Heights House Kitchen Reveal

After over a year of dreaming, planning and building… our Heights House Kitchen is FINALLY complete!

You may remember we started planning the design way back in February 2018 for the original Heights House (RIP) and stuck with a similar layout/footprint for the new Heights House. We worked with Lowe’s to design the custom cabinetry, counters and appliances, which I went into detail on in this planning post.

There were so many elements that had to come together for this room—including coordinating installs with our builder’s team and Lowe’s subcontractors, waiting on special order appliances and scheduling everything in order, and adding our own DIY touches like appliance panels, a custom range hood and shelves, wine cabinet and refinished antique pieces.

The kitchen was the last (and most complicated) room in the house to complete, as expected, so we didn’t mind the wait. All good things take time!

Make sure to read my last progress update for all the details on the custom range hood, appliances and accessories (and more!)

Without further ado, here’s how our kitchen looks today…

For those who were waiting on the results of my rug fashion show post—the winner has been chosen! Did you guess correctly?

I’m in full-on fall mode over here, and the warm tones are the perfect way to get in the seasonal spirit.

I’ve been baking every pumpkin recipe I can find and lighting all the spiced candles. Isn’t autumn the best?

Installing these floating shelves was a DIY project we tackled a couple months back, using Shelfology heavy duty floating brackets and cypress boards from a local sawmill (you can see a few progress shots in my Heights House Story highlights on Instagram)

The shelves are stocked with mostly thrifted/vintage items I’ve collected over the years. You can never go wrong with classic white and wood!

Speaking of vintage… this barrister bookcase was a Facebook Marketplace find I refinished (painted & frosted the glass) and now it’s our pantry storage. I love the contrast it adds!

And then of course we have this vintage beauty, also a refinished FB Marketplace find. We simply sanded the stain and varnish to reveal the natural wood finish.

In this cabinet you’ll find our microwave, toaster, glasses and mugs.

These custom roman shades from Blinds Galore were the very last finishing touch in this kitchen.

I debated on adding window treatments, but I think they go a long way to soften the look of the room and make it feel cozy and lived in!

Of course, I have to mention the focal point in the room…

We waited several months for this beauty to be built and shipped from Italy, and after owning it for a couple months, I don’t regret it. We’ve had issues with a few of the burners not working sometimes (apparently the stove wasn’t calibrated properly) and we’re still working with Hallman to fix it—but it has been great for a few dinner and pizza making parties we’ve hosted.

You still won’t find a similar range at or near this price point, so for me, the savings absolutely justifies the purchase.

How fun is this ladder? We had it custom made by a local metal shop and they did an amazing job. No more standing on chairs to get to the wine! 😉

Just behind the ladder is our dining area. The only thing we bought for this room so far is a dining table

What you don’t see is the mess of boxes and bills and baby gear carefully cropped out of the shot 😉

One day I’ll get around to getting new chairs, a chandelier and artwork for the dining room. For now, I’m just enjoying having a finished kitchen.

And so is Susie, who saw my camera come out and took full advantage of the opportunity.

Such a sweetheart… I love this girl!

I love this shot captured by Shannon during our shoot a couple weeks ago.

And just for fun, a photo my sister took back in April (with a 5 month baby bump!)

We’ve come a long way, baby!


Walls: Sherwin Williams Alabaster

French Oak floors 

Cabinets: Kraftmaid Durham Maple Square in Mushroom

Counters: Silestone Calacatta Gold Quartz 

Drawer knobs 

Drawer pulls 

Appliance pulls 

48” Hallman Range 

KitchenAid panel ready fridge

Bosch 800 series dishwasher 

30” VIGO sink

Brass bridge faucet

Brass pot filler 

Wall sconces 

Shelfology floating brackets

Roman shades (Camdyn Pumice cordless relaxed fit)

Hutch & bookcase: antique

Ladder: Custom fabricated locally


Stoneware plates and bowls

Shelf accessories: vintage, thrifted

Dining table

Alright friends, there’s another pumpkin recipe with my name on it so back to the kitchen I go. I hope you enjoyed our kitchen reveal and it was worth the wait! More fall inspiration on the way…

55 thoughts on “Heights House Kitchen Reveal

  1. simple but just stunning! my favorite is the ladder and of course, the range from Italy! I noticed not much counter space so, will you be able to fit a rolling island? that will add character and fill in some space in the middle. enjoy the cuddles at the newborn stage. they grow up so fast!

    1. I love the old world feel of the kitchen. I love the way you used the the armoire top and barrister cabinet . It really adds to the European feel of the kitchen 😍

  2. I love everything about this. You have such a great design style. So warm and inviting. I’m totally copying you for our new house. Thanks for making it easy 😉

  3. I feel like I’m looking at a kitchen in Europe. The range hood, the natural wood shelves, the 2 refinished cabinets…it’s all so old-world European. And I’m so glad that’s the rug you picked! It was by far my favorite of the fashion show. Everything is so perfect! (and I see plenty of counter space)

  4. It’s so beautiful! And let’s all take a moment to notice the beautiful foliage!! ☺️ Everything looks great! Especially love the two cabinets on the counters to house the appliances!

  5. Absolute perfection!!! The only thing I would love to see is a very light washed painted design across the front edge of stucco(drywall) range hood, directly above the range. Colors in a very light grey, mushroom and maybe touch gold color with a simple aged design. It would make the design of hood be more pronounced and add to the overall old world French design. I bet in all your travels you could find an inspiration design pic. SO BEAUTIFUL! Ageless, you will never get tired of classics with great design elements. Perfect 10!

  6. This is sooo beautiful. It’s soft, simple and has a vintage elegance. Are you considering some sort of work table in the center? Not that it needs anything at all….but just wondering as far as practicality….

  7. I just don’t understand the lack of an actual pantry. Considering you don’t have an island, the cabinet taking up counter space just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not even talking from a design perspective but from my experience as a classically trained cook. Everything is beautiful, but functionally speaking… I’m
    Not so sure.

    1. The barrister bookcase holds our dry food and we are planning to add additional cabinetry in the adjacent laundry room which will double as pantry storage.

  8. OMG I can’t stop staring at all these pictures. Absolutely gorgeous!! You continue to blow me away with each and every space you design 🙂 Love it all!!

    1. So beautiful calm totally you .
      Why yu don’t have a island ?
      Its seem you have room .
      Enjoy your new kitchen !

  9. So very pretty, timeless. I look forward to your posts and love your design and your story, but that Susie is the cutest thing ever and I so enjoy seeing her in all the photos.

  10. This kitchen is perfection. Everything! Plenty of counter space and no island. Just the way you planned it. Totally stealing this idea.💕💕💕

  11. Your kitchen is stunning! I love the open feel of the space, I feel like you can breathe (and maybe dance a little while cooking)! You have such beautiful home and family! Congratulations!

  12. The kitchen is wonderful! Every.thing.in.it! I am planning a home (with house plan) next year. I had designed and built a French plastered hood for a client several years ago. I’ve saved all the pics of yours and want to have it in my new kitchen. I have a number of other things saved from your house (iron wall lighting in dining room, beams, wood flooring, doors, etc.). It’s great when I find just what I love and want without having to do all the searching myself. So, Jenna and Luke, my heartfelt thanks for your sharing all your wonderful ideas and sources!😘👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👱🏻‍♂️👶🏻👩🏼💜

  13. This is absolutely gorgeous, but no surprise coming from from you 😉 Curious if you’ve thought about painting the range surround (maybe the same color as the cabinets?) to make it “pop”? It’s so beautiful but unfortunately blends in. I also agree with other comments re: an island. Both from a functionality standpoint but also to fill the negative space. A natural wood one to match the cabinet would look amazing. Just a thought 🙂

  14. Amazing as always!!

    Do you have a link for the art lights in the dining area? I didn’t see them in your earlier posts either…just curious which ones they are!

  15. After reading the comments, I had to chime in and say PLEASE don’t touch that hood like some people have suggested! It is beautiful in its simplicity. The form is what makes it interesting; it doesn’t need color to do that.

    And since you are not a classically trained cook, but an experienced designer/renovator, I think your kitchen planning accounted for the storage that you yourself will need for they type of cooking you do.

    I love this kitchen. Airy, light-filled, and peaceful–perfect!

  16. Stunning! I love the open feel. I am curious how deep is your hutch? I had never thought about hiding the microwave inside something like that but now I am totally intrigued. The wine storage and ladder are just too cool too. Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. LOVE your kitchen! Clever ideas with barrister bookcase and wine/ladder idea – so neat! Just have to say looking from the pic you took – those dining chairs and their awesome stripes tie in so nicely with your kitchen cabs – I wouldn’t change them for different, no way.

    Your range is of what dreams are made. Wow.

  18. I’ve been thinking about this exact color scheme (beige cabinets marble counters) and this is def helping to seal the deal! So so classic and beautiful. Any opinions on your panel ready kitchen aid fridge?

    1. Thanks Rachel, no complaints with the fridge so far! It’s counter depth so there is less interior room than a standard depth fridge, but it’s enough space for the 3 of us 🙂

  19. It’s lovely Jenna and Lucas, well done. I am reading all the questions about adding an island but I can’t see any need for one, I’d rather dance in the kitchen! Just own less stuff, right?

  20. Do you ever think you’ll want a little island in the middle of the kitchen to give yourself a little more counter space and fill the void? It looks so open to me, but I don’t know how it feels in real life. I do know it looks beautiful in pictures!

  21. How high did you hand your floating shelves? We just ordered the hardware from Shelfology, and we can’t really decide on a height for the bottom shelf.

    This kitchen is beautiful, and such an inspirational space!!! I love that your little one will have plenty of room to play in the middle of it as she grows older!

  22. Hi, everything is beautiful 💙 definitely very european without the island. Can you tell me what your color cabinet is from. I know you said mushroom but can’t find a color called mushroom only from devol kitchens but not sure they sell paint color, I really love it! Thanks for your inspiration!!

  23. Beautiful kitchen! I enjoy the shots with Susie! Especially the two with her backside reflection in the oven door window. The one shows just her ears! She’s a cutie!

  24. So stunning! So happy to have found your blog and Instagram. What paint and sheen did you use on the hood? It is so beautiful.

  25. Love your kitchen! How are you liking your Hellman range? I’ve been looking at them but don’t like the open look at the bottom. Is your panel at the bottom custom or did you order that from Hallman? It’s exactly what I would want!

    1. Thanks Emily! We ordered the optional toe kick. We’re happy with our purchase, though the burners are finicky which is annoying. The technician said that’s just the way these stoves are, so we’ll have to live with it. Still worth it for the price, IMO!

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