deb 🙂

  31. LOVE it!! Gorgeous nursery! Congratulations on your angel! Just wanted to know what you used on the dresser pulls to give them that ‘gold’ tone. Thank you!

  32. Beautiful nursery! I love the rocker and have been looking into it! Do you have a review of it since using it? Thank you!

    1. Yes, still in love with it! Super comfy and it glides so smoothly. We haven’t had any spills yet so I can’t speak on the cleanability of the fabric, but I did scotch guard it.

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