My favorite neutral rugs under $200 from Lowe’s

This post is part of a paid collaboration with Lowe’s Home Improvement. All opinions are my own.

It has been a while since my last kitchen update at the Heights House, but the last pieces of the puzzle have finally come together and it’s just about ready for its debut!

When designing this space, I knew right away that the rug would be a key element. The simple shaker style cabinets and neutral color palette would allow for the rug to dictate the overall feeling of the room through color and pattern. When it comes to more permanent choices like cabinets, I tend to go neutral so that I can easily change up the style through more affordable accessories like rugs.

With a blank canvas to work with, I could take this room in any direction so I began my search online at Lowe’s. I’ve ordered rugs through them before and knew they had an impressive selection (literally tens of thousands of options) so I felt confident I’d be able to find something that fit the bill.

First up: deciding on the size—this is always the first step when choosing a rug! I opted for a larger rug in the center rather than a runner in front of the sink, as it felt much more balanced (and once baby starts crawling around it’ll be nice to have a softer area for her to play on while we’re working in the kitchen).

With our floor space measuring 8’ wide, a 5’ rug was perfect to fill the space nicely without crowding it. The length didn’t matter as much—both the standard 7’ and 8’ would work.

With the size determined, I began to narrow down my search criteria. There were over 9,000 options in those two sizes alone, but I wasn’t done narrowing down.

Next, and perhaps most important in my book: price. As much as I love a vintage one of a kind rug, I can’t bring myself to justify spending a fortune when there are so many affordable and stylish options out there—especially when you like to switch up the look of a room as much as I do. I set a max budget of $200, which still gave me over 5,600 results!

Now is when you grab a tall mug of pumpkin spice coffee, put on some music and enjoy a little “me” time (that’s what online shopping is for me, at least 😉)

I spread it out over a few days, but eventually made it through all 131 page results. Normally I’d narrow down by color as well, but I didn’t have a very specific look in mind and wanted to see what caught my eye. My preference was to find something relatively neutral with a subtle (ideally vintage-esque) pattern, but with enough color to contrast with the beige and white and bring a little personality into the room.

After my exhaustive search, these were the top five contenders:

From my experience, rugs are one of the most difficult items to shop for online because they’re not only very tactile objects, but the colors almost always look different on screen than they do in person (even when comparing to the ‘real life’ customer photos).

Just like you’d never want to choose a paint color without putting samples on the wall first, I wouldn’t commit to buying a rug unless I had access to samples first or it had an easy return policy. Fortunately, Lowe’s offers free shipping AND returns, and you can simply return online purchases to your nearest store instead of having to ship them back.

Rather than trying to narrow it down to just one, I thought it’d be fun to share my top five budget-friendly vintage style rugs from Lowe’s. Who’s ready for a rug fashion show?!

Option 1: Allen + Roth Brookford Charcoal/Ivory Rectangular Indoor Handcrafted Area Rug, $198

This wool rug was the thickest and heaviest of the bunch, and super soft underfoot.

The overall color was a bit more beige than how it appears on my monitor, which has somewhat of a green/yellow tint.

It’s a lovely design with a high quality feel, though it has a more traditional look vs the vintage style I’m after, and the beige wasn’t providing much contrast to the cabinets and floors.

Option 2: Safavieh Brentwood Surat Cream/Gray Vintage Area Rug, $80

Coming in as the most affordable option, this rug is on the thinner side (0.3” pile height) but very smooth and soft. The coloring is quite a bit cooler in person (at least in my kitchen) with slate blue-gray and ivory tones.

The polypropylene fibers make the colors shift at different angles—you can see in the first photo it appears to be a very subtle light gray, but the color and pattern really jump out when you’re standing directly above it.

I love the subtle design of this rug and the neutral hues, and it’s a great choice if I’m leaning towards cooler/blue tones.

Option 3: Safavieh Valencia Jiles Gray/Cream Vintage Area Rug, $176

This rug had a similar weight and feel to Option 2 with a 0.25” pile height, though the material is a woven soft polyester. I didn’t notice much of a color shift from different angles, which I like.

The coloring is a neutral gray with green and light brown detailing, which I thought was a nice complement to the beige cabinets.

This rug is definitely neutral enough to last through different seasons/decor styles or move around to other rooms in the future.

Option 4: Safavieh Vintage Mosed Gray/Multi Rectangular Vintage Area Rug, $186

Made with power loomed viscose yarn, this rug is most vintage looking of them all. The fibers are smooth and soft, almost like velvet, so when you rub your hand across it the color will change.

It also looks quite different from every angle, as you can see in the photos. The coloring is bluer in person than the warm gray displayed on my screen, although when I had it unrolled in the living room it read as more of a cool gray.

I really liked the faded vintage pattern, but would have to decide if the blue and lavender tones were the direction I wanted to take for this kitchen.

Option 5: Kaleen Boho Patio Taupe Rectangular Vintage Area Rug, $199

The most expensive of the bunch, this polyester flat weave rug is suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

It’s one of the thinnest at 0.125” pile height, but there are no shiny fibers which means the coloring is consistent at every angle. With the lights on, the rust/burgundy tones are more prevalent in person than depicted online, though at certain times of day it does read as a neutral taupe overall.

This rug was the most realistic looking vintage option, in my opinion, and great for hiding stains. It’s also the boldest color so I’d have to be fully committed to the warmer tones.

And there you have it, a complete review of my favorite neutral rugs at Lowe’s! Which one is your favorite, and which one do you think I chose? I’m looking forward to sharing the winner in the kitchen reveal soon!

Hopefully this post will save you time searching online if you’re in the market for something that won’t break the bank. And since Lowe’s makes it super easy (and free) to return without question, don’t hesitate to order a few rugs (or more) at once—it’s always better to have options than to settle!

Stay tuned for more kitchen updates next week,

49 thoughts on “My favorite neutral rugs under $200 from Lowe’s

  1. Hands down, Kaleen Boho is THE ONE! I like that the color is consistent from different angles and the colors seem to really compliment the floors and cabinets. My initial reaction to the other more traditional rugs was that they seemed more appropriate for bedrooms….but perhaps that was due to their colorings as well.

    1. I like #5 the best, but the colors as shown on my monitor may not be accurate. Besides taupe, I see peach, blue, and turquoise; my favorite colors!

  2. It’s crazy how different they all look in different pics, different light, etc!
    For your kitchen, I choose # 3. Can’t wait to see the reveal!

    1. Rugs are funny like that, it’s crazy how they vary so much — probably even more than paint colors! Just goes to show how you can never really be sure until you see it in person in your own space.

  3. Well.. is this interesting, when I looked on IG my first choice was the bluish gray… but seeing it on the blog.. I’m not sure… love the vintage look of it tho.

  4. I like option 1 the best by far! In the pictures at least, it looks higher quality and therefore fits with your kitchen (which is beautiful and looks luxury/high end) . The other options look a little cheap to me and feel out of place. I also like the colors and pattern of the first option best. Just my two cents! You always make everything look great though!

  5. They are all good choices. I think my pick with your cabinetry would be number one. I just love the colors. However, I think you might have selected number five. Anxious to see which way you go! Hope all is going well with your new baby girl! She is adorable!

  6. That is tough Jenna! I think my favorites are #3 if you’re going for cool tones, and #5 if you want warm. But, since you went with warm tones in your living room, my best guess would be #5. 🙂

  7. I love the first and the last, but the last one is by far my favorite! I think it really adds a richness to the space and complements the cabinets and hardware without stealing the show too much!

  8. I love #1 but doubt that’s the one you chose. I’m also guessing you have other elements you plan to implement which could make any of the others the obvious choice. Looking forward to the reveal!

  9. I like them all but I feel like the cooler-toned ones don’t complement your kitchen as well. So for me it’d be #5 for sure, with #1 second.

  10. #5 is my favorite. Not too light or dark, and blends beautifully with the rest of your kitchen without hogging all the attention.

  11. Love option 5 – maybe it’s the warmth it adds? I’m usually about the neutral grays in rugs, but #5 is really calling to me in that space!

  12. Option#5 yes please!!!I wouldn’t be surprised if you picked Option#1. Word of serious advice. Viscose in rugs when exposed to even water will PERMANENTLY stain the rug. I have an expensive rug my daughter in law spilled small amount clear water on, permanently left a large light white stain on rug(rug linen color) that cannot be removed. I purchased an entire home of rugs at a major design center and the rug dept has a sign warning all clients purchasing rugs with this fiber that they stain. My designer would NOT LET ME BUY any rug with it. Just FYI since I ruined a rug with just a little bottled water spill. Your daughter is beyond beautiful and so happy for your family all went well.

  13. I love number one the best because it seems to be the highest quality and I love how it brings out the gold on your gorgeous stove. I think it looks a little more high-end too. I have to say I got a thin rug most recently for my kitchen and I regret not getting one of a little bit higher quality. Cannot wait to see the reveal and kiss that baby for me.

    1. I love #1 as well. I think it picks up the color in your cabinetry and hardware and it also has the dark tone of your pantry cabinet.

  14. I dearly love #5 but if you are leaning toward blue, this was probably not your pick. I’m thinking you might have selected #2.

  15. Honestly, in a kitchen I think the rug would be a tripping hazard which you don’t want if you’re carrying a baby or pot of spaghetti! Do you plan to add an island? Also little toddler rolling play things they sit in would only be able to move around the perimeter where you might be working! Just done practical thoughts to consider.

  16. Number 5 right off the hop! The kitchen is so neutral that it needs a kick of color and warmth and this is the only one that provides both.

  17. My gut says #5. I feel like you chose #1 though. I don’t think any of them are wrong though!!! For the record, I love a rug in the kitchen. I feel like it really makes the room feel loved!

  18. Option #5 is my favorite because of its vintage look, the colors, it’s nice and flat ,which I like for the kitchen, and because it’s indoor/outdoor, it seems like a good choice for a kitchen where it will be exposed to spills, food and a variety of other messy stuff.

  19. My favorite is definitely #1. I also like the last one, although you’d really have to commit to a warmer palette.

  20. Love Brookford Charcoal/Ivory #1 for a true complementary color scheme. But for a beautiful major contrast I really love the Safavieg Vintage Mosed Gray #4. Both need lots of green plants to bring life to the space. It’s really coming along. And how is your beautiful daughter Esme Rose doing?

  21. Option #5 Kaleen Boho! It gives a nice contrast and I love the warms tones vs the cool tones. I love your blog Jenna, and have been following it for over 5 years now! Thank you so much for sharing all your talents and, most of all, congratulations on your beautiful bundle of joy!! <3

  22. I like 4 and 5 because of the higher contrast. Since #5 is indoor/outdoor, it should be easy to clean with hosing it down. As I’ve learned with kitchen rugs, they get dirtier than other rooms due to drips and drops as you walk around. So that would be a big factor in my decision.

  23. Option 2 or 4!! Leaning more towards two because I feel like the whole changing colors thing on the dark one would possibly bug me. They are all beautiful though!!

  24. The last one!!It will hide the dirt best in the kitchen too:)Solid dark colours can be stressful as it shows anything.This is what I would have chosen for my living room had I not been gifted a different one.

  25. #5 is the winner for me!! I think it looks great with the floors, walls and cabinets. Can’t wait to see what you chose!

  26. Love the video of them all rolling out. So fun! I am in the market for a large (9×12) natural fiber rug for under $400, so I’m going to look at Lowe’s! I don’t know yet if they’ll have something perfect, but I love the idea of returning it for free to the local store! What a great option. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Beautiful! Could you link the flooring or the blog post about it?! I saw this pic on your IG and I’m scrolling through your blog looking for it but I can find the post about it! LOVE that floor!

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