Heights House Powder Bath

Some of you may have caught a few glimpses of our DIY progress in this room on my Instagram stories over the past several months, but it’s one space in this house I haven’t shared yet… until today!

Here’s how it looked earlier this year when the house was still under construction:

And here was the design plan I came up with:

After the floors and trim were in, Lucas and I installed the wallpaper. I didn’t save any photos of this process and I’ll say it was by far the most challenging wallpaper installation we’ve done because it wrapped around the whole room. I’m just glad our marriage survived the ordeal 😉

Fortunately, this pattern is extremely forgiving and you don’t notice all the areas we had to slice into unless they’re pointed out!

The other major player in this space is the vanity. For weeks I looked for the perfectly sized vintage dresser, and finally found it on Craigslist for a bargain (diligence pays off!)

I sanded it down and refinished it with Maison Blanche‘s Wrought Iron vintage furniture paint which gives it a super rich velvety finish, and sealed with Maison Blanche’s clear antique wax.

I also kept the original wood knobs and gave them a couple coats of Rustoleum Metallic gold spray paint, which I believe is the most realistic gold shade in a can (I did my research!)

For an added layer of dimension and protection, I wiped on a bit of gold rub n buff as well (that stuff is my new favorite find, I’ll have to do a blog post all about it!)

To convert the dresser into a vanity, I opted for an undermount sink (because of the taller height) so we had to cut out the center of the top two drawers to accommodate the plumbing. Easy work with our dremel.

Then we had a custom top and backsplash made from white quartz (I arranged this through my builder’s stone guy). I was able to show him inspiration photos, give him the dimensions and he did the rest.

And then came the wall mounted faucet of my dreams (the price dropped $80 since I bought it earlier this year—still worth every penny!)

Tip: if you’re building a new home… make sure to plan out all of your plumbing BEFORE the rough-in stage! We had to pay to redo the plumbing in this room because I decided on a wall mounted setup after the fact. Sigh…. but #noregrets.

I saved money with a $41 sink, then splurged a little for my favorite handsome toilet (of course).

A few more little details, and this room is done!

The very last piece was just installed last week—our custom linen roman shade from JCPenney of all places. This is the fourth one I’ve purchased and I’m obsessed with them (especially for the price!)

I’m a huge fan of classic toile, and I think powder baths are the perfect place for it.

You can barely see it peeking through in the next photo, but I found this great vintage style pendant light for only $90:

I love the way the vanity turned out, too. Refinishing dressers are the easiest way to save money and add character—win-win!

One of my favorite things in this room is the Anthropologie mirror. I’d been eyeing it for months and actually received it as a gift from a client!

This room is really all about the small details, like the 9″ Emtek door handles used throughout the house (you can read more about our door hardware in this post).

Another budget buy was the $15 Amazon towel ring and $20 wrought iron TP holder.

I love using these amber bottles for hand soap—I bought several to use in multiple bathrooms. The vase was a $1 thrift store find!

These vintage framed drawings were also a thrift store find from years ago.

I think that covers everything!

What’s your favorite detail?


Trim: SW Pure White

Vanity: Vintage, Maison Blanche Wrought Iron paint






Pendant light

Window shade


TP holder

Towel holder

Amber soap dispenser

Artwork & vase: thrifted

Next on the blog: our new smart home features plus living room design plans!

40 thoughts on “Heights House Powder Bath

  1. It’s beautiful! My favorite detail is definitely the antique refinished dresser with the custom top. ❤️

      1. I was wondering the same thing. Would love to see a tutorial on how you and Lucas retrofitted the drawers with cut outs. Love the whole space. The wallpaper and Toilet are perfect. I am on the hunt for a toilet so love the source list.

        1. We just cut the holes out in the center as shown in the photo! Eventually we’ll go back and add vertical pieces around the inside of the drawers 🙂

  2. The vanity! I’ve always admired your ability to envision the final look with subtle changes to things like this dresser. The gold spray paint has been a trial and error nightmare for me and I too finally landed on this brand. I love the tip for the rub n buff!

      1. I’ve used Rub-n-Buff for 25 years! It used to be only in gold, but now other colors, like pewter and copper. My favorite is the quartz counter and curved backsplash with wall mounted faucet. Absolutely beautiful bathroom, Jenna!

  3. Beautiful bathroom, love the vanity and faucet. Great tips with the spray paint and rub n buff. Does it make it more antique looking?

    Also, I’ve been admiring the custom roman shade from JC Penny too. Can you see thru it?

    1. Definitely, I don’t think the spray paint itself looks super realistic as it’s one dimensional, but the rub n buff adds another layer of color that works really nicely, especially with the texture of the wood.

      The shade is privacy and doesn’t block the light, but it’s not see through!

  4. Absolutely love this so much! That vanity it amazing. Can I ask how much the countertop was? It’s so beautiful and I’d love to do something similar!

  5. This powder room is gorgeous! If I stay in it too long, please knock on the door and check on me. haha Love the vanity and mirror. You are a wonderful designer and I can’t wait for the next blog.

  6. Sigh, just gorgeous! The wallpaper and curved backsplash are tied for my second favorites. Oddly enough, my favorites are the framed Williamsburg prints- I grew up there, and instantly recognized Bruton Parish Church and Raleigh Tavern! What a thrifting find, and in great frames, too!

  7. I love, love, love the dresser vanity the best but all of it is awesome. This is all exactly my taste. Great post.

  8. This bathroom is beautiful and classic. Love the wallpaper. As for the installation of the wallpaper not being perfect, I find that the pursuit of diy perfection is the equivalent to driving myself( but mostly my spouse) crazy.

  9. OH. MY. Golly. WOW!
    That is the cutest powder room I think I have ever seen.
    Love, love, LOVEEEEE it!
    Your dresser-turned-vanity-sink is beyond amazing. Well done, just wow. It’s beautiful!!!!!

  10. Small details are the most important to me, the things you may not notice right away but have a huge impact. Love your door hardware, of course the faucet but also the extra little something with the use of Rub n Buff on the knobs. I’ve used it forever and it never fails, plus the colors it comes in now make it very versatile. Funny… my favorite detail? Those vintage prints! I always fee a bit… validated? when one of my favorite designers ever! uses the same things I do… like the amber glass soap dispenser! Ha! Who knew I had such great taste?? 🙂 Your new home is wonderful.

  11. So beautiful…every little detail of it! When we redecorated our bathroom we had a marble top installed and I would never do that again because you have to be so careful not to get anything on it (even when it has been sealed). Quartz all the way for me now. Fantastic choice – very user friendly!

  12. Don’t laugh but my favorite thing is the fact that you planned (maybe it was accidental?) for the towel holder but separating the plugs and switches in a space where they wouldn’t be covered by said towel in the towel holder. Such a frustration of mine. 🙂

  13. This bathroom is so beautiful. I have a question about the flooring – I would never think to put hardwood flooring in a bathroom, even a powder room. Are you concerned about that at all?

    1. Hi Ann, I’m not concerned at all! We have these floors in our kitchen also which has water/spills on a daily basis unlike this room, and hardwood floors in kitchens are very common. A bathroom with a shower/tub would be a different story 🙂

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