heights house living room

Heights House Winter Living Room

Now that our fireplace project is complete and Christmas decorations put away, our living room is officially finished because our second chair from Sixpenny has arrived!

I selected their Wyatt Chair in the ‘poppy seed’ lightweight linen, after ordering several swatches to compare them with the sofa and rug.

The room had only warm tones, so I opted for a neutral gray fabric to keep the palette balanced. It has the same relaxed linen fit as the sofa, and I love that it’s large and deep enough to curl up on with my babe 🙂

The living room is our favorite and most used spot in the house, and now it can comfortably seat a group of people. A huge thank you to Sixpenny for working with me as a sponsor! Don’t miss their gorgeous linen sofas if you haven’t seen them around Instagram yet (a couple of them made my Budget Linen Sofa roundup).

The live edge accent table is another recent addition but a temporary placeholder. I actually bought it to use at the Riverside Retreat, but I’m working on a DIY replacement soon (stay tuned!)

Our Christmas tree has been replaced with the olive tree, and I replaced the burgundy accents with olive green and winter neutrals. Still just as obsessed as ever with our rug and how it goes with everything.

Nothing like a clean slate and fresh start to the new decade!

A new season is also the perfect opportunity to change your look by switching up throw pillows. Linen + Cloth offered to let me try out one of their curated collections, and I chose the Fall Collection #3:

I love the way these look as a set, but I think I’ll steal a few to use in the Riverside Retreat bonus room.

Susie fits right in as the 5th pillow! 😉

The morning light is the best in this room…

Summer has always been my favorite season but now that I’m living in central Florida, you really can’t beat the winter weather. It’s just the right mix of cool and warm days, perfect for afternoon family walks and curling up by the “fire” at night 🙂

What you don’t see in these photos are Esmé’s play mat and toys, normally kept in this room as this is where we play and work during the day. The toys are manageable right now since she’s still a new baby and doesn’t need a lot to keep her entertained, but who knows when that will change…

Speaking of—we’re about to transition her into her new crib this weekend! It will be her first night alone in the nursery and we’re hoping it will result in more sleep for everyone. Here’s to hoping we survive the transition!

42 thoughts on “Heights House Winter Living Room

      1. It looks beautiful! I’m wondering what the photos are of in your 6 frames? And where you got them? I’m looking for some for the 6 frames I have in my living room.

        1. Thanks Jeanette! These are actually photos I took from our travels. If you’re interested, I have a print shop and I could make you a set. Feel free to shoot me an email at jenna @ jennasuedesign.com 🙂

  1. This room is so gorgeous and serene-looking!! Just curious about the lighting situation; with no table or floor lamps, does the chandelier provide enough light in the evening?

    1. Thank you! And yes there’s more than enough light — we have both the chandelier and can lights on dimmers and I never turn them up even halfway! I like my ambiance 🙂

  2. The room is gorgeous but I’m most happy that Suzy made it in as the best decoration!!! Thank you , Suzy, for always sneaking in!!!!

  3. This room is just stunning and full of inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing. I have scoured the blog but didn’t find my answer, would you mind sharing a link for the light fixture please? thank you!

  4. Hi Jenna Sue,
    Your living room is pure perfection! Just beautiful! I have searched your blog for info on your dining room table and cannot find anything. Can you share where you found it? Thanks so much!

  5. Lovely room! I love your mantle and buffet table painted black. Do you have a source for that metal vase on the coffee table with the greens in it? It’s gorgeous! Thanks

  6. Your home is absolutely stunning. Seriously ♥ your style and the talented way you put things together. Just gorgeous…..but not as wonderful as your sweet angel Esme Rose and that sweet black kitty. Suzy looks like the perfect prop!!!!

    I love love love your sofa – need one of those so badly in my tv room!!!!

  7. This room just plain makes me swoon. I’m loving the addition of the olive green too…that velvet pillow, yum! My living room is now the play space for a 16 month old and, yeah, toys multiply overnight but they’re only little once. Hope your nursery switch went well! My little was in the room with us until just after 12 months because I was so nervous about putting her in her own room ALONE. Turns out it was no big deal to her. LOL

  8. Can you please tell me if your Sixpenny chairs are more of a purple grey, blue grey, etc? I cannot tell by the pictures. Some of the pictures they look like purple/grey. Thank you in advance.

  9. Hi Jenna,
    Your home is gorgeous! I am planning to order a sofa from Sixpenny in a couple days. Can you please tell me the color fabric that you chose for your Wyatt chairs? Thank you for your help and for posting such inspirational pics of your lovely home.

  10. This is absolutely stunning! I’m not sure if I missed the information about the beams. I did see that the company is ekena millwork. Do you have color and texture information to share? I’m currently building a house and need to pick out the beams and that is the exact color I’m looking for but I can’t seem to find anything close on the website. Thanks

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