Our Christmas Living Room

‘Tis the season to wait til the last minute and then do a Christmas decorating blitz because you’re juggling too many projects and babies 🥴 It’s the most busy wonderful time of the year!

I picked up this mantel on Facebook Marketplace last week on a whim to have somewhere to hang our stockings, and fell in love with the idea of a fireplace in our living room after refinishing it (using Maison Blanche‘s Wrought Iron and matte varnish).

We’ll get an electric insert and make it a permanent fixture soon!

When I last posted about our living room, I was just about to paint this antique sideboard black (the same color as the fireplace). Isn’t it lovely? The cat found her place in the room as the accessory I didn’t know I needed.

The gilded mirror and candelabra are also secondhand finds. Every room needs something vintage 👌

And now for my favorite corner of the room…

This was the tree we had last year, a bit small for this space but wasn’t worth the trouble of getting a new one (next year I’ll have more time to prepare!)

I wanted to try something different this year, inspired by the arrival of our sweet little Esmé Rose. I found these inexpensive flower garlands on Amazon (Black Friday sale, woohoo!) and strung six of them throughout the branches. The woven tree collar is from Target, pinecones & ribbons were DIY ornaments I’ve had for a long time and they continue the natural, feminine theme of the tree.

I also found this handcrafted angel topper on Amazon and thought it was the perfect way to represent our little angel. We’ll tell her how we bought it for her first Christmas, and she’ll be able to hang onto it as a keepsake (it will be pretty as tabletop decor if/when we no longer use it on the tree).

She won’t remember this Christmas, but it’s the one I’ve been looking forward to my entire life. I love that she’ll have these photos forever.

A softer, natural look was the approach I took for the entire room. Lots of greenery, simple whites and ivory ribbon.

You may have also noticed a new addition to this room—we finally have curtains! Lucas and I hung them just a few days ago. They’re custom made from Barn & WillowBelgian flax linen in natural.

Oh my, I’ve never had curtains this luxurious before. I went with the two pinch pleat for a crisp, tailored look and skipped the lining so they’re soft and flowy. There are four panels for the three large windows, and one panel for each window flanking the armoire (I hung them with Ikea curtain rods).

Psst—my favorite rug of all time is back in stock on Amazon and the price dropped! Jump on it now before it sells out again.

The room still isn’t 100% complete, but these drapes certainly make it feel finished and much cozier. What are we still waiting for, you ask?

One of our chairs arrived from Six Penny (it’s perfect!) but the other is MIA, so we’re still waiting on it to arrive. I’ll share more about them in a future update once they’re both here. Hopefully it makes it by Christmas so there’s room for the whole family to gather…

This mantel, though—the most perfect happy accident. So glad I came across it!

Soon there will be a fireplace insert, and something hanging above it on the wall, but a cute baby will do for now. It actually makes a great spot for a photoshoot (complete with outfit changes, of course).

I don’t even have to train the cat anymore, she just takes notice when the camera comes out and knows what to do.

This sheepskin rug from Article also makes a great backdrop for cute babies…

Sorry can’t help myself. IT’S HER FIRST CHRISTMAS!

Not sure how to follow up that last one so here’s a few more with the early morning Christmas tree glow… my favorite time of day.

This room gets the best morning light.

I swear I didn’t pose her under here, she saw the camera come out and stayed for like 20 minutes. PS—those juniper stems are faux!

The tree and garlands are faux too, but the window wreaths are real (I grabbed them last minute from the grocery store). Nothing like the smell of fresh pine to make it feel like Christmas (even in Florida!)

The garnet red velvet cushions are from Article and they coordinate so well with my McGee & Co pillow. Loving the deep reds & greens right now, especially this time of year.

And that just about does it for our Christmas living room tour (if you missed any sources, you can find them all in this post). I really love the way the space is coming together, and just in time for this special season.

Feeling present and grateful a little more this year. We are so incredibly blessed.

More holiday decor, coming up next!

73 thoughts on “Our Christmas Living Room

  1. Hello Beautiful Family
    This living is so warm and lovely.
    I love it so much !!
    Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your family in the New Year!

  2. Your space is beautiful all decked out for your sweet baby’s first Christmas! The fireplace mantel is my favorite. I have an oak surround in our family room. I think I am going to just have to paint it black 🙂 Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  3. Love your living room ….so relaxing and pretty! Cuteness overload with your daughter! Enjoy this special Christmas with her!

  4. Beautiful! I love the mirror and the wreaths! Esmé is absolutely perfect! Enjoy this first Christmas with her as she will be grown before you know it! Merry Christmas to you and yours ❤️

  5. Sweet baby and kitty in front of the mantel…Nailed It! Love all the adorable baby photos. And your drapes are gorgeous! Merry Christmas!🎄🎁

  6. Your living room turned out so warm and inviting. . .this just might be my favorite! Merry Christmas to you and your very precious family.

  7. Oh, my goodness such a sweet baby girl. Lovely photos and Wonderful to see her little smile. And, your cat- I’ve never seen anything like it. Clearly should be hired out for print ads since she’s such a photo pro.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. So much to celebrate this year with the new home and Esme Rose. Joyous.

  8. Beautiful as always!!!!!
    Just a thought -I’d switch the side table and fireplace mantle around ….would bring the warmth closer to sitting area and coziness:)

  9. Your living room is absolutely perfect in every way! I love the simplicity and the beauty of your tree as well. Have a blessed Christmas! Enjoy that little one, the years go way too quickly!

  10. Everything, including baby and cat, are beautiful. The cat’s eyes appear to match the hardware on the sideboard…and Esme’s cable knit sweater is just the cutest! Happy holidays to you all!

  11. Absolute perfection! I love everything about this room and your family is just beautiful!
    I am curious about the IKEA curtain rods as I also have a huge wall of windows that need some attention. How many rods did you use behind the couch and how did you hang them to look so seamless to cover that length? It doesn’t look like the rods are pulled out to show the smaller diameter. I would love to know your secrets 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

    1. We started with two of their longest rods but they bowed in the middle so we had to add a fourth bracket and use 3 rods. These rods bend unfortunately if they’re extended more than a couple feet!

  12. What a wonderful gift you have given to yourselves to be able to share this first Christmas in your new home with little Esme. Bless you all and Merry Christmas.

  13. You did a beautiful job on this room. Perfect in every way. Would love to know where to get a vase like the one on your table?!?

  14. Absolutely love your home and Christmas decor, and as for your baby, she’s the icing on the cake!
    However, although I don’t wish to spoil all of the lovely comments you’ve had, can I just warn you that with those beautiful linen curtains, not having had them lined may have been a big mistake, as I learned from experience! I had pure linen curtains in natural, and within 2 years of only British sunshine, they had changed colour with the sun, creating strange stripes where the sun caught them, so it may be wise to have some linings added if you can.
    Having got that out of the way, I’d like to wish you and your beautiful little family a truly memorable and wonderful Christmas.
    Judi in the UK

    1. Bummer about the curtains! I really hope that doesn’t happen here. The curtains are thicker than I thought and I wanted to avoid making them too bulky with a liner. Fingers crossed we don’t have any issues with them! Merry Christmas Judi.

      1. Either lol
        Probably the big armoir for more room…I don’t know-I always feel the fireplace should take a central place other wise it could feel lopsided lol

  15. You and Lucas did a fantastic job!!!
    I can’t decide what element is my favorite.. Your taste in decor is exquisite. Baby Esme`is so adorable in all her poses. She is beautiful.

    Love seeing the reflection of your tree in the mirror. Did you say that was a CL or FB find? I would love to have your design capabilities.. Simple and Elegant.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!

  16. Love the decor and the sweet family. I also love that Susie poses in your photos too. My black kitty passed away earlier this year so seeing Susie makes me happy.

  17. Living room is so warm and inviting. The drapes are just perfect. Also, Esmé has grown so much and looks healthy and happy. Beautiful family!

  18. Beautiful !! Enjoy every moment. I love the black side table. so pretty. I’m sure you know this, but the best time to buy any Christmas decor is the day after Christmas. I found my tree at Home Depot for $30 (about 15 years ago) and still have it even though we switch out for a real tree sometimes. Another shopping tip (Christmas and clothing) Dillard’s New Years Day sale, no I don’t work there.. If you are looking for clothing go pre shop a few days prior so you can see what fits and what you want to grab on actual sale day (new outfits for Esme!) The Christmas decor is a first stop if you have a must have. Tags with a certain color (pink maybe?) are 1/2 off sale prices. Its been great for our family shopping for staple items of clothing or a bedding refresh, etc. God Bless and Merry Merry Christmas.

  19. Love it all, per usual 🙂 Especially the curtains, that awesome mantel, and the antique mirror… swoon!! Sweet Esme is about as precious as they come and the angel tree topper is a special memento. I love the ornaments my mom saved from when I was little that are on my tree now! Have a blessed & very merry Christmas!

  20. I’m dying over the black sideboard and gorgeous mirror. And your beautiful daughter has your eyes. Have a wonderful Christmas with your cute little family–you all deserve it!

  21. Just beautiful, Jenna! It’s so nice to see everything coming together and those curtains are the icing on the cake!!! Baby’s first Christmas is always so special…Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!!!

      1. Thank you! It reads a little blue/lavender on my screen. How is it in person? I should probably order swatches first.

  22. I love the flower garlands and simple elegant look on your tree.
    How do you hang your drapes that meet at the corner of the room? I have kitchen curtains that I have not hung for 2 years because the windows meet at the corner with less than 2 inches on each side and the rods bump into each other and looks so very wrong!

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